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BE-Bridge (Building Equipment - Brief Integrated format for Data exchanGE) is a set of data format standards designed to facilitate exchange of information (specifically descriptions of air conditioning and sanitation facilities) between different Computer-aided design (CAD) systems.


CAD originated sometime before 1999. Still a major work in progress, air conditioning and sanitation systems are supported by major CAD systems, piping, ducts, etc. The material transfer system and CAD have been the concerning factor standard data exchange specification until this time.

BE-Bridge Support CAD[edit]

  • CADEWA Evolution ver3.0L05 (Yondenko Corporation Ltd.)
  • CADWe'll Tf @S 2006 (Daitec Co., Ltd., Inc.)
  • FILDER_PLUS V1.820 (Daikin Industries, Ltd.)
  • DesignDraft_Ver3.0.0 (Shisupuro Inc.)
  • Rebro 2008 (NYK Systems, Inc.)

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