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BEEB Magazine issue 10.jpg
Issue 10, a typical mid-run example of the publication
Categories Children, teenagers
Frequency Weekly
First issue 29 January 1985
Final issue 11 June 1985
Country UK

BEEB was a weekly, children's magazine centred on the BBC's most popular programmes at the time of its publication.[1] It was published by Polystyle Publications and was created as a competitor to ITV's Look-in magazine.[1] It lasted 20 issues between 29 January 1985 and 11 June 1985. There was no announcement in the last issue, or any resolution to the ongoing comic serials.

Typical contents[edit]

  1. One By One. This followed the popular zoo vet series, based on the David Taylor books.
  2. Grange Hill. These were specially written stories. Each issue's Grange Hill comic was 3 pages long.
  3. The Tripods. These were very well drawn stories, partly in colour on three pages. Drawn by John M. Burns.[2] As the series progressed an attempt was made to appeal to female readers by introducing the young woman character of Fizzio.[1]
  4. Bananaman, in colour, on a single page. These have recently been reprinted in The Dandy, the third comic that Bananaman appeared in, after Nutty and BEEB, and before The Funday Times.
  5. The Family-Ness, in colour, on a single page.
  6. General articles about BBC programmes, usually children's shows, with frequent references to Blue Peter, Doctor Who and Grange Hill.
  7. Pin-ups of pop stars and other celebrities.
  8. Competitions and letters from the readers.


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