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BAFWEEK Logo.png
BAFWEEK gcba.jpg
Genre clothing and fashion exhibitions
Frequency semi-annually
Location(s) Buenos Aires
Inaugurated 2001[1]
Attendance 40,000 people[2]
Organised by La Nación, La Rural, APSA Centros Comerciales[3]

BAFWEEK (abbreviation for Buenos Aires Fashion Week, also stylized as BAFWeek) is a biannual clothing trade show held mainly in La Rural fairgrounds, Buenos Aires. Argentina's most important fashion event,[4][5] BAFWEEK showcases both leading brands and emerging designers.[6][7] In addition, the Semillero UBA BAFWEEK (English: Seedbed UBA BAFWEEK) competition is held, where fashion design students from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) are chosen by a panel of experts to present their collections at the event with financial support from Paseo Alcorta.[8][9][10]


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