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BB Senshi Sangokuden (BB戦士 三国伝 BB Warrior Romance Of The Three Kingdoms?) is the SD Gundam series for 2007 and the 18th work in the Musha Gundam series. The story and characters are modeled after those featured in the classic Chinese literature, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, certain story elements, as well as the names of the Three Kingdoms themselves, are fictionalized.

So far three chapters have come under the title, namely Fuuun Gouketsu Hen, Eiyuu Gekitotsu Hen and Senjin Kettou Hen. It also has a side story of title, Sangokuden Gaiden Buyuu Gekitou Roku.


"BB Senshi" 20th anniversary commemorative work. A SD Gundam work with the motif of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". The various mobile suits become "actors (演者)" to take on the roles of various characters of the Chinese literature, this further emphasize Sangokuden as "a performance of Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the SD Gundams". The usual name "頑駄無 (Gundam)" used in the "Sengokuden" series has been replaced with the katakana "ガンダム (Gundam)". The warring states world view closely resembles that of the "Sengokuden" series. Certain aspects of the "actors" taking on the roles resemble the mobile suits they were originally based on.

In "Mirisha", the stage of "Sangokuden", there exist 130 scrolls of historical text. In the current time they are called "G Chronicle (G記)". It reveals that "Mirisha" was the country "Abram" (from the "Sengokuden" series) in the past and the first emperor is "Hakuryuu Taitei" from Shin SD Sengokuden Densetsu no Daishougun Hen however this crossover was not explained in the main story. (Therefore, it could probably mean this is another "Abram" of a parallel world like that of Musharetsuden)[1]

The series was announced to be released in a number of territories, including Japan, Korea, America and Australia.[2] However, as of 2009 only releases in Asian regions have followed. A range of related merchandise has been produced including modelling tools, snack foods and orange juice.

Whilst the series is still ongoing, a new Sengokuden model kit series has been announced to begin in July 2009. The kits will be remolded from kits released for SD Gundam Force Emaki Musharetsuden, based on previous designs which have styled these Gundams after famous historical samurai. It is currently unknown if related fiction will be produced for these kits or if they will crossover into Sangokuden.


  • Gathering of the Heroes Chapter

It was the times of war in the continent of Mirisha, a time where the three kingdoms of Shou, Gou and Giga struggle for power and authority. Before the three countries become established, the rebellion of the Yellow Scarves has allowed Toutaku (Dong Zhuo) to seize control over the government, he killed Reitei (Han Ling Di) the emperor of that time and stole the "Gyokuji (玉璽)", then promoted himself to Prime Minister spreading tyranny through the land. But a year after, the anti-Toutaku (Dong Zhuo) spirits are on the rise because of the discovery of Reitei's (Han Lin Di's) assassination, Enshuu (Shou/Shu Kingdom) was quick on gathering troops and with Sousou (Cao Cao) on board the anti-Toutaku alliance is formed. Heroes from all over gather under the anti-Toutaku banner, including Ryuubi's (Liu Bei's) Yuushu Resistance. The anti-Toutaku allied forces fought against the Toutaku (Dong Zhuo) Troops at the Korou Fortress (Hu Lao Guan) which is just outside Rakuyou.

This chapter parallels the Yellow Turban Rebellion and the Battle of Hulao Pass.

  • Clash of the Heroes Chapter

The anti-Toutaku (Dong Zhuo) alliance was disbanded after the defeat of Toutaku, the heroes each return to their homeland, expanding their territory and causing conflicts. With the death of Sonken Zephyranthes (Sun Jian), his son Sonsaku (Sun Ce) is aiming to stabilize the situation in Koto. Sousou (Cao Cao) has clashed with the Hero of Kahoku, Enshou (Yuan Shao). Ryuubi (Liu Bei) has travelled far from his homeland Yuushu to Keishuu to seek help from the famous strategist, Koumei (Kong Ming).

This chapter parallels the Battle of Guandu and the events eventually leading to the Battle of Red Cliffs.

  • Battle of the War Gods

The battle of Red Cliff ended with the victory of Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Sonken (Sun Quan) army, the land is split into three kingdoms – Shou, Giga and Gou. But there is no news of the missing Sousou (Cao Cao) and Ryuubi (Liu Bei). On the empty throne of Shou is the Ryuuteiken and ascending the throne of Giga is son of Sousou (Cao Cao), Souhi (Cao Pi). Souhi leads Giga to a campaign to conquer the land westwards. On the barren lands of Seiryou stands one man, Bachou (Ma Chao), burning with flames of revenge. The Giga Troops are said to be dark zombies with burning red eyes and are impossible to kill. Later in the series, the god of war, Shuu, returns.

This chapter parallels the events after the formation of the Three Kingdoms themselves.

  • Side Story: Heroic Clash Chronicles

As time gradually progress towards the Red Cliff Battle, a whistling lone warrior wanders Mirisha. The warrior bearing the same name as the past ruler of So "Kouseki" encounters other warriors at various places, often engaging in clashes with them. And now after many struggles he finally arrive at his homeland Kishuu, the land soon to be the battlefield of the Red Cliffs and the land last known as "So"...

The stories of the heroes not touched on in the main story, told in 12 episodes through the manga in the instruction sheet of the model kits in the series. The key character of this side story is Kouseki Turn-X (Xiang Yu).

The story is set before the Battle of the Red Cliffs and parallels the Chu–Han contention.

  • Brave Battle Warriors

BBW, to some extent, can be considered as the fourth part of Sangokuden, and is played out in anime and plamodel series. Storywise, it follows the past series but with the addition of more details like Sousou's attempt to assassinate Toutaku. With the anime as the main story, the plamodel series serves as a digest for the parts involving the character. Even though both series are on the same timeline, there are exceptions where the anime vary from the plamodel series. There are also characters original to the anime.

  • Brave Battle Warriors Genesis

The manga serialization in Gundam Ace. It focus on episodes not shown in the anime's main story.


Shou [翔] (Yuushuu Resistance [幽州義勇軍])[edit]

An army formed by sworn brothers Ryuubi (Liu Bei), Chouhi (Zhang Fei) and Kan-u (Guan Yu). Later becomes the country Shou established by Ryuubi (Liu Bei) as a new utopia having many untouched lands. Depicts the Kingdom of Shu (蜀) of the Three Kingdoms.
Most of the actors that are part of Shou are modeled after the Mobile Suits piloted by the main protagonists of various Gundam franchises.

Ryuubi Gundam (劉備ガンダム Ryūbi Gandamu?)

  • Character Basis: Liu Bei
  • Actor: Gundam, G-3 Gundam (when in Snow Gear)
  • Special Attack: Dragon Emperor Slash
  • Special Attack: Star Dragon Slash
  • Special Attack (Trinity mode): Unification of Three, Dragon Star Slash
The successor of Ryuutei. A young samurai who is from the bloodline of the Ryuutei, who once ruled the whole Mirisha. He is born in Rousou Village (楼桑村) of Yuushuu (幽州) in northern Mirisha. He does not accept the evil, for justice he can stand against anyone without any fear, a man of men. His righteous spirit later gathered a number of warriors under his banner. A cheerful youth who is always caring to children. He looks up to his senior Kousonsan (Gongsun Zan).
He met Sousou for the first time during the battle at Korou Fortress (虎牢城). Though they are working together at that time, he had a minor clash with Sousou (Cao Cao) because of their conflicting ideals.
Having Ryofu (Lu Bu) covering him from Toutaku's (Dong Zhuo's) attack and seeing Ryofu (Lu Bu) collapse before him, Ryuubi fell into a rage and defeated Toutaku (Dong Zhuo) with the Tengyokugai "Souryuu". After the battle he was offered a place in Sousou's (Cao Cao's) army but he refused and told Sousou that he decided to continue his travels. With the promise of meeting Sousou, Sonken (Sun Quan) and Sonshoukou (Sun Shangxiang) again, the three sworn brothers left on their journey being sent off by the promised three.
In the Comic World version, the one who used the Tengyokugai to defeat Toutaku (Dong Zhou) is Sonken (Sun Ce).
In the Clash of the Heroes Chapter he returns home to Yuushuu, with the invasion of Enshou's (Yuan Shao) army he went to Keishuu with Chouhi (Zhang Fei) to find Koumei (Kong Ming). Knowing about Sousou's (Cao Cao's) Southward Campaign, Ryuubi's "justice for the people" awakens and resolves to stand against Sousou. After learning that the Keishuu Troops has form an alliance with the Sousou (Cao Cao) Troops, he went to Chousa to seek help from the Koutou Navy. In the battle of the Red Cliffs, he is cornered by Sousou's (Cao Cao's) overwhelming power, he called out to Ryuutei's soul that dwells in his sword and revive as the Shouretsutei (Sky Soaring War God). After winning against Sousou, he went to stop the self destruction of the Shinkahihou with Sousou. Only the Ryuuteiken is left, his whereabouts unknown.
In Battle of the War Gods, Ryuubi (Liu Bei) returns as darkness begins to fully grasp the three kingdoms. He returns in time to save Kan-u (Guan Yu) and reveals that his control over his power has vastly improved.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, Garyūtō was removed and Ryūteiken became a standard equipment.
  • Weapon: Garyūtō (牙龍刀?, Dragon Fang Sword, red), Sōryūtō (爪龍刀?, Dragon Claw Sword, blue), Ryūteiken (龍帝剣?, Dragon Imperial Sword)
Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam (龍装 劉備ガンダム Ryūsō Ryūbi Gandamu?)
An anime only form. Ryuubi (Liu Bei) equipped with new armor as a result from the awakening of the Tengyokugai. The word Ryūsō (龍装?) translates as "Dragon Armored".[3]
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he is currently the Governor of Joshuu (徐州). When Enjyutsu led his army to invade Joshuu, Ryuubi was forced to retreat, leading to Enjyutsu's victory. Sousou wanted him to join his army, but due to conflicts with his ideals, he refuses. He is now travelling around Mirisha with Kan-u and Chouhi.
Shouretsutei Ryuubi Gundam (翔烈帝 劉備ガンダム Shōretsutei Ryūbi Gandamu?)
Sky Soaring Emperor. In a losing battle against the oppressing power of Sousou (Cao Cao) in the Tengyokugai Enhou form, Ryuubi (Liu Bei) wills the soul of the Ryuutei which dwells in the Ryuuteiken to awaken as the Ryuukihou (龍輝宝) which gave him his new form.
In the manga version, Ryuubi (Liu Bei) returned as the Shouretsutei form after the Ryuuteiken is halfed by Sousou's Seihouken and fallen into the waters.
Rides the horse Tekiro (的櫨).

Koumei Re-GZ (孔明リ・ガズィ Kōmei Ri・Gazui?)

The rare saint tactician. Born in Keishuu (荊州), a rare genius in strategies. Now he is silently awaiting for the arrival of the master he should serve. He is known as the "Horafuki Sensei (liar teacher)" to the children.
He appears in chapter two (Clash of the Heroes) in the main manga and in Comic World he appears in the final frames of chapter one (Gathering of the Heroes), where he gotten news of Toutaku's (Dong Zhuo's) death by the falling of the Star of the Tyrant. It was only after Ryuubi (Liu Bei) visited him in person three time that he joins Ryuubi's forces.
In Koumei (Kong Ming)'s plastic model kit there is a Nu Gundam face mask. In the manga it was the face of Koumei in the past. In the past Koumei led troops against Toutaku but lost, he failed to change the world and instead caused many deaths in his troops.
After the Red Cliff battle, he went with the others to Ekishuu to form the country of Shou.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he's a wandering traveller, trying to find out the source of the darkness that has covered Mirisha. He soon learns that the source is the Gyokuji in Toutaku's possession. He is currently still wandering Mirisha.
  • Weapon: Bakuousen (爆凰扇) [a feather fan. Able to fire feather funnels or transform to a bird-type surveillance mecha, Bakuoki (爆凰機)]
Tenshouryuu Koumei Nu Gundam (天翔竜 孔明νガンダム Tenshōryū Kōmei Nu Gandamu?)
The awakened hidden dragon. The true form of Koumei (Kong Ming) who once shocked Mirisha. He was afraid of this overwhelming power that he sealed it himself. To fight the overlooming darkness covering Mirisha, he appeared in this form again.
In the Comic World story, Koumei (Kong Ming) is forced to awaken his inner power in order to help Moukaku Gundam (Meng Huo) fight a brainwashed Shukuyuu (Zhu Rong). His full combined form is acted by the Hi-ν Gundam. The word Tenshōryū (天翔竜?) translates as "Sky Dragon".

Kan-pei Gundam (關平ガンダム?)

The young demon warrior. Member of Team Kan-u (Guan Yu). A young boy whom Ryuubi's (Liu Bei's) group helped in their journey. Having lost his family in the war, he resorted to stealing food. He follows Kan-u (Guan Yu) and became Kan-u's disciple. Chivalrous, strong and ambitious to become a general one day.
After the Red Cliff battle, he went with the others to Ekishuu to form the country of Shou. In Battle of the War Gods, he fully matures and assumes his adoptive father's place in the Five Tiger Generals.
In the Brave Battle warriors anime, he was held hostage by Kaku. In the end, he was saved by Koumei.
  • Weapon: Kiringa (輝麟牙), Kieizou (鬼鋭爪), Zouki Ryoujintou (双鬼両刃刀)

Shuusou Dovenwolf (周倉ドーベンウルフ?)

  • Character Basis: Zhou Cang
  • Actor: Doven Wolf
The wandering demon. Member of Team Kan-u (Guan Yu). Originally a mountain bandit, caught and awaiting execution by the Sousou (Cao Cao) Troops. Performed jailbreak with his cellmate Kan-u (Guan Yu) and later went to Ryuubi (Liu Bei) with Kan-u and Kan-pei (Guan Ping). In the Comic World version, he made his weapon out of the items he found while escaping.
After the Red Cliff battle, he went with the others to Ekishuu to form the country of Shou.
  • Weapon: Senjintou (尖刃刀), Gankoufu (頑硬斧), Sanzoukeki (三爪戟)

Kyou-i Gundam F91 (姜維ガンダムF91?)

The wandering swordsman. Came from the far west of Mirisha, a young warrior born in Ryoushuu (涼州). Rumored to be a mixed blood with a foreign race. A warrior surrounded in mysteries.
In the Comic World version he participated as a member of Sousou (Cao Cao) Troops in the meeting before the Battle of the Kurou Fortress (Hu Lao Guan).
After the Red Cliff battle he works in the Department of State Affairs (尚書省). He with Teiiku (Cheng Yu) warned Souhi (Cao Pi) to be careful of Shiba-i (Sima Yi). Later, as the full power of darkness awakens beneath the kingdom, he discovers that a possessed Souhi (Cao Pi) has slaughtered all his advisors and flees with a special scroll.
It is recently revealed in the Comic World Version that after seeing how the armies of Giga fight, he is willing to become a traitor than to continue fighting as part of Giga. This might explain why the motif on Kyou-i's model kit box is of Shou instead of Giga.
In the manga, he acts as a regent for Shiba-En (Sima Yan) after a ferocious fight with Shiba-i's evil plan to take over Mirisha.
His initial design similar to that of 'Mars Zeon Type F90' but later on changed to that of 'Gundam F91' on his kit announcement.

Ryuuhou Gundam (劉封ガンダム?)

Young azure dragon knight. Appears in the side story. His former name is Kouhou (寇封), he changed his name to Ryuuhou after becoming the adopted son of Ryuubi (Liu Bei). Became sworn brothers with Kan-pei (Guan Ping) and Chouhou (Zhang Bao) and forms the Shouryuutai with them, which he leads.
Before the Battle of the Red Cliffs, he was at Keishuu fighting the Sousou (Cao Cao) armies by himself, during this time Kouseki Turn-X (Xiang Yu) appeared to help Ryuuhou. The conversation of both characters suggests that Ryuuhou had known Kouseki (Xiang Yu) for quite some time.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No.143 Kiryuu Gundam, itself based on the Dragon Gundam from G Gundam.

