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BCWipe icon.png
Developer(s)Jetico Inc.
Stable release
6.09.4 / 10 April 2017; 22 months ago (2017-04-10)[1]
Operating systemWindows, Unix, OS X
TypeData erasure

BCWipe is commercial military-grade file eraser tool [2] data erasure utility for Windows, UNIX and Mac OS X. Developed by Jetico Inc, the software erases files beyond recovery and can erase free unused space on existing disks.

It has been used by government and military agencies, national laboratories,[3] universities,[4][5][6][7] industrial manufacturers, as well as various other enterprises and a wide global base of home and small business users.[8]

As reported in U.S. media publications, BCWipe was called into action by the Air Force.[9]

BCWipe was honoured with the Runner-Up award in the Most Innovative Security Products & Services Competition at The 8th Annual Network's Security Summit that took place in San-Diego in March 2011.[10]

Other software developed by Jetico Inc, BCWipe Total WipeOut, can erase entire hard drives for disposal, decommission or re-purpose.[11]


Wiping features[edit]

Wiping features include:

  • Delete with wiping – permanently delete selected files through right-click context menu
  • Transparent Wiping – securely wipes deleted or temporary files automatically on the fly
  • Wipe free disk space
  • Wipe Local History
  • Wipe Internet History
  • Wipe Swap File
  • Wipe File Slacks
  • Wipe Empty Directory Entries
  • Wipe Compressed Files
  • Wipe MFT Records and Directory Entries
  • Swap File Encryption
  • Hexadecimal File Viewer
  • BCWipe Task Manager
  • Log File Viewer
  • Automatic Update Utility

Wiping schemes[edit]

  • The following wiping schemes are embedded in BCWipe:
    • U.S. DoD 5220.22-M(ECE) – 7 passes
    • U.S. DoD 5220.22-M(E) – 7 passes
    • DoE M 205.1-2 (U.S. Department of Energy standard) 3 passes
    • German VSITR standard
    • Bruce Schneier's recommended wiping scheme
    • Peter Gutmann method
    • Russian GOST R 50739-95 (2 passes)
    • British HMG IS5 (Baseline, Enhanced)
    • NAVSO-P5239-26
    • Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II
    • US Army AR380-19
    • One random pass

Additionally, the software includes the Wiping Scheme Editor utility to view and edit the number of wiping passes and binary patterns used at each pass. Wiping Scheme Editor has the capability to create complementary passes.

  • BCWipe Total WipeOut is run from a bootable disk (CD/DVD or USB thumb drive) to erase an entire hard drive, including boot records, filesystem structures and operating system files.
  • BCWipe – Enterprise Edition allows IT Admins to remotely install, configure and manage BCWipe across all network workstations. BCWipe Enterprise features Enforcer for central administration and policy management with no end-user intervention.
  • BCWipe is natively included in Jetico's encryption system, BestCrypt

Version History[edit]

Version Release Date Major features
6.0 29 June 2012
  • Faster Wipe Free Space operation with new Reserved Space Manager
  • Wipe directory slack space on NTFS drives
  • Wipe temporary data stored in NTFS log file
  • Avoid Low Disk Space situation – BCWipe is now smart enough to overwrite free space without causing a Low Disk Space condition
  • MFT wiping is faster and more convenient than ever – now works faster by automatically wiping the corresponding MFT record
  • New wiping standards added – BCWipe now includes British HMG IS5 (Baseline, Enhanced), Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, NAVSO-P5239-26, Russian GOST R 50739-95, US Army AR380-19'Reserved Space' for large disks.
5.0 27 October 2010 BCWipe Task Manager allows multi-user wiping.
Defragment API is used for wiping result verification and compressed file wiping.
4.0 09.12.2008 Transparent wiping – wipes deleted file on fly.
Auto update application is added.
3.0 16 August 2002 Includes Task Manager.
Allows to encrypt swap file by CryptoSwap.
Peter Gutmann scheme is added.
Verify last pass Wiping option is implemented. (DoD 5220.22-M)
Works for AMD64 and Itanium.
2.0 29 May 1998 Directory entries on FAT and MFT records on NTFS wiping.
Wiping of FAT drives on NT systems.
Log file feature added.
BCWipePD.exe is now added to common distributive. It is a DOS-based application for wiping of entire physical drive. It can be started from DOS v.7 bootable floppy.
File slacks wiping is a part of free space wiping process.
The special wiping of Recycle Bin has been added.
Windows ME operating system has a new 'System Restore' function. BCWipe allows to disable it.
Wiping of alternate NTFS streams has been implemented for delete with wiping.
1.0 05.11.1997 Wipe disk free space.
Delete file with wiping.

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