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A diagramatic representation of the B-Lynch Brace suture

The B-Lynch suture or B-Lynch procedure is a form of compression suture used in obstetrics. It is used to mechanically compress an atonic uterus in the face of severe postpartum hemorrhage. It was developed by Christopher B-Lynch, a consultant obstetrician and gynaecological surgeon based at Milton Keynes General Hospital, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England.[1] B-Lynch was born in 1947 in Sierra Leone with the birth name of Christopher Balogun-Lynch.[2]

The technique was first described in 1997.[3][4] It can stop postpartum hemorrhage without the need for pelvic surgery and potentially preserving fertility.[5] It is regarded as "the best form of surgical approach for controlling atonic PPH as it helps in preserving the anatomical integrity of the uterus."[6]

Absorbable suture can be left in situ, and would typically not lead to problems with future pregnancies.[7]


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