Batai Gundam (馬岱ガンダム?)

Splendid leopard of the cerulean waves. Appears in the side story. Bachou's (Ma Chao's) cousin who disappeared when Ryoushuu is overran by Giga. Being from a horse-riding race, he excels at commanding a cavalry.
Before the Red Cliff battle, he crossed Keishuu in order to assassinate Sousou (Cao Cao). The assassination failed but Kouseki (Cheng Yu), who is after the Sousou (Cao Cao) Troops appeared and assisted him to escape.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No. 205 Musha Blue Gundam, based on the Blue Destiny unit (a Blue Destiny Unit 2 to complement Bachou's Blue Destiny Unit 1 motif).

Bashoku Gundam (馬謖ガンダム?)

The vivid genius. Appears in the side story. A gifted young tactician from Keishuu. Koumei (Kong Ming) took notice of his talent, hoping to groom him to uphold the future of Shou. But Bashouku's haughtiness is a cause for worry.
During the Red Cliff battle, he met Kouseki (Cheng Yu) in the midst of being chased by the Kyocho (Xu Zhu) led Giga troops and Bashouku invited Kouseki (Cheng Yu) to join forces with him.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No.248 Bushi Maru, itself based on the Strike Gundam from Gundam Seed.

Gengan Gundam (厳顔ガンダム?)

The righteous white-bearded general. Appears in the side story. Before the founding of Shou, he confronted Chouhi (Zhang Fei) as a commander of Ekishuu but later reconciled. On becoming a Shou commander, he usually teams up with fellow veteran commander Kochou (Huang Zhong). He has a strict personality.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No.201 Musha Turn A Gundam.

Chouhou Gundam (張苞ガンダム?)

The young unrivalled bladeAppears in the side story. The eldest son of Chouhi (Zhang Fei) and a member of the Shouryuutai led by Ryuuhou. Has a positive rivalry with Kanpei.
From a comment of Chouhi on the official site, it seems that Chouhou is born during the time when Chouhi is still young and in trainiing. Chouhi did not know until much later that he had a son.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No. 151 Blade Gundam, itself based on Gundam Spiegel from G Gundam.

The Five Tiger Generals (五誇将)[edit]

Kan-u Gundam (關羽ガンダム?)
  • Character Basis: Guan Yu
  • Actor: Gundam ZZ
  • Special Attack: Demon Fang, Hundred Swift Strikes
Hero of the demon beard. Calm and composed, bold and fearless, a man baring both propriety and valour. Also active as a strategy advisor. Even Sousou (Cao Cao) look to having him as a subordinate.
Under that Oni mask, a tragic past is concealed. Known as "Chousei (長生)" in the past. He lost to Ryofu (Lu Bu) in the fight to protect his village and as a result his village is burned down and the villagers are killed. His lover Rouran was killed too. After that he puts on the Oni mask and live to seek revenge from Ryofu (Lu Bu). That was until he met Ryuubi (Liu Bei), who made him rethink his actions. Later he became sworn brothers with Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Chouhi (Zhang Fei).
After the fall of Toutaku (Dong Zhuo), Sousou (Cao Cao) and his forces attempt to convince Kan-u to leave his oath brothers and join with them.
In Gekitotsu hen he was with the Sousou (Cao Cao) Troops for a while but due to Kakuka's (Guo Jia) suspicion that he was a spy, Kan-u was on roll for execution. Later he break out of jail with Shuusou (Zhou Cang), the Kan-u team is formed together with Kan-pei (Guan Ping) and Shuusou (Zhou Cang). They head for Ryuubi (Liu Bei) with the Sekitoba entrusted to him be Chouryou.
After the Red Cliff battle, he went with the others to Ekishuu (益州) to form the country of Shou.
In Senjin Kettou hen, Team Kan-u went to Gou in search of the Blade of Heaven. There, he was ambushed by the darkness overwhelmed Ryomou (Lu Meng), though heavily injured he willed all his strength to continue fighting the dark forces. He was given the fatal blow by Shuu Gundam (Chi You) but survived to see how Kan-pei (Guan Ping) has matured. He died with a contented look on his face.
  • Weapon: Ougaryuugetsutou (鬼牙龍月刀)
Ougasou Kan-u Gundam (鬼牙装 關羽ガンダム?)
An anime only form. Kan-u equipped with new armor as a result from the awakening of the Tengyokugai.[3]
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he helps Ryuubi to become the Governor of Joshuu (徐州). After the fall of Joshuu, he's currently travelling around Mirisha with Ryuubi and Chouhi.
Chouhi Gundam (張飛ガンダム?)
The unrivaled blade. A careless person who gets into quarrels easily, but also a man with an amiable, burning spirit. He may talk big at times but there is an emotional side to him too. He is taking care of war orphans.
He was once the man hailed as "the unrivaled blade", embracing his dream to become the strongest, he went to the capital. While he was gone the village was raided by the Yellow Scarves Troops led by the Chou Brothers in the rebellion of Totaku. Chouhi was devastated on the sight of the burning village and never talked about his dream and his past ever since then. The meeting with Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Kan-u brought him back to his former self. Calls Ryuubi "aniki (big brother)" after they became sworn brothers.
In Gekitotsu hen, he travelled with Ryuubi (Liu Bei) to Keishuu to look for Koumei (Kong Ming), there he used Koumei's strategy to beat Sousou's troops.
After the Red Cliff battle, he went with the others to Ekishuu to form the country of Shou.
In the manga, Chouhi's shoulder armour is originally symmetrical until Ryofu Tallgeese slices off half of the right shoulder piece. The villagers later repair it in gratitude of his efforts, leading to the asymmetrical style seen in the Comic World story and model kit.
  • Weapon: Raija (雷蛇)
Raisou Chouhi Gundam (雷装 張飛ガンダム?)
An anime only form. Chouhi equipped with new armor as a result from the awakening of the Tengyokugai.[3]
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he helps Ryuubi to become the Governor of Joshuu (徐州). After the fall of Joshuu, he's currently travelling around Mirisha with Ryuubi and Kan-u.
Chou-un Gundam (趙雲ガンダム?)
Silver spear of the hurricane. A warrior from the northern provinces, an expert in spears. Does not abandon his comrades in battle and has an indomitable perseverance.
Was serving under Kousonsan as the leader of the Yuushuu Troops border police corps, but before Yuushuu surrenders he was entrusted with the art of war scroll by Kousonsan. In his injured state, he was then sent off to Ryuubi (Liu Bei)'s side. More currently he was found by Ryuubi to be in the care of Koumei (Kong Ming).
After the Red Cliff battle, he went with the others to Ekishuu to form the country of Shou.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was a general under Enshou. However, after seeing Enshou's greed for the Gyokuji led to his labeling as a traitor, Chou-un decided to serve under Kousonsan instead. He is currently acting as Captain of the Yuushu Border Police Force, with his own White Stallion platoon. When news of Enshou's army approaching Yuushu, Kousonsan sends Chou-un off to find Ryuubi, who is rushing back from Keishuu. Chou-un meets up with Ryuubi, but were too late to save Kousonsan and the Yuushu villagers.
The Chou-un Gundam model has a large golden dragon that attaches to his spear to represent his finishing move. When disassembled and attached to Chou-un's body, he resembles the V2 Buster Gundam. When donning the Ryukihou armor, he resembles the V2 Assault Gundam.
  • Weapon: Muzougeki Arashi (武双戟・嵐)
Bachou Blue Destiny (馬超ブルーディスティニー?)
Splendid lion of the azure sky. The son of Ryoushuu general Batou, excels in martial arts. Joined the anti-Toutaku alliance and together with his father participated in the Chouan battles. The main character of "Senjin Kettou Hen".
Feared by the tribes at the border lands as the Mighty Bachou the Splendid. Has a strong sense of pride that cannot be stopped when he fires up in anger, it is rumoured that the race that inherited the dark blood has eyes that burn red like that fire. Holds a deep hatred for Sousou as his father and two brothers died in battle due to Sousou's plot. As a child, he witnessed Ryuubi (Liu Bei) using the Tengyokugai to defeat Toutaku. Bachou travels and meets various people, but continuously loses them to tragedies.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he is only a kid living in Chouhi's village, and decided to travel around Mirisha after the sworn brothers left. He met up with them again at Kyoshou, but has left to travel again.
  • Weapon: Shiseitou (獅青刀), Ryuurensou (龍煉槍), Shiryuu Gokurensou (獅龍極煉槍)
Kochou Gundam (黄忠ガンダム?)
Archer of the dawn. A commander of Keishuu Troops. Helped the combined Shou and Gou troops together with Gien during the Battle of the Red Cliff. His armor is designed after the G-Defenser. After the Red Cliff battle on the defeat of the Keishuu army, he and Gien travelled to Shou. An old general but a highly skilled archer.
  • Weapon: Zankuutou (斬空刀), Ryuushingai (龍身鎧), Eishinkyuu (鋭真弓), Ryuurin Gouretsukyuu (龍燐剛烈弓

Gou [轟] (Chousa Troops [長沙軍])[edit]

The forces led by the Son family later became the country Gou, a land rich in natural wildlife. Depicting the Kingdom of Wu (吳) of the Three Kingdoms. Actors that are affiliated with Gou are mostly based from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Gundam Sentinel, and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

Sonken Gundam (孫権ガンダム?)

The silent tiger. The young prince of Gou. He is a humble and compassionate young noble who does not discriminate anyone under him.
At first his thinking was "is justice more important than a person's live" and with that thought he refuse to fight. But he fell into rage when he witness the death of his father and Somo in battle and summoned the Tengyokugai "Douko" which was in the Korou Fortress, with the "Douko" he fell Korou Fortress. He regretted on the sight of the soldiers who died in his raging rampage, furthermore adding to his guilt Toutaku set fire to the nearby Rakuyou (洛陽). He wanted to return to Chousa at first but Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Sousou convinced him to stay and help defeat Toutaku. After the battle he together with Sousou and the others sent Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u off.
In the Comic World version, he has done most work in defeating Toutaku and dealt the finishing blow with the Tengyokugai.
In the Clash of the Heroes Chapter, he meets Ryuubi (Liu Bei) again and led the Koutou Navy in the clash with the Keishuu Troops. But in the Gappi battle, following his father's death, he lost his brother Sonsaku.
After the battle of the Red Cliff the country Gou is formed, in front of the graves of his father and brother, he swore to protect the people.
In the Battle of the War God Chapter, he is frozen by darkness with Rikuson and the others but later freed by the power of the Blade of Heaven. He awakened as Goutaitei and defeated his Shuu possessed brother and is sent off to Gojyogen (五丈原).
Sonken Zephyranthes is his father, Sonsaku his brother and Sonshoukou is younger sister.
For Sonken Gundam, the Tengyokugai resembles the Dendrobium Orchis mobile armor.
  • Weapon: Gaouken (牙王剣)
Moukosou Sonken Gundam (猛虎装 孫権ガンダム?)
  • Special Attack: Brilliant Blue Shield
An anime only form. Sonken equipped with new armor as a result from the awakening of the Tengyokugai.[3]
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he's still a pacifist, and is currently travelling towards Koutou with the Son army. After commandeering Kirei's fleet, he along with the rest began to settle in Koutou.
Goutaitei Sonken Gundam (轟大帝 孫権ガンダム?)
Blue-eyed beast god. The renewed Sonken after finally awaking the spirit of Kogyou (虎暁). The silent tiger has now become the strongest beast god by combining with Korinpaku (虎燐魄), the manifestation of the spirit of Kogyou dwelling in the Kouteiken.
Furthermore the transformation to Beast God mode (獣神形態) can fully unleash the mobility of Kourinpaku.
The Goutaitei form has the motif of GP-01Fb onto of the GP-01 motif of his father's armor.
  • Weapon: Gaouken 01 (牙王剣・零壱), Shin Koteitou (真・虎錠刀)

Sonken Zephyranthes (孫堅ゼフィランサス?)

  • Special Attack: Wild Tiger, Savage Beast Roar
The tiger of Koutou. The chief of the Chousa region.
Descendent of the great strategist Sonbu (Sun Tzu), and a capable person himself too. Holds the legendary sword "Koteitou", a sword which is on par with the "Ryuuteiken". Sonken Zephyranthes and the Chousa Four Riders also took part in the battle at the Korou fortress where he died while shielding his daughter from Ryofu's attack.
The 'Armor of Byako (白虎の鎧)', the armor that was passed down by the founder Sonbu and also the armor which Sonken Zephyranthes always have on is later passed on to his son Sonken.
In the Comic World version Gou appears to be already under orders of Sonken, his son. There he appears to entrust the Shin Koteitou to his son.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he and his army fought bravely to seize the Koroukan (虎牢関). He also led his army to pursue Toutaku after seeing Rakuyou in flames. While in pursuit, Ryofu intervened, and killed him. In his final words, he told Sonken that he will one day inherit the Koteitou.
  • Weapon: Koteitou (虎錠刀), Gaouken 01 (牙王剣・零壱)

Sonsaku Physalis Gundam (孫策サイサリスガンダム?)

  • Character Basis: Sun Ce
  • Actor: GP-02
  • Special Attack: Inflamed Steel Gravity Strike
  • Special Attack (with Sealed Tiger Saber): Wild Tiger, Savage Beast Roar
  • Special Attack (with Sealed Tiger Saber): Heavenly Steel Inferno
Little Conqueror of Koutou. Older brother of Sonken and Shoukou. In contrast to his quiet little brother, he is a more repulsive battle type. He sent his uninterested brother Sonken to the battlefield to change his view on justice. Childhood friends with Shuuyu.
In the Clash of the Heroes Chapter together with Shuuyuu and Taishiji they start the attack at Gappi. During that battle he saved Ryuubi (Liu Bei) from the rampaging Kakuka but in turn got injured, he then leads the first move to seal the movement of Kakuka allowing the others to land the attack. After Kakuka's defeat, in the falling rubble, the heavily injured Sonsaku tell Sonken to "become the Moon that heals the people". After death he was granted life by darkness but in exchange he is possessed by Shuu.
In the Battle of the War God Chapter, he appeared in a Shuu possessed form and overwhelmed Ryuubi (Liu Bei), Kan-u and Kan-pei, and later against Sonken who awoke as the Goutaitei. On defeat, he returned to his self, pleased with the growth of his brother he sends him off and broke down to dust. In the Comic World version, he was never dead but was possessed by Shuu which was later separated from him by his brother and he is still alive after that.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he is currently leading the Son army after Sonken Zephyranthes' death, and is travelling towards Koutou. There, he faced off against Tashiji, and won. He wanted Tashiji to join him, to which Tashiji adamantly declined. He then led the army against Kirei's naval fleet, and with Shuuyu's strategam, managed to commandeer the whole fleet, thus fulfilling his father's wish for a strong naval fleet.

Sonshoukou Gerbera (孫尚香ガーベラ?)

  • Special Attack: Soaring Heavenly Pinwheel
Archer Princess of Koutou. Sonken Zephyranthes' daughter, Sonsaku's and Sonken's younger sister. Called "Shoukou" by her father and brothers. Has a headstrong and tomboy character, Rikuson and her brothers have a hard time handling her. She has a crush on Ryuubi (Liu Bei) ever since he cover her from Ryofu's attack. In a bonus chapter included in the second collected volume, she and Rikuson head off to save Shuuyu from a band of pirates who had captured him.
After the battle of the Red Cliff, stayed at Gou in the Comic World version but she was at Ekishuu with Koumei (Kong Ming) and others in the manga version.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, she is just as tomboyish, and was almost slain by Kayuu, if Sonken didn't step in to protect her. She's also travelling to Koutou with the Son army, and met Rikuson there, to which she asked him to join them.
The first female character in the BB Senshi model kit series. While she is modelled after the GP04 of Gundam 0083, her weapons are actually based on those of Rising Gundam from G-Gundam.

Shuuyu Hyakushiki (周瑜ヒャクシキ?)

