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B-Girlz Barbie-Q (Pink) and Hard Kora (Green)
The B-girlz performing at the 2007 Capital Pride in Ottawa

The B-Girlz musical troupe are a Canadian drag trio made up of founding members Kora Harcourt (Hard Kora), Barbara Quigley (Barbie-Q) and Conchita Castillio (Conchita). Since the 1990s, the B-Girlz have developed a large fan base thanks to their unique blend of comedy and theatre that incorporates live singing and dancing.

This musical troupe have performed their live cabaret shows "B-GIrlz Gone Wild"!, "B-Girlz On Thin Ice", "Vegas Bound... and Gagged!", "Dragged Across America", "Attack of the Killer B's", "Thoroughly Modern Girlz" and "The Girlz Most Likely to B" internationally including three seasons at The Post Office Cabaret in Provincetown, M.A., return engagements to The Palm in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and a Fringe Festival Tour including performances in Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton (Canada).

Film and television appearances include: Honey (Universal); Out for Laughs 2011 (Out TV); Listed (MuchMoreMusic); Queer as Folk (Showcase/ Showtime); Love Bites (Movieola); The Ride (Showcase); Mass Appeal (Bravo); Adventures in Comedy with Elvira Kurt (Comedy Network); The Merman-Off (Comedy Network); Ken Kostick’s Kitchen (Life Network); The Chatroom (CTV TalkTV); She’s So Funny (W Network); and two appearances on Toronto 1’s flagship show, The Toronto Show.

The B-Girlz are recognized nationally for both their Showcase Television Pride Week ads as well as their Homopalooza and Instructional Film commercials for Showcase’s Queer as Folk. They have performed at numerous Pride Festivals including Toronto Pride, Montreal Pride, Ottawa Pride, London Pride, Windsor Pride, Philadelphia Pride and Lansing Pride.

Most recently The B-Girlz have written, created and produced seven short films."B-Girlz Gone Wild", "Canada's Next Top Showgirl", "Degrassi B-Girlz High", "Ice Skate Canada", "The Elevator", "The Dress" as well as a musical video tribute "Toronto! Toronto!!" which screened at the opening gala of the 2004 Inside Out Festival in Toronto and features a cameo by Toronto celebrity politician Olivia Chow, wife of New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton.

Their films have been screened in film festivals all over the world including Toronto; San Francisco; Sydney; Johannesburg; Dallas; Vancouver; Washington; Milan; Palm Springs; and more.

Theatrically, The B-Girlz have performed everywhere from universities, clubs and benefits and have helped raise over $60,000 for charity through their annual signature event, "Homo Night in Canada".

"Gowntown", a semi-annual talent contest at Buddies in Bad Times in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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