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BiArtis handbag model Dalija.

BiArtis is a brand that created leather bags with oil embroidery on canvas. The name BiArtis comes from a Greek-Latin word that means "double art".[1]

These bags are designed to be inherited as a work of art.[2]

Professional artists are engaged in the design of bags at BiArtis. The brand concept assumes the use of a silk scarf with an ornament similar to the one applied to the bag, made by the same author.

Prices for these bags range from €1000 to 2500. Costs escalate according to the motifs on a painting sewn onto it. Depending on the time when the bag is designed, its cost increases.


The creator and inventor Elizabeth Suzana Kozina, on the left, with one of her bags.

The creator and inventor of BiArtis bags, Elizabeth Suzana Kozina in the end of 2012, wanted to put art work on something else than walls, so she thought, that she could put painting on a bag.

At the beginning of 2013, she ordered an oil on canvas from an artist and went to the factory so that they sewed it into a prototype bag.

But what was done, and more than once, did not suit her. As a result, the factory said that it could not be done. Oil can not be sewn on canvas on a bag, and she literally was kicked out of factory. In the meantime, she found out about another factory, 5 minutes away from last one, she showed the ruined bag to an owner and asked: "Can you do better than this?" He replied: "Not only I can but I WILL", and that is how BiArtis bag was made.[3]

First publicly shown BiArtis bag, that satisfied the inventor's criteria, was introduced in May 2015.


  • BiArtis bags are sold in 5 different models: Dalia, Talija, Diana, Dalga and Cygnus. Each one may be made to order with different customer-chosen motifs and in one of seven available leather colors.[4][5]
  • Each bag comes with painted silk scarf and the painting uniqueness certificate with a special generated number to protect it against copying and stealing.
  • No serigraph and printing.
  • Any painting from a purse can also be ordered in XXL format, but then contract needs to be signed to agree that painting is not only one in the world since one already exists on the bag but in a smaller format.


BiArtis handbag model Dalga.

The bags are handmade in Croatia. First blueprint is made, then academic painter paints a painting and a scarf. The painting needs 20 days to dry. Next thing is choosing model and color for the bag. Painting then is taken to a factory where sawing painting and bag is handmade at same time and it is done with gloves, because painting is applied in bag, not on it. Then, completed bag is taken to photographer to take photo after which certificate of uniqueness is made.[6]

Bag and certificate is put in exclusive satin bag and than in exclusive white box with declarations.

BiArtis handbags featured in Croatian edition of Cosmopolitan magazine

Time needed for one bag to be done is two months.


BiArtis bag in front of The Museum of Bags and Purses

The rarity of these bags are purportedly designed to increase demand by collectors of art for as the painting gets older the bag gains more value.[7]

As the result, BiArtis bag is currently in The Museum of Bags and Purses (Dutch: Tassenmuseum Hendrikje), located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is a museum devoted to historic handbags, purses and suitcases. The museum's collection includes 4,000 items dating back to the 16th century and a BiArtis bag is among them.

A BiArtis bag is also presented to buyers on a delivered BiArtis pad and with white BiArtis gloves.

With each passing day, BiArtis brand is more and more recognized, both in fashion and business life circles.[8]


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