Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies

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Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies
Formation 1984, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Headquarters 130 New Eskaton Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Key people
Mr. Benjir Ahmed, Ex.- M.P., President

Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies[1] (BAIRA) is an association of national level with its international reputation of co-operation and welfare of the migrant workforce as well as its approximately 700 member agencies in collaboration with and support from the Government of Bangladesh.

Manpower export from Bangladesh was pioneered in 1976. Since then, International Recruiting or Placement Agents under BAIRA have successfully recruited 5.5 million[2] (approximate, 2009) Bangladeshis for jobs abroad. This resulted in record highest remittance inflow and foreign exchange earned of US$ 10 billion[3] (net) for the fiscal year 2008-9, making BAIRA the leading contributor to Bangladesh's foreign exchange reserve.

History and background[edit]

Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) is one of the largest trade bodies in Bangladesh affiliated with the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI), the apex body on Trade & Industry, established in 1984 with a view to catering the needs of the licensed recruiting agencies who are engaging themselves in promoting manpower market abroad and deploy a good number of unemployed Bangladeshi manpower in various foreign countries after imparting necessary training.

Currently BAIRA has about 1100+ Government Approved Recruiting Agents as its memberk.

Major countries accepting Manpower Export from Bangladesh[edit]


Availability of manpower[edit]

Unemployed labor force of Bangladesh is estimated to be about 15 million. Beside a huge number of unskilled labor force, skilled, semi-skilled and professional manpower is also available for foreign employment. Some relevant data in this regard are given below:

- Technical Manpower
- Medical Manpower
- Engineering Manpower
- Industrial Manpower
- Computer Personnel
- Power station, Petroleum and Fertilizer Manpower
- Road Transport Workers
- Financial Institutions, Insurance, Audit & Accounts Executives
- Port and Water Transport Workers
- Agricultural, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Livestock, Horticulture experts, Technical and Farmers
- School/College/University Teachers
- Administrative & Defense Personnel
- Hotel Management & Catering Staff
- Marine Crew
- Skilled HRM Expert Manpower
- Miscellaneous Manpower

These days, traditional unskilled manpower export is reducing and businesses are emphasizing more on creating skilled workers through privately owned technical training centers.

Change and reformation[edit]

BAIRA without any proactive leaders was stagnant in terms of progress, during a span of 1 year 2 months it was led and looked after by an Add. Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka and followed by 2 Deputy Secretary's from Ministry of Commerce.

May 14, 2008, the BAIRA election took place between, previously elected 3 times as BAIRA President Md. Mosharraf Hossain (MP) of BayEastern Ltd. leading 'The Sammilito Shamannaya Front' and Ghulam Mustafa of Prantik Travels & Tourism Ltd. leading 'Sammilita Ganatantrik Front', each front contesting with 27 candidates.

Promises for change, bringing an end to the concept of one person contesting for many terms and another 27 point election manifesto[5] was pledged by Mustafa to make BAIRA dynamic and vibrant as it should have been. While the opposition promised BAIRA Airlines serving international flights for in and outbound workers. The election recorded highest number of member attendance and votes cast. Result of the election left all stunned; as it was the biggest landslide victory in Bangladesh compared to any other trade body election held, as 'Sammilita Ganatantrik Front'[6] received the majority 70.33%(approx.) of votes. Ghulam Mustafa and his 'Sammilita Ganatantrik Front' won 26 seats.


Bangladesh holds a key to its development and a future to be one of the powerhouses of South Asia, i.e. primarily supporting manpower export sector, and requiring the Bangladesh Governments role playing for expansion and creation of new untapped markets. Past archives that Bangladesh was always running short of forex reserve. July's 1st week report that forex reserve has exceeded US$ 7 billion, thus acting as helping hand at grave times of natural disasters like Sidr in 2007. Eventually it brought value addition to the workforce even. Returnee workers from Singapore Shipyards have been recruited by Bangladeshi local Ship Building Companies,[7] a sector which is still young yet showing rapid progress to eventually contribute to the much need forex.

List of BAIRA Members[edit]


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