  • Special Attack: Hundred Heavenly Thunder Talon Bursts
The elegant general of platinum. Childhood friend of Sonken. Skilled in martial arts and literary arts, his graceful appearance leads to him being known as Bishuurou (美周郎). He thinks that forming a powerful navy is indispensable in the suppression of Koutou (江東).
In the battle of the Red Cliff, he destroyed half of the metal fleet with the Tenrai Kahou, but was shot in the chest during an attack by the Keishuu troops. After the battle, he ascertains the growth of Sonken and silently departs in his sleep. In the Comic World version, he retired due to his injuries and Rikuson carried on his will.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was the first to notice the strange behaviour of Enjyutsu. He is currently travelling with the Son army to Koutou. His stratagem of smoking Kirei and his army, and commandeering Kirei's naval fleet in the confusion, led Rikuson to become his student.
  • Weapon: Byakkotou (白虎刀), Hakuzoukyuu (白爪弓), Tenrai Kahou (天雷火砲)

Rikuson Zetaplus (陸遜ゼータプラス?)

The dancing wings of tomorrow. Disciple of Shuuyu. A young soldier who welds a big spear freely. In the story he 'babysits' Sonshoukou and there are many occasions that he is abused by Sonshoukou.
In the battle of the Red Cliff, Rikuson took command of the Koutou Navy covering for Shuuyu who was badly injured in the attack of the Keishuu troops. After the Red Cliff battle he succeeds the position of the fallen Shuuyu. Teiho is his subordinate.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was orphaned during Toutaku's reign, and his whole village wasn't spared. He was harassed by some Pirate Aesculapius when Sonshoukou stepped in, along with the rest of the Son army. Sonshoukou offered him to join their family, to which he happily accepted. After witnessing how Shuuyu's stratagem repelled Kirei and his army, Rikuson decided to become his student.
  • Weapon: Hientate (飛燕盾)

Taishiji Dom (太史慈ドム?)

The black hero. Was once an enemy of Sonsaku. During the suppression of Koutou by Sonsaku, Taishiji stood against Sonsaku's troops by himself. Seeing his grand battle, Sonsaku acknowledged Taishiji and accepted him as a part of his troops.
In the 'Commander File' publication in Dengeki Hobby Magazine, after coming under Sonsaku, Taishiji gathered his fallen soldiers and left the area. Many of those under Sonsaku thought that Taishiji had fled but Taishiji returned with his remnant troops. That event helped to boost his name.
Wields a giant steel halberd and also a skilled marksman. Even though he started as a surrendered general, Sonsaku has great trust in him, together with Shuuyu he joins the Kappa attack force led by Sonsaku.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he scared off some Pirate Aesculapius, and decided to challenge Sonsaku to maintain the peace in Koutou. Both fought hard, but Tashiji lost in the end. Sonsaku offered Tashiji to join his army, to which he adamantly refused and walked off, vowing to return to challenge Sonsaku again. When Kirei attacked the Son army, Tashiji returned and brought along with him the (would-be) Koutou Marines. After winning the battle, he (along with the Marines) officially joins Sonsaku.
In the initial settings, he had a color scheme closer to that of a Dom and had a pink/red mono-eye but on the time of his kit announcement his design is adjusted, certain parts changed and the mono-eye became green. For that the initial actor of Dom is changed to Rick Dom II and the initial nickname The burning hero was changed.
The model kit for Taishiji Dom includes a support mecha based on the MA-06 Val-Walo from Gundam 0083.

Toutou GM (鄧当ジム?)

A commander of the Chousa Troops. His appearance is similar to a normal infantry soldier apart from a feather on his helmet and a moustache. He found Ryomou who was banished by the Keishuu Navy and hired him as a mercenary. He died covering for Ryomou in a battle. His death spurred Ryomou to become not only a brave warrior, but also one skilled in strategy in order not to let anyone die again.

Shuutai Gundam (周泰ガンダム?)

The 12 scars of meritorious deed. Appears in the side story. A brave warrior who serves under the Son family, his armor bears the twelve scars which were inflicted on him when he covered an attack for Sonken.
Before the Red Cliff battle, rumors of Kouseki driving back Sosusou's forces spread to Koutou. Shuutai went with Sonken to invite Kouseki to join their forces. The two resorted to brute force when Kouseki refused. Kouseki launched an attack on Sonken, which Shuutai covered for him and was inflicted the 12 scars.
In the 'Commander File' publication in Dengeki Hobby Magazine, it records the time during the Bandit Suppression War where Shuutai saved Sonken who was in danger. Though he is of lower rank he is viewed with great trust.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No. 252 Shinsoumaru.

Teihou Gundam (丁奉ガンダム?)

Virtuous warrior of the iron pallets. Appears in the side story. A wise warrior of Gou. In addition to his huge spear, he is also an expert user of iron pallets.
His kit has the GP-04G motif which overlaps with that of Sonshoukou Gerbera.
In Comic World, he is tasked to lure Kouseki into a trap.
In the 'Commander File' publication in Dengeki Hobby Magazine, its recorded that he is active in fending against an invasion by Giga troops led by Chouryou. It is brought up that Chouryou was injured by arrows and retreated.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No. 206 Musha Gebera Gundam.

Ryoutou Gundam (凌統ガンダム?)

The silver tiger cub. Appears in the side story. An officer serving under Sonken. He knows that the murderer of his father (who is Kannei) is in the same army too but amidst the fights, hatred became friendship.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No. 208 Musha Gundam Mark IV.

Koutou Navy (江東水軍)[edit]

Ryomou Dijeh (呂蒙ディジェ?)
  • Character Basis: Lu Meng
  • Actor: Dijeh
  • Special Attack: Blue Shark Shredder
The aloof resourceful general. A general leading the assault navy. Kannei and him were once exiled in their service in the Keishuu Navy. With the help of Captain Toutou, he was enlisted in the Koutou Army as a mercenary. He wasn't really outstanding at first but he learn from past mistakes and became a prominent resourceful general of Gou. His full-face helmet is the proof of an assault navy general which he received from Sonsaku.
In the character drafts it is shown that on removing his helmet it reveals a Rick Dias head.
Kannei Kampfer (甘寧ケンプファー?)
The ferocious blue shark. An ex-head of a pirate tribe that used to ravage Koutou, was exiled with Ryoumou during their time in the Keishuu Navy. He takes good care of his followers. He is also the killer of Ryousou, Ryoutou's father.
It's said, as the bells of Kannei ring, rain of blood falls on the battlefield.
Koutou Marines (江東水軍兵?)
The followers of Ryomou and Kannei.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, they do not seem to be under Ryomou or Kannei. However, they seem to take orders from Tashiji when Kirei attacked the Son army in Koutou. After the battle, they joined the Son army.

Chousa Four Riders (長沙四騎衆)[edit]

Somou Powered GM (祖茂パワードジム?)
Acts as the advance guard in battle. Slashs the enemies with his twin swords.
Suffered serious injuries covering for Sonken Zephyranthes, died soon after Sonken Zephyranthes died.
Kantou GM Canon II (韓当ジムキャノンII?)
Well studied in myths and folklore. Sonken Zephyranthes' staff officer.
Kougai Gouf (黄蓋グフ?)
One of the advisors in the Son family. An old warrior but he masterfully controls the multi-section steel staff. Died honorably igniting the explosion that damaged the Sousou's metal fleet.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he has the most screentime of the Four Riders. The other 3 has no lines thus far. He is the one in charge of the well-keeping of the Koteikou, and is currently travelling with the Son army to Koutou.
Teifu GM Custom (程普ジムカスタム?)
A brave veteran soldier who honor the decorum.

Giga [機駕] (Sousou Troops [曹操軍])[edit]

The reorganization of the officers that were under Reitei, later becomes established as Giga by Sousou. Giga is a land that wins the others in terms of military and economy. Depicting the Kingdom of Wei (魏) of the Three Kingdoms. Actors affiliated with Giga are mostly based from After War Gundam X, Char's Counterattack, and Mobile Suit Gundam F91.

Sousou Gundam (曹操ガンダム?)

  • Special Attack: Crimson Lotus Flash
The crimson general. A forceful person who shows gifted abilities in all aspects, a general with a noble spirit who will not resort to cowardly acts. A charismatic leader with absolute leadership power who is talked about among allies and enemies. He called upon the assembly of the Anti-Toutaku Allied Army, took up the role of overall commander and led them to battle at Korou Fortress. At Korou Fortress he fought with Ryofu.
In Gekitotsu hen, Sousou activated the Tengyokugai Enhou and with it defeated the Kishuu Troops. The Gyokuji flew off after that. He started the Southward Campaign with the Keishuu Troops. In the battle of the Red Cliffs, Shiba-I presented the Seihouken (星凰剣), a sword that rivals the Ryuuteiken, to him which he used to crush Ryuubi (Liu Bei). The fight continues when Ryuubi revives as the Shouretsutei. With the Tengyokugai Enhou he was on par with Ryuubi (Liu Bei) then Shiba-I's betrayal by seizing the Shinkahihou (神火飛鳳) planning to use it to burn Mirisha. Knowing that he has lost, he went to stop the self destruction of the Shinkahihou with Ryuubi. Current whereabouts unknown. In the Comic World version, he is revealed to have been in hiding as a cloaked figure and challenges Shibai and Souhi's actions. A similar character in the main manga have been observing the new Giga troops and encouraging Bachou Blue Destiny, before being forced to reveal himself as Sousou.
In the Comic World version, there isn't the Seihouken.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he tried to assassinate Toutaku with the Shichiseiken (七星剣), a sword that was given to him by Shiba-i, but failed when Ryofu intervened. Sousou never used the Shichiseiken after this failure.
His trademark is his crimson mantle which looks like the Satellite System. In the manga it was shown that his armor in his earlier days lack the antlers decoration and the high collar.
  • Weapon: Enkotsujin (炎骨刃)
Gurensou Sousou Gundam (紅蓮装 曹操ガンダム?)
An anime only form. Sousou equipped with new armor as a result from the awakening of the Tengyokugai.[3]
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he is currently the Governor of Kyoshou (許昌). He tried to conquer Joshuu, only to be stopped by Ryuubi (Liu Bei)'s efforts. Ryofu has also attacked him at Kyoshou, under the orders of Enjyutsu. He saved Ryuubi when he was under attack from Enjyutsu, and wanted Ryuubi to serve him. After Ryuubi refused, he has labeled the 3 sworn brothers as his enemies. Instead of obtaining the Seihouken, Sousou is handed the Shichiseiken a second time by Shibai, and doing battle with Choukou causes it to awaken as the Seihouken, just before the Red Cliff battle.
Kibutei Sousou Gundam (機武帝 曹操ガンダム?)
The Machine Warrior Emperor. The new form of Sousou when he awakened to the spirit of Enshin Jakushun (焔神 雀瞬), one of the three lords of the legend. In this new form the people regard him as the true emperor of Giga "Kibutei (機武帝)".
In the manga version, Sousou awakened a darkness induced Jyokou which brought out the wings and as the wings go to Sousou the chestpiece and crest transfers from Souhi at Rakuyou who is on his knees holding his head in pain. On awakening he and the Five Tiger Generals defeated Kaku and the Immortal Soldiers. Now he is back at the darkness overran Giga with Jyokou cooperating with Shou.
In the mini-comic that comes with Souhi Gundam, Sousou emerges from hiding as one of five black-robed councillors. When Souhi attacks him, though their conversation in the duel Sousou mark his son unworthy to rule a country and he defeats his own son and severs the crest and chestpiece from him, claiming them for his own. Jyokou presents his own golden wings to Sousou, who immediately wears his new trophies and takes the title of Kibutei. His last words for his son as he left was to ascertain the true enemy or Giga will have no future.
Kibutei SouSou Gundam's armour resembles to the DX Gundam in its twin satellite cannons activated mode.
  • Weapon: Itenken (威天剣), Seihouken (星凰剣), Houou Shichiseizou (鳳凰七星槍)

Souhi Gundam (曹丕ガンダム?)

The peacock of the blue flames. The son of Sousou. After the Red Cliff battle he takes over rulership of Giga in place of Sousou who with Ryuubi (Liu Bei) are missing. Trained by the generals of Giga, he is prepared for decisive battle expected to occur in the near future. He trusts Shiba-i greatly and because of that, Shiba-i's plan was approved and many innocent villagers were killed.
In the Comic World version, he allowed the cruel operation of slaughtering villagers to lure Bachou out. He saw his father again during the court presence of Jyokou. Souhi hated his father for neglecting his family and got into a fight with his father which he lost. His crest was taken away and he is deemed unfit to rule Giga by his father. Later on, he tried to save Shiba-En from the Ankoku Gyokuji but failed.
In the manga version he didn't see much action and he left matters to Shiba-i. In recent chapters he is under the influence of darkness.
His trademark is the twin shields on his arms which combine to form a weapon based on the X Divider.
  • Weapon: Itenken (威天剣), Seihouken (星凰剣), Kouten Shichiseigeki (光天七星戟)

Shiba-i Sazabi (司馬懿サザビー?)

The magnificent machinator. The talented strategist of Giga. He has been looking into anicient literature and legends. He suspects that turbulent times will come with the appearance of the person who holds the Ryuuteiken. As a general, his abilities could be on par with Sousou and his dubious personal actions make Sousou keep a close eye on him. He is behind the strategy in the Kurou Fortress battle.
According to the dates in the real Chinese literature, Sima Yi is actually 12 years old during the Battle of Hulao Pass which is the battle which the Battle of Kurou Fortress is based on.
In the Red Cliff battle, together with Houtou and Kakuka betrayed Sousou in order to realize the final chapter of the G Chronicles "Apocalypse". They fire the Shinkahihou to the sky aimming to engulf Mirisha in a sea of flames. After realizing "Apocalypse", they left for the Red Cliff.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was a wandering strategist, and wandered into Sousou's camp, bringing with him the Shichiseiken (七星剣). He planned Sousou to present it as a guft to Toutaku, and use it to assassinate Toutaku when given the chance. At the battle for the Koroukan, he anticipated Chinkyuu's stratagem, and countered it with his own.
  • Weapon: Shirogane no Kiba (銀の牙) + Kouyokusen (紅翼扇) -> Gayoku no Taiken (牙翼の大剣)
Giga Taifu Shiba-i Sazabi (機駕太傅 司馬懿サザビー?)
The one clad in red. His form after promotion to Grand Tutor (太傅) on the founding of the country "Giga".
He acts as the Regent of the country and handles the task of training young Souhi. Souhi places his trust on Shiba-i even though Teiiku and Kyou-i had warned Souhi to be cautious of Shiba-i.
Tenshihou Shiba-i Sazabi (天熾鵬 司馬懿サザビー?)
  • Actor: Nightingale
The awakened purgatory phoenix. The form of Shiba-i when he obtains the "Ultimate Darkness", as written in the G Chronicles, by assimilating Shuu Gundam's soul. In the manga version, he calls himself "The Phoenix that lights the Heavens".
Besides his normal strategist mode, he can change to the Purgatory Phoenix mode. The Purgatory Phoenix mode has the design motif of the Nightingale, the chest armor design has the motif of Yami Koutei, the boss character of the Sengokuden series. Up till now, there's no direct relationship between Shiba-i and Yami Koutei, and the design is thought of as a fan-service. With Ankoku Gyokuji Psycho Gundam's legs and Kakuka Virsago's armor, Shiba-i can achieve the final mode, Shuu Masou mode. However, this form was never shown in the story, thus details are not known.
The true motive of Shiba-i is to become God himself and recreate a new world but he was stopped by Koumei (Kong Ming) and ultimately destroyed.

Shiba-En Zaku II (司馬炎ザクII?)

Scarlet flame of darkness. The youngest of the Shiba brothers. Having outstanding talent since young, he is single-handedly commuting the will of the sealed dark god of war Shu. He is taken into the body of Ankoku Gyokuji Psycho Gundam when it awoke.
It is noted in the manga version, that Shiba-En addressed Shiba-i as father (父上), where in the Chinese literature, Sima Yi is Sima Yan's grandfather.

