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Birth nameMatúš Lenický
Born1984 (age 34–35)
OriginBratislava, Slovakia
GenresDrum and bass
Years active1996–present

Matia Lenická, otherwise known as B-Complex, is a drum and bass producer and DJ from Bratislava, Slovakia.[1]

In 2015 Lenická came out as bi-gender. She goes by the name Matia.[2]


Lenická began producing music in 1996 at the age of 12, being mainly interested in hardcore, trance and psytrance, moving onto downtempo and hip hop.[3] Following this period, she moved on to drum and bass, with the intention of producing a unique personal style.[4]

Her first major label release was "Beautiful Lies", which was on the compilation Sick Music from Hospital Records.[5][6] The compilation went on to reach the top 30 on the iTunes UK Download Chart, and was in the top 5 on the Beatport Drum and Bass Chart. Her first UK show was in September 2009 at Matter nightclub in London, for a Hospitality night.[7]


Singles and EPs[edit]

Release Label Year
Burn My Skin Drumandbass.cz 2004
Amazon Rain Language Lab 2005
Shteel Future Sickness Records 2006
Hunter (2006 VIP) Future Sickness Records 2006
China Force Recordings 2007
Sober Yet Overdosed Force Recordings 2007
Acid Trip Zardonic Recordings 2008
Squelch Zardonic Recordings 2008
Aztec Dysfunktional Audio 2009
Girl With Flower Dysfunktional Audio 2009
Beautiful Lies Hospital Records 2009
Beautiful Lies VIP Hospital Records 2010
Little Oranges Hospital Records 2010
Three Dots Hospital Records 2010
Salad is OK Santorin 2010
Raindrops Santorin 2010
Ocean Deep Santorin 2010
It's A Funny World Santorin 2010
Rolling With The Punches (feat. Diane Charlemagne) Spear Head Records 2010
Reflections Spear Head Records 2010
Early Bird Santorin 2015
You Better Run (feat. MC Fava) Santorin 2015
Blissful Ignorance VIP Santorin 2015


Original artist Release Label Year
New Education Arcane (B-Complex remix) Kids 2009
Shapeshifter Sleepless (B-Complex remix) Hospital Records 2010
Kava Kava Clarity (B-Complex remix) Chocolate Fireguard Records 2010
London Elektricity Invisible Worlds (B-Complex remix) Hospital Records 2011
The Very Best Julia (B-Complex remix) MYYM Records 2011
Vec Samotár (B-Complex remix) Sam System 2015


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