BAFTA Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award

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The Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award is an annual award, first introduced in 1979 and presented in honor of Michael Balcon, given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts charity. The first recipients was the special visual effects team from the 1978 film Superman.


Year Honoree(s)
2019 Stephen Woolley and Elizabeth Karlsen
2018 National Film and Television School
2017 Curzon
2016 Angels Costumes
2015 BBC Films
2014 Peter Greenaway
2013 Tessa Ross
2012 John Hurt
2011 The Harry Potter film series
2010 Joe Dunton
2009 Pinewood Studios and Shepperton Studios
2008 Barry Wilkinson
2007 Nick Daubney
2006 Robert Finch and Billy Merrell
2005 Angela Allen MBE
2004 Working Title Films
2003 Michael Stevenson and David Tomblin
2002 Vic Armstrong
2001 Mary Selway
2000 Joyce Herlihy
1999 Michael Kuhn
1998 Michael Roberts
1997 Film4 Productions
1996 Mike Leigh OBE
1995 Ridley Scott and Tony Scott
1994 Ken Loach
1993 Kenneth Branagh
1992 Derek Jarman
1991 Jeremy Thomas CBE
1990 Lewis Gilbert CBE
1989 Charles Crichton
1988 Monty Python
1987 The Film Production Executives
1986 Sydney Samuelson CBE
1985 Alan Parker CBE and Alan Marshall
1984 Colin Young CBE
1983 Arthur Wooster
1982 David Puttnam CBE
1981 Kevin Brownlow
1980 The Children’s Film Foundation
1979 Les Bowie, Colin Chilvers, Denys Coop, Roy Field, Derek Meddings, Zoran Perisic, and Wally Veevers (Special Visual Effects Team – Superman)