Shiba-Shou Xi (司馬昭クスィー?)

White priest of darkness. Second of the three Shiba brothers. Keeps watch on Shiba-En's prayers with Shiba-Shi. One of the priests that believes in the final chapter of G Chronicle, Apocalypse.
In the Comic World version, he and Shiba-Shi got brainwashed by Kakuka.
In the manga version, he and Shiba-Shi are given as sacrifices for the resurrection of Shuu Gundam.

Shiba-Shi Penelope (司馬師ペーネロペー?)

White commander of darkness. The eldest of the Shiba brothers. An excellent commander but never on the field, instead he is his father's aide and devotes himself to keep watch on Shiba-En's prayers.

Ankoku Gyokuji Psycho Gundam (暗黒玉璽サイコガンダム?)

Giant of destruction. The giant weapon of darkness that emerged from within the huge Ankoku Gyokuji. Its dark aura when unleashed can cause boundless destruction.
In the manga version, Shiba-En, Shiba-Shou and Shiba-Shi were seen trying to summon this from a dark, evil version of the "Gyokuji (玉璽)".

Teiiku Wise Wallaby (程昱ワイズワラビー?)

A veteran strategist who excels in reading the heart of a person and also Kyou-i's teacher. Older than Shiba-i but respects the chief strategist Shiba-i.
Reports the appearance of the holder of the Ryuuteiken to Shiba-i.
After the Red Cliff battle he became the Minister of the Household (光祿勳), he warned Souhi to be careful of Shiba-i. He sent Kyou-i off to Shou with a scroll when darkness started to take over Giga.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he has only appeared once so far, with no lines.

Giga Troops Imperial Guards (機駕軍近衛兵?)

Imperial guards of the Giga Troops.

Ten-i Asshimar (典韋アッシマー?)

  • Character Basis: Dian Wei
  • Actor: Asshimar
The unmoveable power. A member of the Enshuu Trosps in the Korou Fortress battle. Deeply loyal to Sousou. His entire body can become a large axe. Died when covering an attack from Chouryou for Sousou. He was recommended into service by Kakouton. More of his past efforts like protecting Sousou's headquarters from Toutaku's asurprise attack while bearing serious injuries are documented in the "Commander Files" in Dengeki Hobby Magazine.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he is depicted as a very loyal and devoted general. This was because he was initial a lowly bandit, and yet, Sousou allowed him to join his army. He was crushed to death when trying to protect Sousou and Ryuubi from a ceiling trap in En (宛) Castle.

Kyou-i Gundam F91 (姜維ガンダムF91?)

Refer to Shou [翔] (Yuushuu Resistance [幽州義勇軍]).

Sekiei Zaku (石永ザク?)

A squad leader of the Sousou army and subordinate of Kakouton. Leads the Ryuubi (Liu Bei) Subjugation Squad (劉備討伐隊) in the search in Keishuu. Burnt the village that Ryuubi's party is hiding in but was defeated by Kan-u and Kan-pei.

Kansui Desert Zaku (韓遂デザートザク?)

Formerly from the Seiryou (西涼) army. Once served under Batou, defected to the Giga Troops after the Red Cliff battle. Retreated once when Bachou chopped off his left arm, came back for revenge with a mace arm but was defeated by the enraged Bachou.

Kangen Gatsha (韓玄ガッシャ?)

  • Character Basis: Han Xuan
  • Actor: Gatsha
Former Keishuu soldier. After the destruction of Keishuu went over to the Giga Troops with his brother. They were tasked with suppressing Kanchu (漢中) and struck when Bachou left the village with Kouchu and Gien. Shot dead by Kouchu.

Kankou Gigan (韓浩ギガン?)

  • Character Basis: Han Hao
  • Actor: Gigan
Former Keishuu soldier. Little brother of Kangen. Killed the Kanchu's elder Chouro and in the end sliced to pieces by the berserk Bachou.

Juniku Gundam (荀彧ガンダム?)

The genius capable of being the king's aide. Appears in the side story. A civil official serving under Sousou, naturally gifted in the abilities of a politician and strategist. He is also a specialist in weapons development. He made the weapons of Jyokou and Choukou.
He had an encounter with the mysterious warrior Kouseki where Kouseki managed to parry Juniku's Ougekihou Daihadan attack.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No.77 Bushin Gundam.

Kyocho Gundam (許褚ガンダム?)

Pulverising strong warrior. Appears in the side story. The leader of Sousou's Imperial Guards, also rumoured to be a strong warrior with superhuman strength. With a hit from his iron ball, any armor will break into pieces.
In the past, Kyocho was misunderstood. He was thought to be a Yellow Scarf member and got into a battle with Ten-i. Through that battle he earned his service in Sousou's Army. After that, he became good friends with Ten-i. When Ten-I died in battle, Kyocho carried on his will and became the leader of Sousou's Imperial Guards.
He had a battle lasting three days and three nights with Kouseki in Keishuu, where he ended up badly injured.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No.256 Marujuu Ika and Kaijuumaru.

Gakushin Gundam (楽進ガンダム?)

Intimidating general of the black flame. Appears in the side story. A veteran general that served Sousou since Sousou started raising an army. Though he is of a small build, through strict training he became an outstanding member of the Giga Troops. He is usually tasked as the advance guard in battles. He crossed swords with Kouseki during the Red Cliff battle.
At first he was only a government clerk in charge of army records, Sousou saw his potential and selected him.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No.247 Baki Maru, itself based on the Gundam Astray from Gundam Seed continuity.

Ukin Gundam (于禁ガンダム?)

The black demon general. Appears in the side story. A veteran commander who served under Sousou since the rebellion of Toutaku.
Has a disciplined and dignified character, he gets along well with Gakushin.
The model kit is a remold of BB Senshi No.159 Jyuuha Gundam, itself based on the Gundam Heavyarms from Gundam W.

The Three Excellencies of Giga (機駕三公)[edit]

Kakuka Virsago (郭嘉ヴァサーゴ?)
Wise strategist of the ice fang. The number two strategist of the Sousou Troops. Disciple of Shiba-i, regarded as a genius despite his young age. Revealed his true colors in the battle at Gappi (合肥), using the power of the Gyokuji which Shaba-i left with him he gathered the boulders from the fort walls to form a giant golem (in the shape of Virsago Chest Break) which he used to defeat the Chousa Troops. He got lost in the power and went berserk. The golem is then defeated with the combined efforts of the Sousou Cavalry, Kan-u Team, Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Sonken. It resulted in the sacrifice of Sonsaku. But after that Kakuka showed up alive but with a different air around him. His aim is to realize the "Apocalypse" of the G Chronicles. In the G Chronicles Apocalypse chapter, he possessed the "Gyokuji" within himself, and had turned into the monster. This awakens Shiba-En, Shiba-Shi, Shiba-Shou and Ankoku Gyokuji, into Senjin Gasshin Shuu Gundam. However the rampage was stopped by the combined forces of Koumei, Ryofu, Ryuubei, Sousou (Cao Cao) in the Tengyokugai form, and others, causing him to fall and withered to dust. However, in the manga, he was betrayed by Shiba-i, who used him as a device for obtaining the Gyokuji for his own dark intentions.
In the Comic World version, he fought a naval battle with Shuuyu's fleet but was defeated, having his ship sunk in battle.
Went on to be the Minister over the Masses of Giga who is in charge of politics and government matters.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he is still Shiba-i's disciple, but initially doubts his teacher's trust in Sousou being a descendant of the 3 Sovereigns.
Kaku Ashtaron (賈詡アシュタロン?)
Holds the task of Minister of Works in the Three Lords, in charge of legislation and personnel inspection. A cruel character. Usually dressed in robes but his form was revealed in the battle against the Sosuou who awakened as the Kibutei.
With a Dark Gyokuji he manupilates an Immortal Squad and Jyokou and drove the Five Tiger Generals to a corner, the tables are turned with the appearance of the Ryuukihou and Sousou. As a final resort Kaku takes the Dark Gyokuji into himself and grows into a montrous fox-scorpion form (in the shape of Ashtaron Hermit Crab) overwhelming the Five Tiger Generals but was later sliced to half by Bachou who mastered the darkness within him. As he went down he reveals that the plan is already in motion but Sousou replies that he already knows from Koumei (Kong Ming) who had seen through their plans.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he does not serve Sousou. Instead, he is the strategist of Choushuu Britova. He was the one responsible for the traps in En Castle, that led to the death of Ten-i.
Houtou Jagd Doga (龐統ヤクトドーガ?)
  • Character Basis: Pang Tong
  • Actor: Jagd Doga
The rare war strategist. A famous strategist matching Koumei (Kong Ming). While Koumei is known as Fukuryuu (伏竜, the Crouching Dragon), he is known as Housuu (鳳雛, the Young Phoenix). Met up with Shiba-i when he is at the Rakuyou ruins. In the Red Cliff battle, he seized the controls of the Shinkahihou and fires it to the sky. After which on the establishing of the Kingdom of Giga he became in charge of military matters.
After that, he went to The South to settle old scores with Koumei (Kong Ming). He took control of the forces there and attacked Koumei. With Shukuyuu under his control, Moukaku had no choice but to obey Houtou and battle Koumei (Kong Ming). But Koumei dispelled the darkness and freed the darkness-controlled army. Right after, Houtou used the Ankoku Gyokuji and fused with the Four Heavenly Kings (in the shape of Grand Master Gundam) to challenge Koumei (Kong Ming) again. The reason for Houtou's hatred towards Koumei goes back to an invasion of the Toutaku Troops. Jyosho, a close friend and fellow student, was heavily injured but insisted on holding back the enemy for Koumei (Kong Ming), Houtou and the villagers' escape. Houtou wanted very badly to help Jyosho but Koumei held him back. Koumei understood Jyosho's intentions but Houtou saw Koumei as abandoning a friend. On his defeat by Koumei (Kong Ming), he entrusted everything to Koumei and died.
In the Comic World version, he went to The South to obtain the "Blade of Heaven" and "Giant Saint Elephant". There he controlled Shukuyuu and the army. After Koumei (Kong Ming) broke the spell by destroying a wooden scroll, Houtou became a giant golem. Koumei and Moukaku defeated him but his main body fled, still alive.

The Five Generals of Giga (機駕五将)[edit]

Kakouton Giros (夏侯惇ギロス?)
Fierce warrior of steel. Sousou's trusted right-hand man. Has a characteristic eyepatch at his left eye. During the events of Gathering of the Heroes, his left eye is still intact. In the manga his left eye was damaged in the battle with Chinkyuu and Koushun while in Comic World he lost his left eye while covering Sousou from Ryofu's attack. No matter how threatening the battle is, he likes to fight it fairly. Has a good relationship with Sousou, always there for Sousou in times of need.
Became the Commander-in-Chief after the formation of Giga, supervising the army.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he lost his left eye when Ryofu grew tired and attacked the Sou army.
Brother of Kakouen. In historical literature related to the Three Kingdoms, Kakouen (Xiahou Yuan) is cousin, as opposed to brother, to Kakouton (Xiahou Dun).
Kakouen Dalas (夏侯淵ダラス?)
  • Character Basis: Xiahou Yuan
  • Actor: Berga Daras
  • Special Attack: Cannonball Mace
Fighter of the falcon. Kakouton's younger brother, Sousou's left-hand man. Expert at ranged fights, takes pride in his elusive agility.
Brother of Kakouton. (In historical literature related to the Three Kingdoms, Kakouton (Xiahou Dun) is cousin, as opposed to brother, to Kakouen (Xiahou Yuan).
Became the Second in Command after the formation of Giga, aiding his brother
Chouryou Gelgoog (張遼ゲルググ?)
  • Character Basis: Zhang Liao
  • Actor: Anavel Gato's custom Gelgoog
  • Special Attack: Azure Crest, Torrential Tidal Wave
The violent fighting spirit. Once belong under Ryofu's team. Together with Ryofu, a reputated chariot warrior. He takes pride in his strength which does not lose to Ryofu. It is said that the presence of Chouryou can even silent a crying baby.
After Toutaku's defeat, he and Jyokou joined Sousou's forces. He took in and cared for Ryofu's stead, Sekitouba, which was injured during the battle against Toutaku.
Became the Horseback General after the formation of Giga, in charge of the infantry and cavalry.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he did not join Sousou's forces after Toutaku's defeat. Instead, he is still following Ryofu. However, after seeing Enshou's treachery at Yuushu, he left the Ryofu Team to join Sousou.
Jyokou Serpent (徐晃サーペント?)
The gallant battle axe. Was a higher general of Toutaku Troops in Fuuun Gouketsu Hen. He has doubts concerning Toutaku's and Riju's unorthodox methods. After Ryuubi (Liu Bei) defeated Toutaku, he went with Chouryou to join Sousou.
Became the Chariot General after the formation of Giga, division commander of the cavalry. In the Comic World version he is troubled by the sudden change of Souhi's actions of burning villages and killing villagers to lure Bachou out.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he still joined Sousou after Toutaku's defeat, however, Chouryou did not.
Choukou Zaku III (張郃ザクIII?)
  • Character Basis: Zhang He
  • Actor: Zaku III Kai
The deep green lone wolf. Formerly serving under Enshou. After the Kishuu Troops is defeated he came under Sousou. Skilled in melee warfare.
Became a higher general after the formation of Giga, in charge of the Imperial Guards.

Toutaku Troops (董卓軍)[edit]

The evil army that extends its tyranny throughout the whole Mirisha. In the promotional animation, it is implied that there may be a further mastermind behind Toutaku.

Toutaku Zaku (董卓ザク?)

The tyrannical Prime Minister. The leader of the Toutaku Troops. An evil man who would use any means to fulfill his objective. Assassinated the current emperor "Reitei" and obatianed the sacred seal "Gyokuji (玉璽)", and promoted himself to Prime Minister spreading tyranny through the land. The main cause of the war outbreak in Mirisha.
Seeing that his forces is losing ground, he blames his subordinates for being useless and proceed to fire the his shoulder cannons at the allied forces. Ryuubi (Liu Bei) in a rage summoned Souryu and defeated Toutaku. However, Toutaku somehow managed to survive Ryuubi's attack and escaped underground. There, he encountered an injured Ryofu, who then proceeded to stab him, finally ending Toutaku's reign of terror.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was defeated by Ryofu, who summoned the Tengyokugai in Shinbu form. The attack also levelled the entire Biujiyou (眉宇城), finally ending Toutaku's reign of terror.

Riju Shokew (李儒シャッコー?)

  • Character Basis: Li Ru
  • Actor: Rig Shokew
Toutaku's right-hand man and a heinous schemer. When the Anti-Toutaku forces approached Biu Fortress, Toutaku's base in Chouan, he ordered an arrow shower even though there are friendly troops in the battlefield. Jyokou cannot stand Riju's cruel methods anymore and killed him.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was killed when Ryofu levelled the Biujiyou using the Tengyokugai.

Kayuu Zanneck (華雄ザンネック?)

The decapitating halberd. Wields the sharp extra long halberd(ji) "Zanbageki (斬馬戟)" that is capable of splitting boulders. Has a difficult personality, him finding thrill and pleasure in decapitating the enemy shows his cruelty, he is known to kill surrendered enemies, prisoners-of-war and disobedient subordinates. Furthermore, he himself is in charge of performing execution. With such a dangerous character, even allies will fear him.
In the battle of Korou Fortress, he got Ten-i in a tight spot but was pushed back by Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and his group, and was later killed by the flame of Sousou, Kayuu's arrogance invited the calamity upon him.
In the 'Commander File' publication in Dengeki Hobby Magazine, it is said that Kayuu was under the Ryofu Team in his soldier days where he mastered his skills and then he got promoted as a general during the battle of Kurou Fortress.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was defeated by Sonken Zephyranthes.

Koshin Gyan (胡軫ギャン?)

