List of organisations in Artemis Fowl

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This is a list of organizations in Artemis Fowl, a novel series by Eoin Colfer.

  • B'wa Kell – A goblin crime syndicate in the Lower Elements, led by three goblins. During their rebellion, the B'wa Kell was co-headed by the elf Briar Cudgeon and the pixie Opal Koboi, and smuggled batteries from humans for weaponry. They started an insurrection that nearly destroyed Haven, the capital of the fairy people; however, it failed, and the goblins were incapacitated and arrested, effectively disbanding the criminal organisation indefinitely.
  • Fission Chips – Fictional Chicago businessman Jon Spiro's computer electronics company, based in the Spiro Needle in Chicago. In its industry, Fission Chips is rivaled only by Phonetix. The name is a pun on fish and chips.
  • Lower Elements Police (LEP), including divisions:
    • LEPrecon
    • LEPretrieval
    • LEPtraffic
    • Section Eight
    • LEPgeneral
  • Phonetix – The rival company of Jon Spiro's company, Fission Chips.
  • Extinctionists - A group of people under Damon Kronski's leadership. They are dedicated to cause the extinction of all species which are useless to the survival of the human race.