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BBC Weekend News
BBC News titles.png
Created by BBC News
Presented by Kate Silverton
Mishal Husain
Clive Myrie
Shaun Ley
Theme music composer David Lowe
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Location(s) Studio E, Broadcasting House, London
Running time 5-20 minutes
Original network BBC One
BBC News
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Audio format Stereo
Original release 5 July 1954 – present
Related shows BBC Breakfast
BBC News at One
BBC News at Six
BBC News at Ten
BBC News Summary

BBC Weekend News is the national news programmes on BBC One at the weekend and bank holidays, although it is often referred to on guides simply as BBC News, or if broadcast at 1:00pm exactly, BBC News at One, 6:00pm exactly, BBC News at Six and 10:00pm exactly, BBC News at Ten. The programmes are simulcast on the BBC News Channel, unless it clashes with the edition of World News Today at 9:00pm.


BBC weekend news airs three times on both Saturday and Sunday, and is also used as the title of the BBC News Channel simulcast on Sunday mornings during August when the Andrew Marr show doesn't air. The main three bulletins are presented in the studio in a similar format to other national news bulletins on BBC One but are shorter in length.

The lunchtime bulletin is normally at 12pm on Saturdays and 1pm on Sundays although these times often vary. The programme lasts approximately 10 minutes including the sport and is immediately followed on BBC One by a weather forecast on Saturdays and extended weather forecast on Sundays.

The early evening bulletin lasts either 10 or 15 minutes depending on scheduling and can be at any time between 5pm and 7pm (and occasionally outside these times due to sport or other live events), and is followed by regional news on both evenings.

The late bulletin contains a sports update from the BBC sports centre in Salford, and is at 10pm on Sundays and around 10pm on Saturdays depending on scheduling.



The lunchtime bulletin is presented by the on-duty BBC News Channel presenter during the scheduled bulletin. Maxine Mawhinney was the long term presenter from 2006 until 2015. Following a reshuffle, BBC News 24 launch presenter Gavin Esler became the main presenter until his departure from the channel in early 2017. Mawhinney briefly returned to the role until her departure in April 2017.[1] Regular cover presenters for the bulletin include Rebecca Jones, Nicholas Owen and Annita McVeigh.

Current presenters[edit]

Years Presenter Current role
2017-present Shaun Ley Main Presenter (Saturday)
2007–present Nicholas Owen Relief presenter
2008–present Annita McVeigh
2010–present Sophie Long
2011–present Rachel Schofield
2013–present Martine Croxall
2014–present Christian Fraser
2014–present Rebecca Jones
2015–present Ben Brown
2017–present Reeta Chakrabarti
2016-present Lukwesa Burak
2017-present Jane Hill
2015-present Chris Rogers
2017-present Kasia Madera
2017-present Geeta Guru-Murthy
2017-present Matthew Price


Unlike the lunchtime bulletin, the presenter of the two evening bulletins has usually been a dedicated presenter for that evening on BBC One, with the surrounding news presentation on the BBC News Channel being presented by another presenter. Senior presenters, such as Huw Edwards and Sophie Raworth, have made guest appearances during major news stories, recently following general elections or the EU Referendum, despite being listed as former presenters.

The Bank Holiday news bulletins can be presented by either a member of the BBC Weekend News team or a presenter from the BBC News at One, BBC News at Six or BBC News at Ten.

Current presenters[edit]

Years Presenter Current role
2008–present Kate Silverton Main presenter (Saturday)
2005–present Mishal Husain Main presenter (Alternate Sunday)
2010–present Clive Myrie
2002–present Jane Hill Relief presenter
2005–present Simon McCoy
2007–present Nicholas Owen
2008–present Ben Brown
2014–present Reeta Chakrabarti

Former presenters[edit]

If there is no position before the years of being a presenter, then this newsreader was either a relief presenter or occasional guest stand-in presenter.


Sports News[edit]

During the late programme on each day a round up of the days sports news is presented from the BBC Sport Centre at MediaCityUK, Salford. This is usually presented by one of the BBC News channel sports presenters: Olly Foster, Karthi Gnanasegaram, Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes and Katherine Downes.