  • Character Basis: Hu Zhen
  • Actor: Gyan
Chinkou Shougun. An original character for the anime movie. One of the commanders serving under Toutaku. He is given the position of 'Chinkou Shougun (鎮江将軍)', ranked next to Ryofu.
Skilled and resourceful. He has a large ego and insists on defeating his enemy smartly.
Ordered by Toutaku to obtain the Ryuuteiken, he stand in the way of the Yuushuu Resistance. Battles Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and the others but was injured by Ryuubi. Koshin then raids the village Bachou resides in and in the end was defeated by Ryuubi (Liu Bei).

Jyokou Serpent (徐晃サーペント?)

Refer to Giga [機駕] (Sousou Troops [曹操軍])

Toutaku Army infantry (董卓軍一般兵?)

Infantry under Bagengi, the Chou Brothers and Ryofu.

Ryofu Team (呂布隊)[edit]

The team led by Ryofu in the defensive battle for Korou Fortress.

Ryofu Tallgeese (呂布トールギス?)
  • Character Basis: Lu Bu
  • Actor: Tallgeese III
  • Special Attack: Fierce Storm Slash
  • Special Attack: Explosive Tempest Wave
The feared ravaging general. Toutaku's subordinate, has a reputation to be a strong and matchless warrior. Other name "Housen (奉先)". He joins Toutaku's army in order to find stronger opponents. He leaves no mercy for the weak, he is said to be a coldhearted character by the Chou Brothers. Rides the Sekitoba (赤兎馬), a horse which can transform to a bike.
As he saw his comrades die one by one, he fell into a rage and called on Ryuubi (Liu Bei) for a duel. But in the end he shielded Ryuubi from one of the shots fired by Toutaku, he said that Ryuubi can only be defeated by him before he collapsed, it's not said if he survived. It was until the release of the second compiled manga volume that reveals that he has survived and escaped underground. He appeared in a single panel of a brief prologue to Battle of the War Gods, suggesting he will return in that chapter. However, his well-being is still unknown in the Comic World version where he was caught up with Sonken's attack using the Tengyokugai.
In the Brave Battle warriors anime, he was the one that summoned the Tengyokugai at the Biujiyou, and defeated Toutaku. After which, he disappeared. He has recently reappeared, now under the orders of Enjyutsu. After serving under Enjyutsu's orders he left again to join the massive army squad of Enshou (Yuan Shao) to form the "Shura" Demon Squad by himself. At Kanto (官渡), after the defeat of Enshou by Sousou (Cao Cao) using the Tengyokugai in Enhou form, he challenges the "strongest one" by his judgement. However, he was no match for Sousou, and perishes alongside Chou-sen, Koushun and Chinkyuu.
In the Comic magazine "Kerokero Ace" January 5th edition it was revealed that he is presumed alive but no one knows for sure. A black figure, with a tattered cloak, was shown holding Chou-sen's dead body. He then buries her body at Kanto, and leaves.
The emblem on his plastic model kit package has a different emblem from that of the other three countries. This seem to hint of a possible future fourth country. The emblem is of a stylized turtle, together all four emblems go with the Four Symbols.
  • Weapon: Hajingeki (破塵戟)
Genbusou Ryofu Tallgeese (玄武装 呂布トールギス?)
The obsidian god of war. Having been missing after the anti-Toutaku war, he has returned in the Battle of the War Gods Chapter. He has awakened to the spirit of Bukki (武義), one of the four gods (四神) that sealed Shuu, as the Blade of Heaven of the North.
  • Weapon: Houten Bugeki (方天武戟), Reikikoujin (霊亀甲盾)
Chou-sen Qubeley (貂蝉キュベレイ?)
The beautiful female general. The one person who understands Ryofu, who is feared by everyone. Take arms and on her own will, she enters the battlefield to assist Ryofu whom she loves. Calls Ryofu by his other name. She was hurrying over to Ryofu who was hit by one of Toutaku's shots when she was killed by one of the arrows in the arrow shower ordered by Riju.
In the Brave Battle warriors anime, she survived the battle at the Biujiyou, and still follows Ryofu. However, at the Battle of Kanto, she perished alongside Ryofu, Koushun and Chinkyuu.
  • Weapon: Butterflies, metal fan
Chouryou Gelgoog (張遼ゲルググ?)
Refer to Giga [機駕] (Sousou Troops [曹操軍])
Koushun Vayeate (高順ヴァイエイト?)
The strongest spear. Ryofu's second-in-command, Korou Fortress left commander.
Died with Chinkyuu in the arrow shower ordered by Riju. Defeated by Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Chouhi in the Comic World version.
In the Brave Battle warriors anime, he survived the battle at the Biujiyou, and still follows Ryofu. However, at the Battle of Kanto, he perished alongside Ryofu, Chou-sen and Chinkyuu.
Chinkyuu Mercurius (陳宮メリクリウス?)
The strongest shield. Ryofu's second-in-command, Korou Fortress right commander.
Died with Koushun in the arrow shower ordered by Riju. Defeated by Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Chouhi in the Comic World version.
In the Brave Battle warriors anime, he survived the battle at the Biujiyou, and still follows Ryofu. However, at the Battle of Kanto, he perished alongside Ryofu, Koushun and Chou-sen.
Ryofu Team infantry (呂布隊一般兵?)
Infantry under Ryofu.

The Yellow Turbans (黄巾隊)[edit]

The troop led by the Chou Brothers (張3兄弟). From the timeline it is known that the Yellow Turbans also began a rebellion like in the Chinese literature. Later after they were absorbed into the Toutaku Troops.

Choukaku Palace Athene (張角パラスアテネ?)
  • Character Basis: Zhang Jiao
  • Actor: Palace Athene
  • Special Attack (to combine into Kouten The. 0): Supreme Peace Sorcery, Union of Jupitoris
Heaven general. Eldest of the three. Skilled in weather controlling spiritual arts. Forms Kouten's head.
Choubou Bolinoak Samaan (張宝ボリノークサマーン?)
  • Character Basis: Zhang Bao
  • Actor: Bolinoak Samaan
  • Special Attack (to combine into Kouten The. 0): Supreme Peace Sorcery, Union of Jupitoris
Earth general. Middle of the three. Skilled in the technnique to create earthquakes. Forms Kouten's upper body.
Chouryou Messala (張良メッサーラ?)
  • Character Basis: Zhang Liang
  • Actor: Messala
  • Special Attack (to combine into Kouten The. 0): Supreme Peace Sorcery, Union of Jupitoris
People general. Youngest of the three. Skilled in the witchcraft which bewilders a person. He transform to Lady Kou and tried to dispose off Chouhi and Kan-u by making them fight among themselves. Forms Kouten's lower body.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he attacked Chouhi's village, but the 3 sworn brothers easily defended against the attack.
Kouten The. O (黄天ジ・オ?)
  • Point: Combined form of the Chou Brothers
  • Actor: The. O
  • Special Attack : 'The Blue Sky Has Fallen, The Yellow Sun Rises
The combined form of the Chou brothers. Said to have the power to shake the Heavens, Earth and People...or so it seems.
Defeated in one frame during manga episode three, a seemingly powerful character that got easily defeated.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, Kouten had the upper hand against the 3 sworn brothers, until Ryuubi (Liu Bei) unleashed the Trinity formation, and easily defeats Kouten.

Advance party (先遣部隊)[edit]

The party led by Bagengi.

Bagengi Zaku (馬元義ザク?)
Leader of the Totaku Troops advance party. Under secret orders to go to Yushuu. Failed to stop Ryuubi (Liu Bei) from obtaining the Ryuuteiken.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he dealt the finishing blow on Roshoku, only to be defeated by Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and his awakened Ryuuteiken.

Kishuu Troops (冀州軍)[edit]

Enshou Bawoo (袁紹バウ?)

Hero of Kahoku. The current head of the distinguished En family of Kishuu which has served the General for many generations. An ambitious person who aims for the world.
His tremendous wealth and reputation place him as a leader in the anti-Toutaku allied forces, but he didn't even come out of the headquarters in the battle at Korou Fortress. After Toutaku's defeat the Gyokuji is left with him.
Killed by Sousou after the battle at Yuushu.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he and his brother, Enjyutsu, formed the Anti-Toutaku Alliance. Both never stepped out for the battles. After hearing about the Gyokuji from Shiba-i, he and Enjyutsu both crave for it. When Ryuubi (Liu Bei) wanted to pursue Toutaku, Enshou became paranoid and thinks Ryuubi wants the Gyokuji for himself. When Enjyutsu came to see his help after his defeat, Enshou ignored him. At an unknown time, Enshou acquired the Gyokuji, and attacked Kousousan. He achieved victory and sets his eyes on Kanto (官渡) for a showdown with Sousou. With his troops failing him, he used the Gyokuji, and confronted Sousou, but was ultimately defeated by Sousou when the latter summoned the Tengyokugai.

Denpou Galus J (田豊ガルスJ?)

Chief staff officer serving Enshou. An excellent strategist that commands the Kishuu army.
Doesn't seem to think well of Shiba-i and Sonken Zephyranthes.
Killed by Sousou alongside Enshou.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was killed when a huge burst of dark energy erupted from Enshou using the Gyokuji.

Bunshuu Gazu-R (文醜ガズエル?)

  • Character Basis: Wen Chou
  • Actor: Gazu-R
The Right General. One of the generals under Soju.
Killed, alongside Ganryou, by a combined attack from Kakouton and Kakouen. But originally in the anime he was being killed
alongside Ganryou, by a combined attack from Choryou and Kanu.

Ganryou Gazu-L (顔良ガズアル?)

The Left General. Also a general under Soju.
Killed, alongside Bunshuu, by a combined attack from Kakouton and Kakouen. But originally in the anime he was being killed
alongside Ganryou, by a combined attack from Choryou and Kanu.

Soju R-Jarja (沮授Rジャジャ?)

  • Character Basis: Ju Shou
  • Actor: R-Jarja
The one in charge of Kishuu border defence. Uses stand-ins to escape from danger.
Killed by Kan-u and Choryou after failing to crush him under a boulder.

Keishuu Troops (荊州軍)[edit]

Ryuuhyou Gundam (劉表ガンダム?)

  • Character Basis: Liu Biao
  • Actor: RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam
General of Keishuu Troops. Assassinated by Saibou and Kouso who planned to switch to Sousou's side. Has not appeared in the story.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he is the Governor of Keishuu, and is acted out by the RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam. Ryuubi, Kan-u, Chouhi and Chou-un consult him, hoping that he has more information on Fukuryuu.

Saibou Agguguy (蔡瑁アッグガイ?)

Admiral of Keishuu Troops. A quiet character, he would not hesitate to use whatever underhand means to achieve his ambition. Betrayed Ryuuhyou (劉表) and switched sides to Sousou's. Shot by Kochou from a distance during the Battle of the Red Cliff.

However, in the original anime he was being killed by Kougai Gouf's kamikaze attack with explosives over Sousou's naval squad.

Kouso Zogok (黄祖ゾゴック?)

  • Character Basis: Huang Zu
  • Actor: Zogok
Naval officer of Keishuu Troops. Same as Saibou, betrayed Ryuuhyou and switched sides to Sousou's. Ryoumou and Kannei once worked under him. Defeated by Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and Sonken.

Kochou Gundam (黄忠ガンダム?)

Refer to Shou [翔] (Yuushuu Resistance [幽州義勇軍])

Gien Gundam (魏延ガンダム?)

A commander of Keishuu Troops. Like Kochou, he worked under Ryuuhyou. On knowing that Ryuuhyou is assassinated by Saibou and Kouso, he and Kochou begin their vengeance for Ryuuhyou.

Yuushu Troops (幽州軍)[edit]

The border police force led by Kousonsan.

Kousonsan Ez-8 (公孫瓚イージーエイト?)

Studied together with Ryuubi (Liu Bei) under Roshoku. Following in his father's steps, he aims to become a general of the Yuushuu army. Before Roshoku was executed Kousonsan was trusted with Roshoku's records on the art of war. After that he was victorious in a battle and was promoted to a general with Chou-un as his subordinate.
Died in the battle with the Kishuu Troops. Kousonsan and his troops announce their surrender but was tricked to drop their weapons. His men tried to protect him from the arrow shower but he went forth and too perished in the arrow shower.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he still leads the border police force in Yuushu, with Chou-un as his subordinate. Using the stratagem inherited from Roshoku, has successfully repelled the Ugan from invading Yuushu.

Chou-un Gundam (趙雲ガンダム?)

Refer to Shou [翔] (Yuushuu Resistance [幽州義勇軍])

Ryoushuu Troops (涼州軍)[edit]

Batou (馬騰?)

  • Character Basis: Ma Teng
  • Actor: unknown
Ryoushuu general and Bachou's father. Fought alongside Bachou in the battle against Toutaku in "Fuuun Gouketsu Hen", died in battle due to Sousou's plot in "Eiyuu Gekitotsu Hen"

Bachou Blue Destiny (馬超ブルーデスティニー?)

Refer to Shou [翔] (Yuushuu Resistance [幽州義勇軍])

Houtoku Efreet (龐徳イフリート?)

  • Character Basis: Pang De
  • Actor: Efreet
Riding lion of the azure sky. A Seiryou soldier who battles the Giga army with Bachou. Both he and Bachou are successors of the dark blood. In the past he lost himself while trying to stop his father (acted by Efreet Custom) who was overcome by darkness which resulted in him killing his whole family. Early in the third chapter Kaku forced darkness on him and let him on a rampage in a village. In the end his kind heart suppressed the darkness and he guided Bachou's arm to stab him.

The South (南方)[edit]

To the south of Mirisha there was once the country Albion (赤流火穏), but now its a thick forested area ruled by Moukaku.

Moukaku Gundam (孟獲ガンダム?)

Asura King. The king of the South, he is of ancient Albion descent. A master of the Asura Shinken (阿修羅神拳), an invincible fighting technique that is sealed for its overwhelming power of destruction. The power of Asura which combines light and darkness is the proof of the "Blade of Heaven (天の刃)" in the prophercy. In the manga version he was forced to fight Koumei (Kong Ming) by Houtou's control over Shukuyuu and the Nanhou Kiba Tai but Koumei used his power to free his people, then he stood by Koumei and help defeat Houtou. In the Comic World version, he went with Koumei (Kong Ming) to confront Houtou, also his conversation with Koumei suggested that Albion has ceased to exist and the now forested area was once Albion land.
Similar to past SD Gundams based on God Gundam, he is portrayed as being hot headed and single minded.
Gundam Ashuraou, a king of ancient Albion was also an "Asura King (阿修羅王)".
  • Weapon: Ragouzou (羅喉爪)

Shukuyuu Gundam (祝融ガンダム?)

Queen of Rakshasa. Moukaku's wife, also of ancient Albion descent. Takes pride in her fighting ability, not one enemy who witnessed the dance of Shukuyuu in the battlefield lived. In both versions, Shukuyuu and the Southern troops were temporarily overcome by the darkness induced by Houtou and went against Moukaku until Koumei (Kong Ming) broke the spell.
On the official site, it is disclosed that she is referred to by Moukaku as 'Yuukorin'.
The second female character in the BB Senshi model kit series.
  • Weapon: Yashagekiken (夜叉撃剣), Rasatsuhishourin (羅刹飛翔輪)

Kongouyaka (金剛夜迦?)

  • Actor: Mammoth Gundam
Ancient giant saint elephant. A giant sentient elephant that obeys Moukaku and Shukuyuu, it is loyal to the master of the Ashura Shinken. Depending on the user's fighting spirit it can become a tank, or a set of armor resembling the Master Gundam. It is rumored to be an artifact left by the ancient Albion.
In the Comic World version, besides the maroon elephant Moukaku uses there are also a blue one used by Shukuyuu and a large number of green elepahants used by the Kiba Tai. Moukaku summons his personal Kongouyaka by snapping his fingers, a reference to how Domon Kasshu summoned his Gundams in G Gundam.

Nanhou Kiba Tai (南方牙隊?)

