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BBC TV Europe
Launched 1987 as BBC TV Europe based in London
Closed 11 March 1991 (Europe)
Owned by BBC
Country United Kingdom (for external consumption only)
Language English
Broadcast area Europe (except most of the United Kingdom)
Headquarters Headquarters (Europe):
BBC TV Europe News Center, BBC Television Centre, London, United Kingdom
Replaced by BBC World Service Television Europe
(11 March 1991 – 16 January 1995)

BBC TV Europe was a BBC subscription-funded television service established in 1987, serving continental Europe, initially Scandinavia.[1] It was available on satellite and cable.[2]

The channel was branded as BBC1 when it launched on 4 June 1987, but was rebranded as BBC TV Europe on 1 April 1989.[2]

Initially, two telephone companies in Denmark had wanted to retransmit both BBC1 and 2 in Scandinavia, and had offered the BBC satellite capacity, but the BBC found it was impossible to secure rights for this, and the BBC instead created a separate channel.[3]

It broadcast a mix of programmes shown on BBC1 and BBC2 in the United Kingdom, as well as the BBC's domestic BBC Six O'Clock News bulletin together with the regional news service from London. BBC1 programming took priority on BBC TV Europe; when a programme on BBC1 could not be shown on the channel for rights reasons, this would be replaced with a programme shown on BBC2.[2]

On 11 March 1991, the channel was replaced by BBC World Service Television.[4]


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