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B-Sides Collect
Compilation album by Skinny Puppy
Released November 16, 1999
Recorded 1987–1992
Genre Industrial
Length 70:23
Label Nettwerk
Producer Various
Skinny Puppy chronology
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(1999)The Singles Collect1999
B-Sides Collect
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

B-Sides Collect is a compilation album by Canadian electro-industrial band Skinny Puppy, released in 1999.[2][3] The album serves as a collection of several B-sides from earlier singles that were out of print by the time of the collection's release. With the exception of "Serpents", this release complements one of the band's earlier compilations, Twelve Inch Anthology.

Not all Skinny Puppy B-sides are represented on this release due to time and label restrictions. Other B-sides that had previously been available but do not appear on this release include: "Censor (Extended Mix)", "Tin Omen (Reload)", "Spasmolytic (Remix)", "Walking On Ice (Live)", "Inquisition (Extended Mix)", and "Choralone (Live)".[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Source Length
1. "Addiction" (Second Dose) Addiction 6:01
2. "The Second Opinion" Testure 4:58
3. "Serpents" Testure 5:54
4. "Punk in Park Zoo's" Censor 2:28
5. "Yes He Ran" Censor 6:27
6. "Cage" Chainsaw 2:17
7. "Lahuman8" Inquisition 4:32
8. "Mirror Saw" (Dub Mix) Inquisition 5:33
9. "Shore Lined Poison" (Remix) Spasmolytic 4:27
10. "Harsh Stone White" (Live) Spasmolytic 4:53
11. "Tin Omen 1" Worlock 4:47
12. "Brak Talk" Worlock 4:59
13. "Amputate" Tin Omen 3:13
14. "Bark" Tormentor 4:39
15. "Nature's Revenge" (Dub) Tormentor 5:08
Total length: 70:23[5]


Skinny Puppy
Additional personnel


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