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RoryGallagher6a-1975 fullpage.jpg
Rory Gallagher performing at B'Ginnings
Address 1227 E. Golf Rd.
Location Schaumburg, Illinois
Coordinates 42°02′56″N 88°02′59″W / 42.048786°N 88.049829°W / 42.048786; -88.049829Coordinates: 42°02′56″N 88°02′59″W / 42.048786°N 88.049829°W / 42.048786; -88.049829
Owner Danny Seraphine
Capacity 936
Opened 1974
Renovated 1980
Closed 1981

B'Ginnings was a nightclub located in Schaumburg, Illinois, which opened in 1974.[1] The principal and most well-known owner was Danny Seraphine, the drummer for the rock band Chicago, who had a hit song called "Beginnings." The club was noteworthy for bringing numerous "rising artists" to the Chicago area, particularly in the punk and new wave rock genres, but also booked many established artists, especially in jazz fusion.[2]


In 1980 Poplar Creek Music Theater opened just down the road. Bands that used to perform at B'Ginnings were now headlining or opening acts at Poplar Creek. By late 1980 attendance dwindled dramatically. With legal issues and license violations the owners were forced to sell. Soon afterwards, even with the new ownership, the venue closed down. It was converted into what it is today, an Illinois Secretary of State drivers license testing facility.



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