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Developer(s) Camp Mobile
Stable release

iPhone - 3.6

Android - 3.6
Operating system iOS
Available in English
Type Social networking services
Instant messaging clients
Licence Proprietary

BAND is a social networking mobile application for groups, for the iOS and Android platforms.[1][2][3] Users can divide their acquaintances into different groups and share different content with different groups, such as close friends, families, colleagues, club members and classmates.[4] As of April 2014, the number of registered users surpassed 30 million.[5][6][7] As of January 20, the number of uniquely registered users surpassed 40 million along with monthly active users reaching 16 million.[8]

About the company[edit]

BAND was developed by Camp Mobile which specializes in mobile application development and distribution.[6] Camp Mobile was founded on March 1, 2013, as a spin-off from Naver Corporation, which operates a portal site,, in South Korea.[9][10]


The main features of BAND include messaging board, album, calendar, and chat.[11] Only invited members can join the BAND or one can create own BAND and invite members and each BAND cannot be searched by third parties.[12]

Key functions of each feature are;[11]

  • Board: Messages can be posted in a time-line format which includes poll function to help out to reach particular decisions where photos (including GIF) or videos can be added.[11] Messages on the board shows by the most recent dates but an invitee can check previous posting by scrolling down or by search.[13][14] Multimedia file can be shared including photos and MS office formatted files can be previewed directly.[13]
  • Photo Album: Photos can be archived and shared with the very BAND members and categorized in separate albums.[15] 100 photos can be uploaded at a time.[16]
  • Calendar: This smartphone integrated group calendar enables users to save all important dates, birthdays, anniversaries and planned meetings.[13] When registering events, one can enable RSVP allowing members to confirm the attendance in advance.[16]
  • Members: Manages new invitations and shows who is in the BAND. Also works as an address book. Invitations can be made via text or other chat platforms and easy sign up using Facebook account.[11]
  • Chat: Allows one on one or one on many chats like any other Instant messaging applications.[11] One can choose a certain member or the entire BAND members to chat.


BAND adopted familiar interface from existing social networking services such as Path or Facebook [17] but it allows separate group management with which users can create multiple Bands according to the nature of each group such as family members, closer friends, colleagues to name a few. To begin with signing-up, it requires user information to the minimal level; date of birth, name and a verifiable phone number.[18][19] Then groups can be created in a form of BAND, note book shaped icon, where one can name the BAND as well as customizing the cover and ribbon color.[19] Once a BAND is created, invitations can be made via Facebook, LINE, SMS, Wechat, Whatsapp, URL or QR code.[18][19] For non-smartphone users, PC version ( is also available which provides same features as the mobile application.[6] In addition to private users, BAND can be used for organizational users such as companies, schools, alumni associations, church and other organizations that require group communication.[6] A single BAND can contain up to 1,000 people making it more convenient forming large groups and management. BAND will launch a gaming platform available from late April allowing users to play and compete games together.[20] In South Korea, BAND has become an official communication tool in the Republic of Korea Army.[21]


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