B. J. Walker

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B.J. Walker
Sydney Penny as B.J. Walker (1992)
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed by Sydney Penny
First appearance Episode 1939
April 6, 1992
Last appearance Episode 2137
January 15, 1993
Created by Pam Long
Occupation Writer

B.J. Walker is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. She was portrayed by American actress Sydney Penny from April 6, 1992, to the shows' end on January 15, 1993.

Character's background[edit]

The fourth member of the Walker family that was introduced in beginning of 1992 was B.J. Walker, but she was the final one to introduce herself. She made her first appearance on the show under an alias, playing a man named Troy. Warren Lockridge realized that Troy was a very talented writer, and he wanted to help him out, not realizing that Troy is actually a woman. Warren suspected Troy to be gay, only to find out weeks later that Troy is actually B.J. Walker, the daughter of Reese Walker and Jodie Walker, and the sister of Sawyer Walker .

Things started to get complicated when B.J. fell in love with Warren, and then even staged her suicide to make him forget about his current girlfriend Angela Raymond. It was then revealed that B.J. was haunted by memories of her childhood, when she was abused by Frank Goodman, her family's close friend. Frank came to Santa Barbara and started taunting B.J., who then relived her past and wrote a manuscript about it, which was later revealed by Cruz Castillo. Frank, realizing that he might be revealed, kidnapped Cruz and Jodie and then another secret came out---B.J. was actually the daughter of Jodie and Cruz, not Reese.

Frank kidnapped B.J. and tried to abuse her once again, but soon Frank was found shot to death in the desert. B.J.'s brother Sawyer was the initial suspect, but Cruz later found traces of Frank's blood on B.J.'s dress and realized that his daughter must have murdered him. To protect her, Cruz wrote a letter of confessing the murder and then left Santa Barbara before they could catch him. Connor McCabe was working on the case and he realized that Cruz must have confessed only to protect B.J.

The murder case was then taken to court, and B.J. was about to face yet another hard challenge in her life. Keen on helping B.J, Warren hired Dr. Skyler Gates to help B.J. remember what happened on the night of the murder. Slowly and painfully, B.J. had to go through the events of the night and she eventually realized that Frank killed himself. Things finally went back to normal and Warren asked B.J. to marry him. The happy couple got married in the final episode of the series.