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The BC Kosher emblem is an internationally recognized trademark of BC Kosher Supervision, a kosher certification agency. Only those products and services meeting the strictest standards of kosher law are permitted to display this symbol, which is protected under Federal law against unauthorized use. BCK is directed by a staff of Kosher food production specialists, such as chemists, dairy and bakery professionals, advisers and computer experts. The Kashrus policies are governed by a Rabbinic committee who review and decide all questions of Halacha (Jewish law) which may arise in the course of food production. The BC Kosher has an international network of regional coordinators and Rabbinic representatives, all of them strictly Orthodox in their personal practice. Regional coordinators are based in major American cities, Canada, South and Central America, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, the Orient and Israel. Each product or service under BC Kosher Supervision is carefully monitored by regional coordinators, field supervisors and the staff at BC Kosher headquarters.

In November 2013 BCK announced the launch of a new kosher symbol called Kosher Check which is only available to manufacturers of food that have enhanced food-safety protocols. [1]

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