BET Presents Kelly Rowland

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BET Presents Kelly Rowland
BET Presents Kelly Rowland (DVD cover).jpg
Video album by Kelly Rowland
Released July 3, 2007
Recorded 2004–2007
Genre R&B
Length 60 minutes
Language English
Label Black Entertainment Television

BET Presents Kelly Rowland is a DVD released by the American R&B singer-songwriter Kelly Rowland. The DVD consists of a candid interview with Rowland as she talks about the production of Ms. Kelly, her time as a member of Destiny's Child, and her perspective on her celebrity status and solo career. The DVD also features BET highlights, performance highlights, and music videos from throughout Rowland's career.[1]


In collaboration with Columbia Records and BET Official, BET Presents Kelly Rowland celebrates the release Rowland's sophomore effort and gives her fans a chance to experience highlights from her career.

"BET celebrates Kelly's highly-anticipated return by pairing her new CD with a bonus DVD like no other. Now, her biggest fans can experience her Black Carpet interview, five live performances and five timeless videos including one never before released in America anytime. Beyonce and Michelle even wish Ms. Kelly the best on the DVD."[1]

The DVD was originally packaged with Rowland's second album, Ms. Kelly, exclusively at Walmart.[1] However, it is now available for individual purchase at online shopping sites such as[2]

Track listing[edit]


  1. The Evolution of Ms. Kelly
  2. The Songs
  3. The Producers
  4. Kelly on Songwriting
  5. Stepping Out on Her Own: The First Time
  6. Kelly and Nelly: The Dilemma
  7. Stole
  8. A Star is Born
  9. Girls Tyme: The Rehearsals
  10. Life After DC
  11. The DC Family
  12. The BET Awards & "The Lap Dance"
  13. Kelly: The Celebrity
  14. On Acting
  15. Kelly: The Role Model/The Image
  16. What's Next?


  1. "Stole": Accessed Granted
  2. Black Carpet Interview
  3. "Train on a Track"
  4. 1st Cut Interview
  5. Glamorama Concert in Minneapolis
  6. What's New from BET Networks
    1. Baldwin Hills
    2. College Hill – Virgin Islands

Music video and performances[edit]

  1. Like This
  2. Stole
  3. Dilemma
  4. Bad Habit (Live) Destiny Fulfilled... And Lovin' It Tour (2005)
  5. Train On a Track


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