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BCDMOS is a complex circuit composed of Bipolar, CMOS and LDMOS devices.[citation needed]

Breakdown voltages can be as high as 750 V.[1]


According to Maxim website,[citation needed] it is an innovative process characteristics that provides the following features:

  1. high break-down voltage but small transistors,
  2. quite low on-resistance, which is important for the integration of multiple power FETs of low resistivity,
  3. double-metal-layer to support hi-current
  4. combining thin film and poly-poly caps (in silicon). High-accuracy references can be integrated.[citation needed]

According to Dongbu HiTek's news,[citation needed] it claims to launch the first 0.18-micrometre BCDMOS process in industry. The new process integrates logic, analog and hi-voltage functions to reduce size.