B.C. Bill

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B.C. Bill
Publisher(s) Imagine Software
Designer(s) Marc Dawson [1]
Platform(s) C64, ZX Spectrum, TRS-80, Dragon 32, BBC Micro
Release 1984
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player

B.C. Bill is a computer game created by Marc Dawson (AKA Marc Wilding) and published by Imagine Software in 1984.[1] It was released for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, TRS-80, Dragon 32, and BBC Micro.

The game features its hero, caveman B.C. Bill, setting out to build a family. He is armed with a club, with which he can hit and either stun or kill a variety of roaming creatures. These creatures include: cavewomen, who can be dragged back to the cave as "wives"; food with legs, which can be roasted on the fire and dragged back to the cave to feed the growing family; and dinosaurs, predators who will eat potential wives and food, and kill Bill on contact. Bill can also die from burning on the fire if he has no food, a broken heart if too many wives leave the cave, and starving to death if he is unable to feed his family.


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