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BHT 1 logo.png
Logo used until 2012 and again from June 2016
Launched13. August 2004.
Owned byBosnia and Herzegovina
Picture format16:9 576i (SDTV)
16:9 1080i (HDTV)
SloganPozitivna slika.BHRT
(Positive images. BHRT)
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
LanguageBosnian, Croatian and Serbian
Broadcast areaBosnia and Herzegovina and Worldwide
AffiliatesBH Radio 1 and MP BHRT
Formerly calledRTV Sarajevo (1961-1992)

RTV BiH (tvbih) (1991-1995)
BHT (1995-1998)
PBS BiH (BHTV 1) (1998-2004)

BHT 1 (since 2004.)
Terrestrial signalMore than 97% territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina
TelemachChannel 001
Blic.netChannel 002
M&H CompanyChannel 005
MISS.NETChannel 006
BHB CABLE TVChannel 013
Moja TVChannel 031
SUPER TVChannel 001
Open IPTV (BiH)Channel 002
Bosna TVChannel 007
TotalTVChannel 008
Streaming media
WebstreamOn website
Logo of BHT 1 used from 2012 until June 2016.

BHT 1 is a Bosnian national public mainstream TV channel operated by Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT). The channel broadcasts on a daily basis for 20 hours in one of the two alphabets (Bosnian alphabet or Cyrillic alphabet) with equal use of each of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian). This television channel broadcasts a variety of programs such as news, talk shows, documentaries, sports, movies, mosaic, children's programs, etc.[1] BHT 1 also broadcasts teletext services (TXT BHT 1).

Current line-up[edit]

News program[edit]

Talk shows[edit]

  • Treća strana - (Third Party) political magazine which is broadcast on Mondays
  • Crta - (Line) political magazine, which is broadcast on Sundays
  • Jedan - Interview with various guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Jutarnji program - (Mosaic morning show) produced by BHRT and RTVFBiH's
  • BHT popodne - (BHT afternoon) live daily talk show dedicated to topics from the culture, music and lifestyle
  • BH gastro kutak - (BH gastro corner) daily cooking show with guests who prepare traditional Bosnian cuisine
  • Konačno petak! - (Finally Friday!) live entertainment show, hosted by famous bh. television anchors Maja Miralem and Dejan Kukrić

Sports program[edit]

Documentary Program[edit]

  • Interview 20 - Interview with guests from the country and the Balkans region
  • Putevi zdravlja - (Health Magazine) magazine about health, herbs, beauty and wellness
  • Smanji gas! - (Reduce car speed) TV show dedicated to news from the auto industry, auto show, advice on car maintenance and stories about Bosnian auto racing
  • Crna ovca - (Black Sheep) magazine/journal about cultural events, lifestyle and nightlife
  • Izazovi poljoprivrede - (Challenges of Agriculture) program about agriculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Ekologika - (Ecologica) - programs on environmental protection issues
  • Josip Pejaković:U ime naroda - (Josip Pejaković: On behalf of the people) - stories from ordinary people across the country
  • Pod krovom - (Under the roof) - the show about the arrangement of the interior and exterior, architecture and "do it yourself" design recommendations
  • Društvo znanja - (Knowledge Society) - show covers developments in Bosnian major universities, science and technology
  • Život & ostalo - (Life & Others) - documentaries about life in Bosnia
  • Duhovni mostovi - (Spiritual Bridges) - show about religion in BiH
  • Bar kod - (Bar code) the show about consumer rights

Culture programme[edit]

Children's programme[edit]

  • Mini school - children's school programme about drawing and learning English language
  • Frenderi - children's educational program about the geography of BiH
  • BeHaTe Bebe - children's short programme where they talk about various terms, proverbs and appearance
  • Nema problema - (No problem) a program for teenagers
  • Thinking Box - a lifestyle program for teenagers

Foreign series[edit]

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