B-Sides (Avril Lavigne album)

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Compilation album by Avril Lavigne
Released 2001 [1]
Length 63:18
Label Nettwerk[1]
Avril Lavigne chronology
Let Go

B-Sides, also known as Let Go: B-Sides, is a promotional album by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne. It was published before debut album Let Go by Arista Records in 2002. The compilation contains demo and original tracks not included in the final Let Go release. The songs were written and produced in 2001 under the management of Nettwerk in Los Angeles by Lavigne, the production team The Matrix and songwriter Cliff Magness[3] after Arista sent her to McBride CEO of Nettwerk in the attempt to fit her image and attitude with her voice.[4]:165 Though Lavigne would release Let Go through Arista, she continued with Nettwerk for her management.[5]

Track listing[edit]

1."I Don't Give" (demo version)The Matrix3:31
The Matrix4:04
3."Get Over It" (demo version)
  • Lavigne
The Matrix3:27
4."Take Me Away"The Matrix3:29
5."Headset"LavigneThe Matrix3:33
6."Falling Into History"LavigneThe Matrix4:08
7."Falling Down"
  • Lavigne
  • The Matrix
The Matrix3:55
8."Tomorrow You Didn't"LavigneThe Matrix4:12
9."Things I'll Never Say" (demo version)
  • Lavigne
  • The Matrix[6]
The Matrix3:43
10."All You Will Never Know"
  • Lavigne
  • Terence Dover
The Matrix3:40
11."Once and for Real"
  • Lavigne
  • Dover
The Matrix3:48
  • Lavigne
  • Christy
  • Edwards
  • Spock
The Matrix3:15
13."Not the Only One"
The Matrix3:14
14."Stay (Be the One)"
The Matrix3:52
15."Move Your Little Self On"
The Matrix4:11
16."You Never Satisfy Me"
  • Lavigne
  • Magness
The Matrix3:00
17."Let Go"
  • Lavigne
The Matrix4:10
Total length:63:18

Different versions[edit]

  • The demo "I Don't Give" is an explicit version, while the clean version is on Lavigne's single "Complicated". In the explicit version, she sings "I don't give a damn; I don't give a shit". In the clean version, she sings "I don't give it up; I don't give a damn".
  • There are two versions of the song "Get Over It". In the version on B-Sides, Lavigne sings "Don't turn around, or you will get punched in the face". In the version on the "Sk8er Boi" single, Lavigne sings "Don't turn around, I'm sick and I'm tired of your face".
  • Lavigne recorded two different songs called "Take Me Away": one on this album, and the other on Under My Skin (2004).
  • "Falling Into History" was covered by Brie Larson in 2005.


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