B'nai Sholom Temple

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B'nai Sholom Temple
Basic information
Location 427 N 9th St, Quincy, Illinois, USA
Geographic coordinates 39°56′12″N 91°24′07″W / 39.936564°N 91.402003°W / 39.936564; -91.402003Coordinates: 39°56′12″N 91°24′07″W / 39.936564°N 91.402003°W / 39.936564; -91.402003
Affiliation Reform Judaism
Country United States of America
Status Active
Website bnaisholomquincy.com
Architectural description
Architectural type Synagogue
Architectural style Moorish revival
Groundbreaking 1869
Completed 1870
Minaret(s) 2 (destroyed in storm)
Minaret height 80 ft (destroyed)

B’nai Sholom Temple is a synagogue in Quincy, Illinois. It was built in 1870 in the Moorish Revival style.

The original, 80 foot high, twin minaret-style towers were damaged by a tornado in 1947 and not replaced.[1][2]

The B’nai Sholom Congregation in Quincy dates from 1852.[3]

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