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The BDX is a Belgian armored personnel carrier developed on the basis of the Irish designed Timoney armored vehicle.


It is an amphibious vehicle. The hull of the vehicle is made of steel. It can carry up to 10 soldiers.

Vehicle armament may be varied, e.g. One or two pintle-mounted 7.62mm machine guns on the roof or a turret mounted 20 mm cannon. 13 vehicles intended for the Belgian Gendarmerie were equipped with an 81mm mortar. Shooting takes place through the open roof hatch.

There is also the possibility of installing NBC protection system.

Technical data[edit]

  • Traction: 4x4
  • Crew: 2 + 10
  • Production: 1977 -?
  • Power train: Chrysler militarized 361 cubic inch V8 petrol engine (derated to 200 brake horse power for military use).
  • Detroit Diesel Allison AT540 4 speed automatic transmission, Timoney transfer gearbox (1:1 in 4x2, 1.8:1 reduction in 4x4).
  • Front and rear no-spin differentials, 1.92:1 reduction. Timoney planetary gear hub gearboxes, reduction 3.8:1
  • Length: 5.05 m
  • Width: 2.5 m
  • Height: 2.06 m
  • Mass: 10.7 t
  • Performance
    • Speed: 100 km / h (maximum)
    • Range: 900 km
  • Overcoming obstacles
    • Ditches (W): 0.5 m
    • Walls (H): 0.4 m
  • The angles
    • Approach/departure: 60%
    • Slope: 40%


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