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BASIS Scottsdale
BASIS Scottsdale Logo 2013.png
11440 N. 136th Street
Scottsdale, Arizona 85259
United States
Coordinates 33°35′25″N 111°47′17″W / 33.59024°N 111.78802°W / 33.59024; -111.78802Coordinates: 33°35′25″N 111°47′17″W / 33.59024°N 111.78802°W / 33.59024; -111.78802
School type Public charter high school
Established 2003
Grades 5-12
Athletics conference Canyon Athletic Association
Mascot Bulldogs
USNWR ranking No. 1 (2017)[1]
Average SAT scores (2013) 2132
Average ACT scores (2013) 30.7

BASIS Scottsdale is a charter school operated by BASIS Schools in Scottsdale, Arizona.[2]


The school's original logo, used from 2003 to 2010
The school's second logo, used from 2010 to 2015

BASIS Scottsdale was founded in 2003. Co-founders Michael and Olga Block aimed to create a school that would educate students at an internationally competitive level, with students ready to compete with their top performing peers in the world's top school systems, like China, Finland, Singapore, South Korea, and Switzerland. The first campus served middle school students in 5th through 8th grade. In 2007, a new larger campus was opened and the school expanded to accommodate a high school of grades 9 through 12.

In the media[edit]

The school was featured in the documentary Two Million Minutes: The 21st Century Solution.[3]

In both 2014 and 2015, BASIS Scottsdale was the No. 2 ranked high school in a US News and World Report list.[4] In 2017, it was ranked No. 1.[1]


BASIS Scottsdale, which serves grades 4-12, offers Latin, general science and physical geography in Grade 5. Physics, chemistry and biology are offered in Grade 6. Seventh graders have the opportunity to study Mandarin, French or Spanish. The BASIS Upper School offers Honors, AP, Post-AP and Capstone level classes. Upper School students can begin taking Advanced Placement courses as early as the eighth grade and will take at least eight AP courses and six AP exams by the end of their junior year.


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