B2K: The Remixes – Volume 1

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B2K: The Remixes - Volume 1
Remix album by B2K
Released March 12, 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre R&B, dance-pop, pop
Label Epic
Producer Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, Beau Dozier, Platinum Status, Steve Russell, Troy Taylor, Chris Stokes, Damon Thomas, Chris "Tricky" Stewart, Laurence Woo Allen
B2K chronology
B2K: The Remixes - Volume 1
Santa Hooked Me Up
(2002)Santa Hooked Me Up2002

B2K: The Remixes – Volume 1 is B2K's second album. The album's name is the remixes they made from their last album. The album consists of a blend of R&B and Dance remixes recorded from their 2002 B2K self-title album. It also features snippets and one song by Jhené, who at the time was signed to TUG and promoted alongside B2K. The album was released on March 12, 2002 and debuted and peaked at #129. It has not been certified.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Gots Ta Be" (Clue/Duro Remix) - 4:21
  2. "Uh Huh Pt. 2" (Featuring Nazkar) - 3:46
  3. "Gots ta Be" (Platinum Status Remix) - 2:57
  4. "Gots ta Be" (Allegro Love Remix) 3:47
  5. "My Name Is Jhene" (Intro) (Jhené) - 0:52
  6. "He Couldn't Kiss" (Album Version) (Jhené) - 3:49
  7. "Gonne Love You Anyway" (snippet) (Jhené) - 1:33
  8. "Stuck Like This" (Snippet) (Jhené) - 1:31
  9. "Back Up" (Album Version) - 3:09