B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour

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B.A.P Live On Earth 2014 Continent Tour
World tour by B.A.P
Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour.jpg
Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour Posters
Associated albumFirst Sensibility
Start date8 March 2014
End date28 June 2014
No. of shows23
B.A.P concert chronology

B.A.P Live on Earth 2014 Continent Tour was a 2014 concert tour headlined by the South Korean boyband B.A.P. The tour was held from March to June 2014 in Seoul, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Düsseldorf, Paris, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Taipei, Singapore, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Chiba, and Bangkok. The concert's main theme was 'Earth Needs You,' and six keywords (Justice, Emotion, Passion, Love, Happiness, and You) related to the theme made up the continuity.[1][2]

A week before the start of their South American leg, TS Entertainment released an official statement canceling B.A.P's tour in South America due to insufficient time for the artists to rest and recharge. TS Entertainment stated that they placed their artists condition as top priority when canceling this tour. [3]


On March 9, B.A.P’s Seoul concert was broadcast in movie theaters in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. [4] It is estimated that 20,000 global fans were able to view the concert in real-time with B.A.P. [5]

After 11 months, BAP returned to America with their first stop in New York city selling out.[6] According to Soompi, the boys were more mature and charismatic during this tour.[7] Not only did they captivated fans that attended their previous NYC concert last year, but they blew away new ones.[8]

The six B.A.P boys exceeded all my expectations by proving that they are not just an average K-pop boy band. It's rare to find a group where each member can not only dance, but is also an incredible singer, but B.A.P has that one down. B.A.P had a powerful stage presence that no one at the concert is soon to forget!

About this tour Bang Yong Guk, the group's leader said:

More cities and countries have been added to our tour this year so we're really excited. That's probably the biggest change, the scale and size of the tour versus last year. I think we've added new images that we haven't been able to show in our past concerts. So, with our upgraded setlist our show will be more diverse.


South Korea (March 8-9, 2014)

Main Set
Act 1 (Justice)

  1. "One Shot"
  2. "Badman"
  3. "Power"

Act 2 (Love)

  1. "Lovesick"
  2. "Coffee Shop"
  3. "Body & Soul"

Act 3 (Passion)

  1. "Punch"
  2. "No Mercy"
  3. "Bangx2"

Act 4 (Emotion)

  1. "Rain Sound"
  2. "Jongup Solo Dance Stage"
  3. "Save Me"

Act 5 (Happiness)

  1. "Check On"
  2. "Excuse Me"
  3. "Spy"
  4. "Hurricane"
  5. "Dancing in the Rain"
  6. "Stop it"
  7. "Crash"


  1. "1004"
  2. "Warrior"
  3. "With You"


Date[9][10][11] City Country/Region Venue Seating capacity
8 March 2014 Seoul South Korea SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium 7,000
9 March 2014
13 April 2014 New York City United States Best Buy Theater 2,100
16 April 2014 Grand Prairie Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie 6,350
19 April 2014 Chicago Star Plaza Theater 3,400
22 April 2014 Los Angeles Nokia Theatre L.A. Live 7,100
27 April 2014 London United Kingdom Brixton Academy 5,000
30 April 2014 Paris France Zénith de Paris 3,500
3 May 2014 Düsseldorf Germany Mitsubishi Electric Halle 7,500
8 May 2014 Melbourne Australia Festival Hall 5,445
10 May 2014 Sydney Luna Park Sydney Big Top 3,000
18 May 2014 Taipei Taiwan Nangang 101 3,000
31 May 2014 Singapore The Star Theatre 5,000
4 June 2014 Fukuoka Japan Fukuoka Sunpalace Hotel & Hall 2,316
5 June 2014
10 June 2014 Nagoya Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall 3,000
11 June 2014
13 June 2014 Osaka Osaka International Convention Center 2,754
14 June 2014
15 June 2014
21 June 2014 Chiba Makuhari Messe 9,000
22 June 2014
28 June 2014 Bangkok Thailand Siam Paragon Royal Paragon Hall 2-3 5,000


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