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B1G1, operated by Buy1GIVE1 PTE LTD

B1G1 is the registered trademark and brand[1] of BUY1GIVE1 PTE LTD,[2][3][4] a Singapore-based registered business organization, social enterprise and non-profit organization.[5][6]

It is registered as a Private Limited Liability company and was registered in 2007 as Buy1GIVE1 PTE LTD. Buy1GIVE1 PTE LTD is the registered owner of b1g1.com.[7]

B1G1 is a membership program with a transaction-based charity giving model designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world as an effective way to contribute to charitable organizations.[8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

Through B1G1, business members can donate money to B1G1's partner charities, called "B1G1 Worthy Causes". Since 2007, B1G1 has been working with businesses around the world[16]. By December 2012, B1G1 worked with over 850 business members in 14 countries,[17] growing to over 2300 members by 2017.[1] They in turn are supporting 600+ social projects in 28 countries.[18]

B1G1 is both an abbreviation[19][20] and the name of an organization.[21][8][9][10][11][12][13][22] [23][17][24]

BOGO Acronym[edit]

BOGO which was originally just a marketing acronym for 'Buy One Get One' has become a new acronym also for 'Buy One Give One'.[25]


Masami Sato, a founder of B1G1, was running a food production company in Australia when she and other entrepreneurs came up with the initial idea of B1G1 in a business program that was facilitated by Paul Dunn who eventually became the Chairman of B1G1.[26]

The team of B1G1 imagined a world where every business transaction made a difference through the simple concept, 'Buy one. Give one.' Whereas major companies use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a tool to offset their negative social and environmental impact and establish a better brand image, Sato suggested concentrating on habitual giving through creating meaningful impacts and a deeper sense of connection around the everyday business activities.

The co-founders of B1G1 established the headquarters of Buy1GIVE1 PTE LTD in Singapore in 2007.[18]


Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1) is a global business giving initiative launched in 2007 in Singapore. It is a social enterprise, composed of a for-profit corporation, Buy1GIVE1 LTD, and a registered Society, B1G1 Giving. It provides a program with a specific transaction-based giving model to SMEs around the world. In B1G1's program, 100% of contributions made by B1G1 Business clients are directly passed to its partner Non-profit organizations(NGOs).

B1G1 focuses on the impact of giving on people's lives rather than simply amounts donated. B1G1's programs emphasize giving habitually in order to create growing impacts around the world. B1G1 is funded by the membership subscription from the B1G1 Business Members and Partners.[18][27]


B1G1 works with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world. Through either yearly Membership or Partnership they make it possible for B1G1 to be a fully sustainable enterprise.

Many of the members are currently from Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. B1G1 business members 'link' their sales to multiple projects around the world. Some of the members are Minimonos, Logistics Bureau, Xero, and Thavibu Gallery.[28]

B1G1 Worthy Causes[edit]

B1G1 Worthy Causes are the NGOs that provide specific projects to B1G1. In September 2012, B1G1's website listed approximately 600 projects from around the world. In order to be chosen as a B1G1 Worthy Cause, each NGO has to qualify with criteria set by the B1G1 GIVING Board. The eligibility of the Worthy Causes is identified through five processes. Some of the Worthy Causes listed on B1G1 are World Youth International, Child's Dream, and The John Fawcett Foundation.[29]

Media Coverage[edit]

Two of the co-founders Masami Sato and Paul Dunn have been invited to speak at TEDxSingapore and TEDxChCh, independently organized TED events. Masami Sato gave speeches titled "A Habit Worth Sharing" (2010)[30] and "Imagine a More Giving World and Life"(2012)[31] Paul Dunn's speeches in 2010, titled "Wow and Woow"(TEDxChCh)[32] and "[i]nspire"(TEDxSingapore).[33] Masami Sato was described in an article, "One of Earth Angels who is changing the world" by Insight Magazine Australia, October 2011 edition.[34] In addition, B1G1 was featured in Forbes Russia online in December 2010,[13] Springwise in March 2012[17] and August 2010,[24] and Mashable in November 2010.[22] Voice of America wrote in its November 2011 article about the buy one give one model of giving and used B1G1 as a strong example of the new trend of transaction-based giving.[23]


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