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Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen
Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen (born August 18, 1972) is a Norwegian novelist, blogger and YouTuber.

Born in Oslo, Bull-Hansen decided to become a writer when an automobile accident on December 22, 1995 left him injured and unable to continue education towards an economics master's degree. He had previously won several prizes in powerlifting, including two gold medals in the Norwegian Powerlifting Championship, a bronze medal in the European Championship, and fifth place in the world, as well as several Norwegian records. He decided to finish a manuscript on which he had been working sporadically for six years. This became his debut novel, Syv historier fra Vestskogen (Seven Tales of the Western Forest), published in 1997, when Bull-Hansen was 24 years old. He has since written about one book per year, and is widely read in his native Norway.

Bull-Hansen continued his powerlifting career some years after the accident, and competed in the Classic World Cup 2012 at the age of 40, as part of the Norwegian national team, and placed 10th. He is a lifetime drug-free athlete and has often been a spokesperson for drug-free sports, and he is also very fond of ocean sailing, kayaking and historic archery.

The stories in Bull-Hansen's novels tend to be set in hostile environments, and he has written both from Iron Age settings and from a post-apocalyptic world. His characters are often troubled and it is easy to see that Bull-Hansen's experience working with people shines through in his novels. (He was a therapist before becoming a full-time writer.)

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