  • Actor: GM
Roar of the jungle. Native soldiers of the Southern lands. Their armor and shields are made from special material and float on water. Their horse is a brown colored monoeye variant of the Hakugin Ryuuseiba called the Asurakiba (阿修羅騎馬) which are trained to move around in the forested terrain.
'Kiba' means 'horseback riding', referring to them as mounted troops, but is always written as the kanji for 'fang' instead.

Four Heavenly Kings of the South (南方四天王)[edit]

Houtou manipulated the Four Heavenly Kings using darkness to ambush Koumei (Kong Ming) but on his defeat, he fused with them using the Ankoku Gyokuji to become a monster (in the shape of Grand Master Gundam).

Gotsutotsukotsu Master (兀突骨マスター?)
Bokuroku Daiou Grand (木鹿大王グランド?)
  • Character Basis: King Mulu
  • Actor: Grand Gundam
Dashi Daiou Heaven Sword (朶思大王ヘブンズソード?)
  • Character Basis: King Duosi
  • Actor: Gundam Heaven Sword
Tairai Doushu Walter (帯来洞主ウォルター?)

Ugan (烏丸)[edit]

Touton Memedorza (蹋頓メッメドーザ?)

  • Character Basis: Ta Dun
  • Actor: Memedorza
The Shanyu of Ugan. He broke the peace treaty and brought an army over the border to attack Yuushu. The army is defeated using military tactics.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he led his army to Yuushu after Toutaku's defeat. His army was defeated by Kousonsan using Roshoku's stratagem, while Touton himself was defeated by Chou-un.


Kogyoku Hydra (胡玉ハイドラ?)

The head of the pirates that are attacking coastal villages near Choukou (長江). He was once defeated by Sonken Zephyranthes and in the recent years of Toutaku's tyranny he went into hiding. In revenge against the Son family, he took Shuuyu hostage and attacks Choukou. Using the same tactics as his father, Sonsaku and the Chosa Troops managed to corner the pirates again. This time round Sonshoukou landed the finishing blow that killed Kogyoku.
Appears as the original antagonists in the extra chapter of the second collected volume. (Dubbed "G-UNIT Pirates" by Tokita[4])

Pirate Leo-R (水賊兵レオール?)

  • Actor: Leo-R

Pirate Aesculapius (水賊兵アスクレプオス?)

Other characters[edit]

Reitei Gundam (霊帝ガンダム?)

The ruling emperor at the capital Rakuyou. Assassinated by Toutaku.
The troubled times of war started with that assassination.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was killed by Ryofu, under the orders of Toutaku.
Initially said to be acted by Wing Gundam but confirmed in Hobby Japan September 2007 issue that it "does not specifically imitate any Gundam". So he is kind of like an original character. The rumour that he may be carrying the bloodline of Hakuryuu Taitei could be only based on their similar design.

Roshoku GM Cannon (盧植ジムキャノン?)

Ryuubi (Liu Bei)'s mentor and an excellent Confucianist. Served as a strategist in the Court at one time. After he retired from the military he taught Ryuubi and Kousonchin military strategies. Executed as he declined the existence of the Ryuuteiken, at that time he taught Ryuubi (Liu Bei) what "justice" is.
He appears in Sousou's flashback scene in the manga.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, he was sent out to subjugate the Yellow Scarves forces. He was the one who handed over the Ryuuteiken to Ryuubi (Liu Bei). He was gravely wounded by Bagengi, and dies.

Shushun Zaku Cannon (朱儁ザクキャノン?)

  • Character Basis: Zhu Jun
  • Actor: Zaku Cannon
Appears in the Brave Battle Warriors anime. He's the one in charge of the Imperial Subjugation Force to defeat the Yellow Scarves.
Was defeated by Choukaku, the eldest of the Chou Brothers. However unknown if he's dead or alive.

Enjyutsu Zssa (袁術ズサ?)

Appears in the Brave Battle Warriors anime. Is the younger brother of Enshou.
The 2 brothers lead the anti-Toutaku allied forces in the anime. However, his greed for the Gyokuji soon becomes apparent.
He's currently the Governor of Jushun (寿春). He led an army to invade Joshuu, and was successful in seizing Joshuu from Ryuubi. When Sousou, Sonken and Ryuubi all rushed to Jushun to defeat him, he used to the Gyokuji, and seemed to have the upper hand. However, he was ultimately defeated when Sonken summoned the Tengyokugai.

Kirei Hamma Hamma (紀靈ハンマハンマ?)

  • Character Basis: Ji Ling
  • Actor: Hamma Hamma
  • Special Attack: Majestic Fangs, Swift Steel Strike
Appears in the Brave Battle Warriors anime. A general under Enjyutsu.
In the anime, he and his troops attacked Sonsaku and the Son troops under the orders of Enjyutsu, delaying them from helping Sonken Zephyranthes, leading to Sonken's death at the hands of Ryofu. Sonsaku swore vengenece against Kirei for this betrayal. He also leads the "greatest naval fleet in the whole of Mirisha", but lost it after being tricked by Shuuyu. He is finally killed by Sonsaku at Jushun.

Touken GM (陶謙ジム?)

  • Character Basis: Tao Qian
  • Actor: GM Ground Type
Appears in the Brave Battle Warriors anime. He's the Governor of Joshuu (徐州). He may be old and sickly, but is very kind.
Dies peacefully, and Ryuubi (Liu Bei) succeeds as the Governor of Joshuu.

Choushuu Britova (張繡ブリトヴァ?)

Appears in the Brave Battle Warriors anime. He's the Governor of En (宛). He shares the same vision as Sousou in unifying Mirisha through force. However he betrays Sousou, serves under Enjyutsu. He escapes the siege on Jushun, alongside Kaku, but is killed by Ryuubi at Keishuu, with help from Koumei.
His strategist is actually Kaku Ashtaron.

Lady Kou (鴻夫人?)

A villager of Butsudo Village (佛土の村). Looking after war orphans. She knows Chouhi's past. Was kidnapped and hidden by Choubou, who later impersonates her to trick the three sworn brothers.

Rouran (楼蘭?)

Lover of Chousei (later Kan-u). Her pendant which she gave to Chousei saved him in the battle with Ryofu.

Suikyou Guntank (水鏡ガンタンク?)

The honored teacher of Chouhi. Like Roshoku, he once served in the government. His real name is Shiba-Ki. He told Ryuubi (Liu Bei) who came to find Fukuryuu (伏竜, Koumei (Kong Ming)'s former title) that Fukuryuu is "dead" (a way to put that Koumei doesn't wish to be involved in battles). Koumei (Kong Ming), Houtou and Jyosho are his disciples.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, Chouhi does not know him. When Ryuubi and Chouhi approached him to find Fukuryuu, he said Fukuryuu's dead. After seeing Ryuubi's constant efforts, he finally reveals that Koumei is Fukuryuu.

Kougetsuei Gun-EZ (黄月英ガンイージ?)

A genius since young and a famous lady, Koushougen's daughter. Appears before Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and the others before the Red Cliff battle to relay the threat of the Shinkahihou (神火飛鳳). She follows Koumei (Kong Ming) to Ekishuu after the Red Cliff battle.
In the Brave Battle Warriors anime, she is the creator of the Tenraikahou (天雷火砲).

Koushougen (黄承彦?)

An inventor from Keishuu, Kougetsuei's father. He makes explosive. He was captured by the Sousou Troops to make the liquid explosive and Shinkahihou for them.

Jyosho Jegan (徐庶ジェガン?)

A disciple of Shiba-Ki (Suikyou), friend and fellow student with Koumei (Kong Ming) and Houtou. He claimed himself as the "Tiger" when Suikyo named his two friends the "Dragon" and "Phoenix". Houtou then joked that wouldn't they be the Three Lords then. An expert with throwing knives. He died while trying to hold back Toutaku's troops to let Koumei (Kong Ming), Houtou and the villagers escape. His last words to his friends is for them to live and protect the future of Mirisha.

Chouro Nemo (張魯ネモ?)

The elder of Kanchu. Called "Shikun-sama (師君さま)" by the villagers, was known as the eagle of Kanchu when he is young. Killed by Kankou.

Troop Soldiers (部隊兵?)

  • Actor: GM
Nameless warriors. Infantry. Exists in large amounts in all factions.

Hakugin Ryuuseiba (白銀流星馬?)

  • Actor: Fuunsaiki from G Gundam
Shooting star of the battle field. Regular horses of Mirisha.

Immortal Soldiers (不死部隊兵?)

Troop soldiers under Kaku. Became living corpses that continue to move after being defeated. Bachou's attacks are effective against them though. With the addition of the Ryuukihou and Sousou, the immortal squad was all destroyed.

Shuu Neue Ziel (蚩尤ノイエジール?)

Dark god of war. The personification of darkness that was sealed by the Three Lords during the mythical ages, the source of all darkness. Accompanied by evil spirits, he is said to have 'dyed the lands of Mirisha with blood' in the past.
In the Comic World version, he uses a powerful dash tackle to plow through enemy forces. All those that are hurt by this tackle would then fall under an evil aura, turning on any allies. He was smashed by Sonsaku once but he returned to take over Sonsaku (becoming the Shuu Masou form).
In the manga version, Shuu appeared in the Sonsaku-Shuu Masou form from under the remains of the dark flame at the Gappi fortress. He later came back from the darkness and took over Ankoku Gyokuji Psycho Gundam to become Shuu Gundam.

Senjingasshin Shuu Gundam (戦神合身 蚩尤ガンダム?)

The purgatory darkness. The legendary war god of Mirisha revived by Shiba-i from the Ankoku Gyokuji.
With the release of the sealed Shuu, as well as the sacrifice of Shiba-i's sons, the strongest and most evil dark majin is resurrected.
In the model kit, Shuu Gundam is a combination of Shiba-En, Shiba-Shou, Shiba-Shi, Shuu, and Ankoku Gyokuji. Was defeated with the combined efforts of Ryuubi, Sousou, Sonken and Ryofu, all using the Tengyokugai individually.

Kouseki Turn-X (項羽ターンX?)

The key character of the side story. A mysterious man with the same name as the legendary hero of So (楚), a country that perished 400 years ago.
He possesses the prowess to drive back an army by himself and will never serve under anyone. He blows his whistle as he wanders Mirisha.
His covered right arm Supreme Iron Armor (覇鉄甲?) holds a mysterious power, a power that is even hidden from himself. When open, it can be used for the Supreme Hand Blast (拳覇爆砕?). He is armed with two swords, the Imprisoning Drill Blade (獄錐剣?) longsword and the curved Terrifying Grace Sword (虞美神刀?).
He seems to be from Kishuu, the stage of the Red Cliff battle.

Divine Instruments[edit]

Gyokuji (玉璽?)

The proof of the king, also the key to the activation of the Tengyokugai.

Ankoku Gyokuji (暗黒玉璽?)

A black Gyokuji mainly used by the Three Excellencies of Giga.
Ankoku Gyokuji Psycho Gundam lies in the giant Ankoku Gyokuji that Shiba-En is praying to.

Tengyokugai (天玉鎧?)

  • Point: Has 4 forms – Souryuu (蒼龍, G-Armour), Enhou (炎鳳, G-Falcon), Douko (弩虎, Orchis) and Shinbu (真武, Epyon's Mobile Armor form)
The mysterious magical weapon that lay asleep in the Korou Fortress. The four forms correspond to the Four Symbols.
It is included in the model kit of Ryofu.
Souryuu form is for Ryuubi, (Liu Bei) Enhou for Sousou and Douko for Sonken and Shinbu is for Ryofu use.
In the main comic adaptation, the Tengyokugai first appears when Sonken summons it in grief over his father's death and goes on a devastating rampage across the battlefield. Ryuubi (Liu Bei) later summons its Souryuu form to defeat Toutaku. In the second storyline, Sousou is able to summon the Enhou formation twice and on the second occasion uses it to fight Ryuubi. When the two team up to save the planet the Tengyokugai reforms into a stripped down version of the Souryuu for Ryuubi (Liu Bei) uses, with the left over pieces (the bird head cowl, wings and twin guns) combining with Sousou in an alternate version of the Enhou configuration.

Ryuukihou (龍輝宝?)

The legendary divine instrument sealed within the Ryuuteiken. The soul of the Ryuutei dwells in it, its power is above that of the Tengyokugai.
It can combine with Shouretsutei Ryuubi (Liu Bei) and can also can be equipped as separated parts by five of Ryuubi's generals. In both the manga and the Comic World version, they received this power up from the heavens during dire battles. In the manga version, Sousou remarked that the Ryuukihou appearing to aid the generals as the prove that Ryuubi (Liu Bei) is still alive.
It has the same name as the differently shaped divine instrument of Gundam Hakuryuu Taitei which was also equipped as parts by his comrades. The Ryuukihou that Ryuubi (Liu Bei) spoke to at first in his consciousness has a similar silhouette that of Hakuryuu Taitei's.

Kourinpaku (虎燐魄?)

The manifestation of Kogyou's spirit that dwells in the Kouteiken in the form of a sacred beast.

Houshinkon (鳳熾魂?)

The manifestation of Jakushun's spirit as a crest and shoulder armor.

Bukouheki (武煌壁?)

The manifestation of Bukki's spirit in the form of a sacred beast.


Year Event
??? In a time several thousand years after the birth of the world, the world is a place of chaos full of demons and evil spirits. To tame the world God sent three Gundams as messengers down to Earth.
Clad in shining crystal clothing "Glass Silk (玻璃の紗, Hari no Sha)", the three messengers combine their strengths of heart, technique, physique, using the power of three-as-one: "Jakushun (雀瞬)" became the Sun; "Kogyou (虎暁)" became the Moon and "Ryuutei (龍帝)" became the Sea. The evils were rid of and the world reborn.
After which the three messengers are known as the Three Lords (三侯) and from their "Glass Silk" the land is named "Mirisha". The "Gyokuji" which resides the souls of the Three Lords is passed down in Mirisha as the mark of the ruler.

