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Babubhai V. Shah (born 6 February 1935), professor of statistics, was a chief scientist at Research Triangle Institute (RTI) from 1966 till he retired in 2003. He held several positions with RTI and Research Triangle Park for over four decades. B. V. Shah was responsible for the development of the SUDAAN software;[1] to recognize his contributions, RTI has dedicated the current release of SUDAAN (9.0) to B. V. Shah. During that time, he was also part of the academia of biostatistics department, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, N.C.

Shah received his Ph.D. in statistics from University of Mumbai in 1960 under the guidance of professor M. C. Chakrabarti.[2]


Selected peer-reviewed publications[edit]

  • 1958, On balancing in factorial experiments. Annals of Mathematical Statistics 29:766-779.
  • 1969. A note on predicting failures in a future time period. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transactions on Reliability, p. 203-204.
  • 1979. Language design for survey data analysis. Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute, p. 273-292.
  • (with R.W. Haley), 1981. Nosocomial infections in U.S. Hospitals, 1975-1976: estimated frequency by selected characteristics of patients. The American Journal of Medicine 70:947-959

Books and Book Chapters[edit]

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