BHP Port Kembla D1 class

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BHP Port Kembla D1 class
Type and origin
Power type Diesel-electric
Builder Commonwealth Engineering, Granville
Build date 1950-1951
Total produced 8
 • UIC Bo-Bo
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Length 12.5 m (41 ft)
Loco weight 86.3 t (84.9 long tons; 95.1 short tons)
Fuel type Diesel
Prime mover English Electric 8SRKT
Generator English Electric 819
Performance figures
Maximum speed 34 km/h (21 mph)
Power output 544 kW (730 hp)
Operators Australian Iron & Steel
Number in class 8
Numbers D1-D8
First run 4 May 1950
Retired 2004
Preserved D1, D6, D7
Disposition 2 preserved, 1 stored, 5 scrapped

The D1 class were a class of diesel locomotives built by Commonwealth Engineering, Granville for Australian Iron & Steel's, Port Kembla steelworks in 1950-1951.


In May 1950 D1 became the first diesel to operate on an Australian main line. The eight D class locomotives hauled trains on Australian Iron & Steel's, Port Kembla until a downturn in the early 1980s saw most of the class withdrawn.[1][2][3] D6 and D7 were reactivated with the former remaining in service until 2004.[4]

Three have been preserved:[5]


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