"When Mirisha is once again engulfed in darkness, the successors of the Three Lords, under the guidance of the Gyokuji, will fight the darkness once more..."
? Mirisha Legend, "G Chronicles"
Fuun Gouketsu Hen
375 The mysterious retirement of court strategist Roshoku.
384 The Chou brothers start the Yellow Scarves rebellion.
Toutaku gained political power because of his efforts to stop the rebellion.
Ryofu became the great general of Totaku Troops.
Commencement of fortress (Biujou) construction.
385 The beginning of Toutaku's tyrant rule.
Chousei (Kan-u) lost his hometown and fiancee.
388 Roshoku was executed by Bagengi on the crime of betraying the Toutaku Troops.
Ryuubi (Liu Bei) succeeds Roshoku's will, the "Ryuuteiken".
Ryuubi left on a journey to find like-minded comrades.
389 Reitei was assassinated by Toutaku and Ryofu.
Toutaku on obatianing the "Gyokuji", promoted himself to Prime Minister.
Ryuubi (Liu Bei) met Chouhi and Kan-u at Butsu Village.
The Chou brothers, working under Toutaku, was defeated by Ryuubi and the others.
Ryofu clashed with Ryuubi (Liu Bei), therefore learning of the Ryuuteiken's existence.
Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u became sworn brothers.
390 The assassination of Reitei is exposed, with anti-Toutaku spirits rising, Sousou starts to raise troops at Enshuu.
391 The anti-Toutaku alliance starts to grow because of Sousou's name, Chousa's Sonken, Ryoushuu's Batou and others came to join. Enshou of Kishuu became the leader of the allied forces. At the same time at Yuushu there is a rebellion of a foreign race, Kousonsan manage to suppress the rebellion and earned a promote to become a general.
392 Ryuubi (Liu Bei), Chouhi and Kan-u joined the allied forces and participate in the Battle of Korou Fortress. (Ryofu commanded the Toutaku's troops in Korou Fortress. Sousou commands the allied forces as Enshou, the leader, can't lead.)
Tei-I of Enshuu Troops and Kayuu of Toutaku Troops died in the battle at the front door, Chousa Troops' Somo and Sonken died at the battle at the Tiger Gate. The activation of Tengyokugai Douko destroyed Korou Fortress and killed millions from both sides.
Toutaku set fire to Rakuyou and retreated to Biujou.
The Ryoushuu Troops starts the attack at Chouan.
The final battle between the allied forces and Toutaku Troops starts at Biujou. Cho-sen, Koshun, Chinkyuu, Riju etc. of Toutaku Troops died. The activation of Tengyokugai Souryu destroyed the Totaku Troops.
Toutaku died in this battle, Ryofu's whereabouts became unknown. Toutaku Troops is totally cleared off.
Chouryou and Jyokou join Sousou.
The allied forces is disbanded, the Gyokuji became Enshou's.
Ryuubi (Liu Bei), Chouhi and Kan-u once again start on their journey.
continues in Eiyuu Gekitotsu Hen




Yuushuu Resistance (幽州義勇軍)
An organization with Ryuubi (Liu Bei), Chouhi and Kan-u as the core. Normal citizens with an army, their bravery and strong spirit allow them to take on any force. Many brave souls have gathered under the justice and virtues of the leader Ryuubi.
Actors are mostly the lead MS of the successive Gundam works. Their crest is a blue dragon.
The Five Tiger Generals (五誇将)
Made up of Kan-u, Chouhi, Chou-un, Bachou and Kochou.
Actors are mostly the lead MS of the successive Gundam works.
Team Kan-u (関羽隊)
Made up of Kan-u, Kan-pei and Shuusou as core. Kan-pei and Shuusou wear the "Kieishin (鬼鋭盾)" on their shoulders as the prove of Team Kan-u.
Actors are MS from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and Gundam Sentinel.
Yuushu Troops (幽州軍)
Troops led by Kousonsan.
Actors mostly from Earth Federation, Londo Bell and League Militaire.
Border Police force (国境警備隊)
The unit led by Chou-un.
Government Troops (Sousou Troops) [官軍(曹操軍)]
Once served under the Reitei but now reorganized by Sousou. After the Red Cliff battle it is now led by Souhi.
Actors are from After War Gundam X, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Mobile Suit Gundam F91 and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. Reflecting Sousou's character the force is made up of diverse races. Their crest is a phoenix.
The Three Excellencies of Giga (機駕三公)
The three officials, Kakuka, Kaku and Houtou.
The Five Generals of Giga (機駕五将)
The five, Kakuton, Kakouen, Chouryou, Jyokou and Choukou.
Sousou Troops' Horseback Generals (曹軍衛将騎団)
A guards force made up of Chouryou, Jyokou and Choukou.
Chousa Troops (長沙軍)
Army with Sonken and Shuuyu as core. A peaceful country that's like a big family built by the Son family, the descendents of the legendary strategist Sonbu. They have a complete naval force.
Actors are from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Gundam Sentinel and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. The Son family are made up of MS from the GP series. Their crest is a yellow tiger.
Koutou Navy (江東水軍)
Navy force led by Ryomou and Kannei. Once under the Keishuu Troops but was banished from it.
Actors are MS from the Cyclops Team of Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.
Keishuu Troops (荊州軍)
Army led by Ryuuhyou. Ryomou and Kannei were once part of this army.
Actors are MS from Mad Angler Team of Mobile Suit Gundam.
Kishuu Troops (冀州軍)
Army led by Enshou. The army has abundant assests and resources. Choukou was once part of this army.
Actors are mainly MS from Neo-Zeon of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.
Ryoushuu Troops (涼州軍)
Troops led by Batou. Actors mostly from Earth Federation.
Ugan (烏丸)
A nomadic army led by Touton. Actors are mostly from BESPA and Axis, their soldiers are armor clad Gaza C.
Pirates (水賊)
Headed by Kogyoku. Actors are MS from OZ Prize.
Toutaku Troops (董卓軍)
Troops led by Toutaku
Actors are from the Principality of Zeon, Titans, Neo-Zeon, Zanscare Empire, OZ and Mariemaia Army. Their crest is a purple tortoise.
Southern Troops (南方軍)
Troops led by Moukaku and his queen Shukuyuu. Actors are from Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Other factions[edit]

The Three Lords (三候)
The legendary lords, Ryuutei (Blue Dragon), Jakushun (Red Phoenix) and Kogyou (White Tiger). Ryuubi (Liu Bei) succeeded the spirit of Ryuutei, Sousou (Cao Cao) succeeded the spirit of Jakushun and Sonken (Sun Quan) succeeded the spirit of Kogyou.
Bukki (武義)
Another hero who sealed Shuu with the Three Lords back in the mythical ages. Ryofu succeeded his spirit.
Glass Silk (玻璃の紗)
The glittering armor worn by the Three Lords in the legends. It has yet to appear in the story but the clear versions of the model kits represent the character wearing the Glass Silk.
Blade of Heaven (天の刃)
People with a heart of justice and the ability to handle the power of darkness. Can be considered a trump card in the fight against darkness. Bachou, Moukaku, Tekiro and Ryofu are the Blades of Heaven (of the West, South, East and North respectively)

Theme song[edit]

Mirisha Legend ~The Brave Legend~
(三璃紗伝說 ~The Brave Legend~)

Japanese version: Ko-saku
Mandarin and Cantonese versions: Ekin Cheng
Korean version: Kim Woo Joo

The song that is featured in the promotional animation of the series. This mostly still frame animation is designed to be played at hobby shops and promotional events, introducing most of the main characters. The video was also presented in a 2007 DVD boxset of older SD Gundam animated works, as part of a feature on the history of SD Gundam. Currently this song is being used for the ending theme of the anime SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors.


Kōichi Tokita drew the first chapter of the manga titled SD Gundam Sangokuden Fuuun Gouketsu Hen (SDガンダム三国伝 風雲豪傑編 SD Gundam Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Gathering of the Heroes Chapter?) which was serialized in volumes 7 to 12 of Comic Bom Bom in 2007. Kentarō Yano continues with the second chapter of the series titled SD Gundam Sangokuden Eiyuu Gekitotsu Hen (SDガンダム三国伝 英雄激突編 SD Gundam Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Clash of the Heroes Chapter?) which will serialize in Kerokero Ace from volume 2 of 2008 to volume 4 of 2009.[6]

After which, the third chapter SD Gundam Sangokuden Senjin Kettou Hen (SDガンダム三国伝 戦神決闘編 SD Gundam Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Battle of the War Gods Chapter?) with start from Kero Kero Ace volume 5 of 2009 and will be drawn by Naoto Tsushima. With the unknown fate of Ryuubi (Liu Bei) Gundam, the lead character of the third chapter is announced to be Bachou Blue Destiny.[7]


An anime adaptation for Sangokuden was announced on October 8, 2009 during the 49th All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show.[8] Kadokawa Pictures confirmed at a Tokyo press conference on December 9, 2009 that the anime adaptation would first arrive as a theatrical film. Chō Denei-ban SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors opened in Japan on February 27, 2010 in a double billing with the fifth Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunsō) film, Chō Gekijō-ban Keroro Gunsō Tanjō! Kyūkyoku Keroro Kiseki no Jikūjima de Arimasu!! Sunrise produced both films.[9]

Besides the movie, a 51-episode TV animated series was produced starting April 3, 2010.[10] Each episode is estimated to air for 15 minutes.[11]


A series of mobile phone games are made by Taiwan company, Joymaster in collaboration with Bandai-Namco:[12]

  • BB戦士三国伝 無雙爭霸 – a time attack game
  • BB戦士三国伝 武鬥會 – a fighting game
  • BB戦士三国伝 一統方城 – a mahjong game
  • BB戦士三国伝 無雙連鎖 – a Bejeweled style game
  • BB戦士三国伝 達人學堂
  • BB戦士三国伝 激鬥旋風
  • BB戦士三国伝 BIG2風雲會
  • BB戦士三国伝 激鬥旋風

Besides the above games, Bandai-Namco has announced an upcoming game, SDガンダム三国伝 Brave Battle Warriors 真三璃紗大戦 (SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Shin Mirisha Taisen), and it is slated to be released on 2 December 2010 for the Nintendo DS handheld.[13][14] It looks to be a hack 'n' slash type of game, where the player is able to form a 3-man group, and there's over 40 playable characters.[15][16] A special promotion of the game comes with a limited edition DX boxset of Shin Kouseki Turn-X (項羽ターンX) VS Ryuuhou Ryuubi Gundam (劉邦劉備ガンダム, whose character basis is Liu Bang), never before seen model kits of the two.[17]

A teaser site has been opened,[18] and basically reiterates the revealed information thus far. The main story plot in the game goes up to the Battle of the Red Cliffs, and besides characters from the 3 factions (Shou, Giga, Gou), players can also choose to play as the other characters like the Yellow Scarves, Toutaku, Enshou, Enjyutsu, and even the generic GM/Zaku Infantry troops.[19]

Some characters from the series were confirmed to appear in the upcoming PlayStation Portable game SD Gundam G Generation World.

Model Kits[edit]

The focal point of the series is a range of model kits, produced as part of Bandai's BB Senshi line. Although in official numbering these kits began with BB 300, Bandai was only up to BB 295 at time of release and so BB 296–299 were retroactively released. Since that time every subsequent BB Senshi release has been a Sangokuden release, with the exception of SD versions of Gundam Exia, 00 Gundam, 00 Raiser, Gundam Exia Repair II and 0 Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

The kits utilise a gimmick used by many past BB Senshi lines – armour changing. The majority of the kits are built on the same basic figure design, allowing them to swap at least headwear, shoulder armour and backpacks/capes. Some characters can also swap further elements such as chest and skirt armour. However, so far this has been limited to the initial three kits. The figures utilise ball joints, to allow poeseability and to swap out limbs due to the popular Japanese hobby of SD customisation. As further part of this, many of the characters have individualised pre-posed hands. Starting with Ryofu Tallgeese, the kits were also issued with 'neutral' hands to use as an alternative to the specifically posed ones. A related feature was most kits eventually being issued with optional secondary eye stickers to represent features such as Char Aznable-style sunglasses or a character's aiming ability. This eventually led to a full sheet of such optional stickers being given away as a promotional item.

A number of recolours have been released. In December 2007, Bandai released a three kit set of Ryuubi (Liu Bei), Chouhi and Kan-u cast in transparent plastic. This was followed in April 2008 with a similar set of Sousou and Shibai, December 2008 with Koumei (Kong Ming) and Choun and March 2009 with Sonken and Shuuyu (in contrast to the other re-releases, Shuuyu is metallic gold plated instead of transparent plastic). These multi-kit boxsets also come with large diorama cards featuring CGI-generated backdrops from the Sengokuden universe. Of special note is that Chou-Un is missing his Hieisen steed from his initial release.

A limited metallic 'special coating' Ryuubi (Liu Bei) was a hobby show exclusive. The first collected manga volume also had a prize draw, with 100 pieces of silver-plated Ryuubi Gundam kits as prizes. A metallic red recolour of Sazabi released in March 2009 was the first such kit to be included in the storyline, explained as a new colour schemed adopted by the character in the epilogue of the second chapter.

A recoloured two kit set of Koumei (Kong Ming) and Shuuyu was released as a tie into a Romance of the Three Kingdoms feature film adaptation Red Cliff. The kits use gold, brown and white colours to copy the costumes seen in the film. The diorama card included features screenshots from Red Cliff (specifically of Cao Cao's navy at different stages) rather than the usual backdrops.

Additional model kits and add on accessories have also been made available, often as contest prizes. These include:

  • A human scale replica of the Imperial Seal
  • Energy effect parts for character's weapons
  • 'Grunt' GM and Zaku troops (the GM versions have since received a Japanese retail release, containing one GM troop from each of the three main kingdoms in each set)
  • A golden miniature dragon that can convert into weapons and armour.

A B-Club kit was also produced of the character Sonshoukou Gerbera. The model can be built in two possible poses, wielding either her bow or glaive. A BB Senshi version of the character was released in May 2009.

A new 'Sangokuden Sidestory' line will begin in late 2009, focussing on the children of the main cast. Controversially, the kits in this line will be remolds/recolours of much older existing kits, lacking the scale and art style of all previous Sangokuden kits. In partial response to this, the last two kits in the series were given two pairs of new leg parts- one pair for the included kit and the second to add to earlier kits in the line.

At the 'Gunpla Expo 2009', Bandai officially unveiled both HG 1/100 Scale versions of Kan-u Gundam and Chouhi Gundam. The release dates of the two were still unannounced.

List of Model Kits[edit]

