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The BElls is a musical instrument sold since 2009. The appearance of the BElls could be described as looking like a UFO, with two metal dishes joined together to create a Helmholtz resonance. It is manufactured by Luis Eguiguren in Castro Urdiales, Cantabria, north Spain using the trade mark BEllArt.[1]

Playing style[edit]

It is played with the hands and with special cotton gloves. On the top of the instrument there are eight or nine notes (with the center 'bass' note being much lower). The notes ascend the tuned scale in an alternating pattern. The instrument is usually placed top side up on the players lap but can also be played inverted on the lap or sideways (held like a Frame drum) whereby the musician can play both sides at once although this is less popular.

On the underside is a central resonance hole. When played inverted (upside down) the resonance hole can be played in the style of an udu.


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