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Genre Sitcom
Created by Michael Pertwee
Starring Bernard Braden
Barbara Kelly
Kim Braden
Mark Griffith
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 7
Running time 30 minutes
Original network BBC1
Original release 7 June – 18 December 1968

B-And-B was a British sitcom starring Bernard Braden, his wife Barbara Kelly and their daughter Kim Braden. It was written by Michael Pertwee, and aired for a pilot and one series in 1968.



This domestic sitcom stars married couple Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly as a married couple who both have successful showbusiness careers, and clearly there was an ounce of realism in the programme. In the pilot, Bernie falls for Chantal, their French au pair. Bernie thinks his wife is having an affair, they both think their children are taking drugs and in the final episode the couple contemplate divorce.


Pilot (1968)[edit]

Series One (1968)[edit]

  1. "No Son of Mine" (13 November 1968)
  2. Episode Two (20 November 1968)
  3. Episode Three (27 November 1968)
  4. Episode Four (4 December 1968)
  5. Episode Five (11 December 1968)
  6. "Pryde and Prejudice" (18 December 1968)


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