Chapter I. Fuuun Gouketsu Hen: 風雲豪傑編 (Gathering of the Heroes)  – 7 Gundams
  • 1(300). Ryuubi Gundam: 劉備 (Liu Bei)
  • 2(301). Chouhi Gundam: 張飛 (Zhang Fei)
  • 3(302). Kan-u Gundam: 關羽 (Guan Yu)
  • 4(303). Shiba-i Sazabi: 司馬懿 (Sima Yi)
  • 5(304). Sousou Gundam: 曹操 (Cao Cao)
  • 6(305). Sonken Gundam: 孫権 (Sun Quan)
  • 7(306). Ryofu Tallgeese: 呂布 (Lu Bu) (DX boxset, includes Sekitoba and Tengyokugai)
    Note: An early prototype model of Tallgeese seen in hobby shows and magazines was rendered in the same style as all other Sangokuden characters.
    The final design released at retail uses a larger and more specific body.
Chapter II. Eiyuu Gekitotsu Hen: 英雄激突編 (Clash of the Heroes)  – 13 Gundams
  • 8(307). Kakouton Giros: 夏侯惇 (Xiahou Dun)
  • 9(308). Koumei Re-GZ: 孔明 (Kong Ming (aka Zhuge Liang))
  • 10(309). Kakouen Daras: 夏侯淵 (Xiahou Yuan)
  • 11(310). Kan-pei Gundam: 關平 (Guan Ping)
  • 12(311). Chou-un Gundam: 趙雲 (Zhao Yun) (DX boxset, includes Hieisen)
  • 13(312). Ryomou Dijeh & Kannei Kampfer : 呂蒙 & 甘寧 (Lu Meng & Gan Ning) (DX boxset, includes battleship and 3 Koutou Marines)
  • 14(314). Chouryou Gelgoog: 張遼 (Zhang Liao)
  • 15(315). Shuuyu Hyakushiki: 周瑜 (Zhou Yu)
  • 16(317). Shuusou Dovenwolf: 周倉 (Zhou Cang)
  • 17(318). Shouretsutei Ryuubi Gundam: 翔烈帝 劉備 (Soaring Emperor Liu Bei) (DX boxset, includes Tekiro and Ryuukihou)
  • 18(319). Rikuson Zetaplus: 陸遜 (Lu Xun)
  • 19(320). Choukou Zaku III: 張郃 (Zhang He)
  • 24(326). Sonshoukou Gerbera: 孫尚香 (Sun Shangxiang)
Chapter III. Senjin Kettou Hen: 戦神決闘編 (Battle of the War Gods)  – 17 Gundams
  • 20(321). Bachou Blue Destiny: 馬超 (Ma Chao)
  • 21(323). Kochou Gundam: 黄忠 (Huang Zhong)
  • 22(324). Infantry Soldiers: 部隊兵 (Bulu Bing) (Includes 3 footsoldiers from Shou, Gou and Giga)
  • 23(325). Jyokou Serpent: 徐晃 (Xu Huang)
  • 25(327). Souhi Gundam: 曹丕 (Cao Pi)
  • 26(328). Hakugin Ryuuseiba: 白銀流星馬 (Galaxy Horse) (Recolor of Hieisen from Chou-un boxset)
  • 27(330). Tenshouryuu Koumei Nu Gundam: 天翔竜 孔明 (Sky Dragon Kong Ming)
  • 28(335). Moukaku Gundam: 孟獲 (Meng Huo), Shukuyuu Gundam: 祝融 (Zhu Rong) and Kongouyaka: 金剛夜迦 (Ultimate War Elephant)
  • 29(336). Nanpou Kibatai (includes soldier and horse): 南方牙隊 (Southern Fang Team)
  • 30(340). Taishiji Dom: 太史慈 (Taishi Ci)
  • 31(345). Kyou-i Gundam F91: 姜維 (Jiang Wei)
  • 32(349). Sonsaku Physalis Gundam: 孫策 (Sun Ce)
  • 33(351). Goutaitei Sonken Gundam: 轟大帝孫權·虎燐魄 (Sun Quan)
  • 34(352). Senjingasshin Shu Gundam: 戦神合身 蚩尤 (Chi You, Sima Shi, Sima Yan and Sima Zhao)
  • 35(356). Kakuka Virsago: 郭嘉 (Guo Jia)
  • 36(357). Genbusou Ryofu Tallgeese: 玄武装 呂布 (Lu Bu)
  • 37(362). Tenshihou Shiba-i Sazabi: 天熾鹏 司馬懿 (Sima Yi)
Rumored Gundams
Multi-kit boxsets
  • Peach Garden Pact – Ryuubi, Kan-u and Chouhi (Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei)
  • Leaders of Shou – Koumei and Chou-un (Kong Ming and Zhao Yun)
  • Leaders of Gou – Sonken and Shuuyu (Sun Quan and Zhou Yu)
  • Leaders of Giga – Sousou and Shiba-i (Cao Cao and Sima Yi)
  • Giga Daitaifu Shiba-i Sazabi: 司馬懿 (Sima Yi) (Vacuum-metallised red version of Shiba-i)
  • Red Cliff Movie Edition – Koumei and Shuuyu (Kong Ming and Zhou Yu)
  • Kibutei Sousou Gundam (includes Souhi and Jyokou, plus special rank markings for Sousou's five generals) (Cao Cao, Cao Pi and Xu Huang)
  • Gokoshou Gundam Ryuukihou Set (includes Kan-u, Chouhi, Chou-un, Bachou, Kochou and translucent silver flake Ryuukihou) (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong)
  • Ryofu Tallgeese: 呂布 (Lu Bu) (Clear colour version of original Ryofu release)
Gunpla Versions (Normal Scale Sangokuden)
  • Badges
  • Customisable eye/injury/allegiance stickers
  • Imperial Seal (Human-scale replica)
  • Energy effect parts (three variants – red, blue, orange)
  • GM & Zaku troops (normal or fierce helmet; red, blue, or orange; spear, sword, or axe; total of 2x3x3=18 variants)
  • Tengaisou armour (天鎧装, three parts, can form weapons and/or armour)
  • Battle pedestals Busyo-Za (武将座, red, blue, orange)
  • 12 Mirisha weapons (12合體巨大武裝, all 12 can be combined into one giant Legendary Mirisha Weapon)
  • Shijinkikou Sensha armour (真四神馬鎧, 4 different armours, can all combine to form a battle chariot)
Gunpla Expo Exclusives
  • 2008 – Ryuubi Gundam: 劉備 (Liu Bei) (Chrome/Metallic version)
  • 2009 – Chou-un Gundam: 趙雲 (Zhao Yun) (Chrome/Metallic version, includes Hieisen)
  • 2010 – Shin Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam + Shin Hakugin Ryuuseiba: 真 劉備 + 真 白銀流星馬 (Liu Bei) (Clear colour version)
  • 2010 – Chou-un Gundam: 趙雲 (Zhao Yun) (Night Combat version, includes Hieisen. Chou-un is mostly black, white and grey in colour, while Hieisen is the same as Hakugin Ryuuseiba) (Taipei Gundam EXPO exclusive)

Sangokuden Gaiden[edit]

A spin-off series, Sangokuden Gaiden (translated as "Romance of the Three Kingdoms Side Story") has released these kits so far. There will be warriors from the 3 kingdoms, plus one, Kouseki Turn-X, of unknown allegiance.

  • 1(337). Ryuuhou Gundam: 劉封 (Liu Feng)
  • 2(338). Shuutai Gundam: 周泰 (Zhou Tai)
  • 3(341). Juniku Gundam: 荀彧 (Xun Yu)
  • 4(342). Kyocho Gundam: 許褚 (Xu Chu)
  • 5(346). Teihou Gundam: 丁奉 (Ding Feng)
  • 6(347). Batai Gundam: 馬岱 (Ma Dai)
  • 7(348). Bashoku Gundam: 馬謖 (Ma Su)
  • 8(353). Gakushin Gundam: 楽進 (Yue Jin)
  • 9(358). Gengan Gundam: 厳顔 (Yan Yan)
  • 10(359). Ryoutou Gundam: 凌統 (Ling Tong)
  • 11(361). Ukin Gundam: 于禁 (Yu Jin)
  • 12(363). Chouhou Gundam: 張苞 (Zhang Bao)
Rumored Gundams

Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors[edit]

This series is based on the Sangokuden movie short, "Chō Denei-ban SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors", as well as the anime series SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors, and will feature the characters remodeled in the updated style. Some of the kits will include extra pieces, like the Shin Ryuuteiken (真・龍帝剣) for Ryuubi (Liu Bei). Although most of the kits are minor variants of the previous BB Senshi releases (generally in terms of colour), they do not have the usual BB Senshi numbering and are instead treated as a separate series. This same format was used for model kits released for the previous SD television series, SD Gundam Force. In addition to new characters and gimmicks, Bandai also introduced new engineering concepts to address key criticisms much as they did with the 'Sidestory' line. The shoulder armour pieces of Shin Ryuusou Ryuubi, Raisou Chouhi and Ougasou Kan-u are all designed to be removed as one construct, as opposed to splitting into multiple pieces. This concept addresses the problem of pieces breaking on occasion when attempting to remove them after construction.

In the list below, the new model kits are in bold:

  • 001. Shin Ryuubi Gundam: 真 劉備 (Liu Bei) (comes with Shin Ryuuteiken)
  • 002. Shin Chouhi Gundam: 真 張飛 (Zhang Fei) (comes with original right shoulder armour before Ryofu cut it off)
  • 003. Shin Kan-u Gundam: 真 關羽 (Guan Yu) (comes with finishing move effects)
  • 004. Shin Koshin Gyan: 真 胡軫 (Hu Zhen)
  • 005. Shin Sousou Gundam: 真 曹操 (Cao Cao) (comes with Shichiseiken (七星剣))
  • 006. Shin Sonken Gundam: 真 孫権 (Sun Quan) (comes with Koteitou (虎錠刀))
  • 007. Shin Infantry Soldiers: 真 部隊兵 (Bulu Bing) (includes 3 footsoldiers from Shou, Gou and Giga, comes with different flag designs)
  • 008. Shin Hakugin Ryuuseiba: 真 白銀流星馬 (Galaxy Horse) (comes with a few sets of new eye decals, and owner decals)
  • 009. Shin Kousonsan Ez-8: 真 公孫瓚 (Gongsun Zan)
  • 010. Shin Sangokuden Trinity set: 真 三国伝三位一体 (Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu) (Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u are in a "gold" finish, plus finishing move effects and display stand)
  • 011. Shin Toutaku Zaku: 真 董卓 (Dong Zhuo)
  • 012. Shin Ryofu Tallgeese・Sekitoba・Tengyokugai Shinbu: 真 呂布・赤兎馬・天玉鎧 真武 (Lu Bu) (includes Sekitoba and Tengyokugai, comes with finishing move effects)
  • 013. Shin Kakouton Giros: 真 夏侯惇 (Xiahou Dun) (comes with a set of new eye decals for BBW005, and new Sou flag decal)
  • 014. Shin Kakouen Daras: 真 夏侯淵 (Xiahou Yuan)
  • 015. Shin Shiba-i Sazabi: 真 司馬懿 (Sima Yi) (comes with the G Chronicles (G記))
  • 016. Shin Sonshoukou Gerbera: 真 孫尚香 (Sun Shangxiang) (comes with a set of new eye decals)
  • 017. Shin Sonsaku Physalis Gundam: 真 孫策 (Sun Ce) (comes with a set of new eye decals, and new Son flag decal)
  • 018. Shin Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam: 真 龍装 劉備 (Liu Bei)
  • 019. Shin Raisou Chouhi Gundam: 真 雷装 張飛 (Zhang Fei)
  • 020. Shin Ougasou Kan-u Gundam: 真 鬼牙装 關羽 (Guan Yu)
  • 021. Shin Gouka Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam: 真 豪華 龍装 劉備 (Liu Bei) (twice the size of BBW018, and includes Raisou and Ougasou armour for the evolved Trinity)
  • 022. Shin Gurensou Sousou Gundam・Zetsuei: 真 紅蓮装 曹操・絶影 (Cao Cao) (comes with his trusted horse Zetsuei (絶影))
  • 023. Shin Moukosou Sonken Gundam: 真 猛虎装 孫権 (Sun Quan)
  • 024. Shin Enjyutsu Zssa: 真 袁術 (Yuan Shu)
  • 025. Shin Taishiji Dom: 真 太史慈 (Taishi Ci) (comes with a different mono-eye decal, the original pink mono-eye in the BB Senshi series is removed)
  • 026. Shin Jyokou Serpent: 真 徐晃 (Xu Huang)
  • 027. Shin Shuusou Dovenwolf: 真 周倉 (Zhou Cang)
  • 028. Shin Rikuson Zetaplus: 真 陸遜 (Lu Xun) (comes with a set of new eye decals)
  • 029. Shin Moukosou Sonken Gundam・Tengyokugai Douko: 真 猛虎装 孫権・天玉鎧 弩虎 (Sun Quan) (comes with finishing move effects)
  • 030. Shin Enshou Bawoo: 真 袁紹 (Yuan Shao) (can combine with BBW024)
  • 031. Shin Ten-i Asshimar・Kaku Ashtaron・Siege Weapon set: 真 典韋・賈詡・攻城兵器 (Dian Wei, Jia Xu) (Siege Weapon's 'actor' is YMS-16M Xamel)
  • 032. Shin Shuuyu Hyakushiki: 真 周瑜 (Zhou Yu) (comes with finishing move effects)
  • 033. Shin Chou-un Gundam・Hieisen: 真 趙雲・飛影閃 (Zhao Yun) (includes Hieisen (飛影閃), comes with additional armour for Hieisen)
  • 034. Shin Chouryou Gelgoog: 真 張遼 (Zhang Liao) (comes with a new mono-eye decal)
  • 035. Shin Ryomou Dijeh・Kannei Kampfer Assault Navy set: 真 呂蒙・甘寧 強襲水軍 (Lu Meng, Gan Ning) (comes with new Son flag decals)
  • 036. Shin Sangokuden Trinity set 【Ryuuteiken Awakening ver.】: 真 三国伝三位一体 【龍帝剣覚醒版】 (Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu) (similar to BBW010, except in their evolved armours, Ryuuteiken is in metallic gold finish)
  • 037. Shin Kakuka Virsago: 真 郭嘉 (Guo Jia) (can combine with Kaku in BBW031, similar to the satellite cannon combo of the two in Gundam X, comes with a set of new eye decals)
  • 038. Shin Gurensou Sousou Gundam・Tengyokugai Enhou: 真 紅蓮装 曹操・天玉鎧 炎鳳 (Cao Cao) (comes with finishing move effects, Sousou is in metallic dark-red finish)
  • 039. Shin Koumei Re-GZ: 真 孔明 (Kong Ming (aka Zhuge Liang)) (comes with finishing move effects, and a set of new eye decals)
  • 040. Shin Kan-pei Gundam: 真 關平 (Guan Ping) (comes with a set of new eye decals, new Ryuu flag decal, and special decals for BBW020 and BBW028)
  • 041. Shin Choukou Zaku III: 真 張郃 (Zhang He)
  • 042. Shin Shouretsutei Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam Ryuukihou・Tekiro: 真 翔烈帝 龍裝 劉備 龍輝宝・的盧 (Liu Bei) (This kit is not the same as BB318 Shouretsutei Ryuubi Gundam. The Ryuukihou is a lot more elaborate, is added onto Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam, and can combine with Tekiro to form the soul of the Ryuutei)
  • 043. Shin Kougai Gouf: 真 黃蓋 (Huang Gai)
  • 044. Shin Gurensou Sousou Gundam VS Moukosou Sonken Gundam 【Battle of Red Cliffs set】: 真 紅蓮装 曹操 VS 猛虎装 孫権 【赤壁の戦い】 (Cao Cao, Sun Quan) (Sousou is in metallic red and silver finish, comes with Tenhou Itenken (天鳳威天剣) and Tenhou Seihouken (天鳳星凰剣), combining both to become Tenhou Shichiseizou (天鳳七星槍). Sonken is in metallic gold finish, comes with Tenka Koteitou (天華虎錠刀))
  • 045. Shin Gouka Shouretsutei Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam: 真 豪華 翔烈帝 龍裝 劉備 (Liu Bei) (Twice the size of BBW042)
  • 046. Shin Shouretsutei Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam・Tengyokugai Souryuu: 真 翔烈帝 龍装 劉備・天玉鎧 蒼龍 (Liu Bei) (comes with finishing move effects)
Upcoming Gundams
Rumored Gundams
  • ???. Shin Gouka Gurensou Sousou Gundam: 真 豪華 紅連裝 曹操 (Cao Cao) (Twice the size of BBW022)
  • ???. Shin Gouka Moukosou Sonken Gundam: 真 豪華 猛虎装 孫権 (Sun Quan) (Twice the size of BBW023)
Special/Limited Edition
  • Ryuubi Gundam (Snow equipment): 劉備 (雪山裝備) (Liu Bei) (packaged with the manga, SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Genesis Ryuubi Chapter (SDガンダム三国伝 Brave Battle Warriors 創世記(ゲネシス) 劉備編?), and comes with extra parts to create Chouyopei GM (張世平ジム), based on Zhang Shiping)[20]
  • Shin Kouseki Turn-X VS Ryuuhou Ryuubi Gundam set: 真 項羽 VS 劉邦劉備 (Xiang Yu, Liu Bang) (packaged with the Nintendo DS game, SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Shin Mirisha Taisen (SDガンダム三国伝 Brave Battle Warriors 真三璃紗大戦?), as a limited edition boxset)[21]
  • Roshuku Mark III: 魯肅マークIII (Lu Su) (packaged with the manga, SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Genesis Sonsaku‧Shuuyu Chapter (SDガンダム三国伝 Brave Battle Warriors 創世記(ゲネシス) 孫策‧周瑜編?))[22]
  • Shin Chou-sen Qubeley: 真 貂蝉キュベレイ (Diaochan) (packaged with the Blu-ray set, SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Collection Box (SDガンダム三国伝 BraveBattleWarriors コレクションボックス?), out on June 24, 2011)[23]

Sangokuden "Kiba" Breakers[edit]

A new sub-line was also announced, the motorised Kiba Break. Depicting popular characters such as Ryuubi and Ryofu on horseback, the kits are used in a jousting style game where players attempt to knock their opponent out. The kits come with limited figurines of their riders but can support the full model kits in their place. The line was promoted in the Brave Battle Warriors anime (in Episode 14), in the form of a new elite horse-mounted team led by Chou-un.

The following have been released so far:

  • "Kiba" Breaker Ryuubi Gundam with Hakugin Ryuuseiba: 劉備
  • "Kiba" Breaker Ryofu Tallgeese with Sekitoba: 呂布
  • "Kiba" Breaker Kan-u Gundam with Hakugin Ryuuseiba: 關羽
  • "Kiba" Breaker Chouhi Gundam with Hakugin Ryuuseiba: 張飛
  • "Kiba" Breaker Equestrian Arena
  • "Kiba" Breaker Ryuubi Gundam with Ryofu Tallgeese Horse Duel Set: 劉備 + 呂布
  • "Kiba" Breaker Sousou Gundam with Zetsuei: 曹操
  • "Kiba" Breaker Sonken Gundam with Hakugin Ryuuseiba: 孫権


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