BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert (Atomic Rooster album)

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BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert (Atomic Rooster album).jpg
Live album by Atomic Rooster
Released 25 October 1993
Label Windsong

BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert is a live album by British rock band Atomic Rooster. It consists of a specially-recorded, short concert staged at the BBC's Paris Theatre on 27 February 1972.

It was initially released in 1993 on the Windsong Records label, but all six tracks were also included on Castle Communications' 2004 reissues of In Hearing of Atomic Rooster and Made in England. Three tracks from the concert are also to be found on Hux Records' Devil's Answer compilation.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Breakthrough" (Crane/Pat Darnell) 7:21
  2. "Stand by Me" (Crane) 5:00
  3. "People You Can't Trust" (Crane) 4:38
  4. "A Spoonful of Bromide Helps the Pulse Rate Go Down" (Crane) 4:50
  5. "All in Satan's Name" (Parnell) 4:04
  6. "Devil’s Answer" (Du Cann) 7:10