Añejo–Purefoods rivalry

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This article is specifically about the Añejo–Purefoods rivalry in the late 1980s. For the Ginebra-Purefoods rivalry, see Manila Clasico.

The Añejo–Purefoods rivalry is that of two Philippine Basketball Association teams, Añejo Rhum 65ers (currently named Barangay Ginebra San Miguel) and the Purefoods Hotdogs (currently named Purefoods Star Hotshots) during the late 1980s.


When Purefoods Hotdogs bought out the Tanduay franchise in 1988, the team which absorbed 6 of the key Tanduay players already in an instant became the arch rivals of the crowd-favorite and PBA's most popular team, Ginebra San Miguel, in the league's two previous seasons, basketball fans witnessed the next great rivalry after Crispa and Toyota, in Tanduay vs Ginebra, their rivalry lasted two years in 1986-1987 and their matches were often so intense and fierce, with so much pride at stake for both teams, when Tanduay Rhum disbanded at the end of the 1987 PBA season, the animo Tanduay spirit lives on, as their fans switch their loyalty to the new Purefoods team, adding even more color to the birth of Purefoods-Ginebra rivalry was the offer of Purefoods to El Presidente, Ramon Fernandez in a dual-role of Playing Coach, following the footsteps of former teammate and rival Robert "Sonny" Jaworski.

First season highlights[edit]

As the PBA's 14th season began, basketball fans were already anticipating the Purefoods vs Ginebra showdown and mark April 5th as the day the two teams finally meet for the first time, with playing coach Ramon Fernandez matching coaching skills with Ginebra counterpart Sonny Jaworski, Purefoods won their first match, 116-110 as Fernandez was voted best player of the ballgame.

Their rematch on April 24 as expected, another jampacked capacity crowd on hand, Ginebra this time, dominate the game from start to finish, winning, 127-122, Gins playing coach Sonny Jaworski orchestrated spectacular plays, dished off assists and score when needed most that held off repeated rallies by the Hotdogs, that earned the Big J the best player of the game.

On May 22, the last playing date in the semifinals of the Open Conference, Purefoods was one win away from their first finals appearance, and Ginebra needed to win in order to arranged a playoff, Purefoods prevailed in overtime, 111-109, in this all-important match as the Hotdogs advances in the championship series against San Miguel Beer.

1988 All-Filipino Finals[edit]

Notable occurrences[edit]

In Game 2 of the 1988 All-Filipino championship series, Ramon Fernandez was benched by the Purefoods management after a poor showing in the series opener, Fernandez was not allowed to play for the rest of the series and in Game 4, sat at ringside to watch his teammates lose to Añejo Rum in the finals, some Purefoods fans brought placards to show their support to the former Purefoods playing coach.

On April 4, 1989, Purefoods downed Añejo, 131-115, during the final quarter, 65ers playing coach Sonny Jaworski sneaked in a punch on Hotdogs' Jojo Lastimosa in retaliation on a previous play where he got tripped by Lastimosa.

Season wins[edit]

1988: (Ginebra/Anejo 9-5 over Purefoods) Both teams split their elimination and semifinal games in the first two conferences, tied at 4-4 going into the All-Filipino title series which the Rum Masters won, 3 games to 1, Añejo Rum won their two elimination round games in the third conference, the last was a 157-150 overtime victory.

1989: (Purefoods 6-5 over Añejo Rum) Purefoods Hotdogs won twice over Añejo in the Open Conference, the two teams split their four games in the All-Filipino, the Hotdogs were 2-1 over the Rum Masters in the third conference before losing their last two games both by one-point margin, including the sudden-death playoff for a finals berth where Purefoods played without an import after Dexter Shouse left.

1990: (Purefoods 5-3 over Añejo Rum) Anejo swept their two games in the eliminations of the first conference, In the All-Filipino, Purefoods won three straight before bowing to the 65ers in their last game in the semifinals, the Hotdogs were 2-0 over the 65ers in the third conference, their last game saw Anejo playing coach Sonny Jaworski committed a punching foul on Purefoods import Robert Paul Rose.

1991: (Ginebra 5-3 over Purefoods) Purefoods won their first meeting but Ginebra took the next three games in the first conference, the last win earned Ginebra a finals seat against Shell when Hotdogs import Richard Hollis left and abandon his team, Ginebra and Purefoods were even in four games played in the second and third conferences.

1992: (Ginebra and Purefoods tied at 3 wins apiece) Purefoods won their only meeting in the first conference, 157-118, in which Glenn Capacio converted a perfect 6-of-6 from the rainbow territory, the Hotdogs beat the Gins twice in the All-Filipino, Ginebra got back at Purefoods in the third conference, winning all three matches.

1993: (Coney Island/Purefoods 4-1 over Ginebra) Ginebra won over Coney Island in the eliminations, but it was all Purefoods' victories in their next four games, the final count between these two teams were tied with 26 wins each in six seasons from 1988-1993.


Only once did one team didn't reach the 100-point output in a Ginebra-Purefoods game from 1988-1992, that happen during the 1988 All-Filipino conference second round of eliminations on August 2, the 65ers beat the Hotdogs, 104-97, the 97-point production of Purefoods was the lowest until the 1993 All-Filipino Cup when Ginebra beat Coney Island, 84-79 in the elimination round.

1990s era[edit]

Purefoods and Añejo Rum were still considered rivals in the 90s but their games did not have the same passion from their fans unlike during the late 1980s, both teams were instead known to be two of the most popular ballclubs in the PBA. In 1997, they played again in the All-Filipino finals with an entirely different rosters.

B-Meg (Derby Ace) vs. Barangay Ginebra (2010-12)[edit]

The Llamados won, 11-6 in their face-off from 2010 PBA Fiesta Conference to 2012 PBA Governors' Cup.

DAL/BMEG BGK Conference
95 82 2010 Fiesta
101 83 2010 Fiesta
82 93 2010-11 AFC
86 89 2010-11 AFC
96 89 2011 Commissioner's
85 89 2011 Governors
79 99 2011 Governors
88 76 2011-12 AFC
109 93 2012 Commissioner's
84 93 2012 Commissioner's (battle for semi-final spot)
82 67 2012 Commissioner's (SF1)
83 77 2012 Commissioner's (SF2)
79 88 2012 Commissioner's (SF3)
108 84 2012 Commissioner's (SF4)
96 88 2012 Governors
82 70 2012 Governors (Semifinals)
74 72 2012 Governors (battle for Finals spot)

BGSM-SMC rivalry (2012-present)[edit]

The Part two of the new age Manila Clasico between the San Mig Coffee Mixers and the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.

SMC BGSM Conference Date Rivalry lead
78 68 2012-13 AFC November 4, 2012 1-0 Ginebra absorbed their fifth straight loss after a 2-0 start.

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