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BGR Group (Barbour, Griffith & Rogers) is a lobbying firm based in Washington DC that also has an office in London.[1] The firm was founded in 1991 by Ed Rogers and Haley Barbour.[2]

The firm employs various former political figures including Ambassador Kurt Volker, Jeffrey Birnbaum, and Gov. Haley Barbour.[3] Rick Kessler, a lobbyist working for BGR Group, was running for a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates in May, 2014.[4]

  • In April 2015, the Government of South Korea retained BGR for public relations and image building.[10][11]
  • In 2016, BGR Group signed with Saud al-Qahtani to be paid USD $500,000.00, providing "public relations and media management services for The Center [for Studies and Media Affairs at The Saudi Royal Court], which includes both traditional and social media forums".[13][14]


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