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B5, B05, B-5 may refer to:




  • Amadeus (airline) (IATA code: B5), an airline based in Germany (1996–2004)
  • B5 and B5 DOHC, models of the Mazda B engine series
  • B-5, a variant of the Blackburn Baffin biplane
  • B5 platform, the series designator for Audi A4 from 1994–2001
  • Bundesstraße 5, German federal highway
  • HMS B5, a Royal Navy B-class submarine
  • Keystone B-5, a light bomber made for the US Army Air Corps in the early 1930s
  • Kinner B-5, a popular five cylinder American radial engine of the 1930s
  • NSB B5 (Class 5), a series of passenger carriages built by Strømmens Værksted for the Norwegian State Railways
  • PRR B5, an American 0-6-0 steam locomotive
  • SM UB-5, a German Type UB I submarine or U-boat in the German Imperial Navy


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