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Class symbol
B14 arriere.JPG
Crew 2
Hull weight 64 kg (141 lb)
LOA 4.25 m (13.9 ft)
Beam 3.05 m (10.0 ft)
Spinnaker area 29.2 m2 (314 sq ft)
Upwind Sail Area 17.2 m2 (185 sq ft)
D-PN 81.0
RYA PN 870
The 3D model to visualize

The B14 is a two man monohull dinghy, designed by Julian Bethwaite. It is recognised as an international class by the International Sailing Federation.[1] The boat was designed in 1984.[2]

Performance and design[edit]

The B14 is designed with a low center of gravity for added stability and an open transom, to help the boat to drain itself quickly and without need of a self-bailer. The mast is set far back in the boat to make room for the large asymmetric spinnaker.[3][4] The boat has a fast handicap, with a Portsmouth Yardstick of 870,[5] designed with racing in mind. For this reason it is highly suitable for more experienced sailors.[3] The boat does not have a trapeze,[2] but instead makes use of wide wings.[3]



World Champions[edit]

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1998 Weymouth  Great Britain
Richard Lovering
Dick Parker
2000 Sydney  AT&T (GBR)
Tim Fells
Richard Dowsett
 Slippery (GBR)
Richard Lovering
Ian Lovering
2001 Torbole  Great Britain
Steve Lovegrove
Shaun Barber
 Great Britain
Tim Fells
Richard Dowsett
 Great Britain
David Hayes
Sean Dwyer
2003 Melbourne  AT&T (GBR)
Tim Fells
David Cunningham
 Snatch (GBR)
Jono Pank
Shaun Barber
 Buggar the Bone (AUS)
Guy Bancroft
Rhys Bancroft
2004 Torbole  AT&T (GBR)
Tim Fells
Shaun Barber
 Great Britain
Matt Searle
Andy Ramus
Martin Johnson
Mike Halkes
2006 Sydney  Gutted Hedgehog (GBR)
Matt Searle
Andy Ramus
Jamie Mears
Matt Gill
Tim Fells
Sean Dwyer
2007 Falmouth AT&T
 Tim Fells (GBR)
 Shaun Barber (GBR)
 Guy Bancroft (AUS)
 James Patterson (AUS)
 Chris Bines (GBR)
 Dave Gibbons (GBR)



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