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Editor-in-chiefDirk Schütz
CategoriesBusiness magazine
Circulation38,387 (2014)
PublisherRingier Axel Springer Schweiz
Year founded1977; 44 years ago (1977)
CompanyAxel Springer AG
Based inZurich

Bilanz is a German language biweekly business magazine published in Zurich, Switzerland. In 2014, the magazine started its edition published in Germany.

History and profile[edit]

Bilanz was established in 1977 as a successor of Wirtschaftsrevue, a monthly business magazine published between 1962 and 1977.[1][2] The founding publisher of the magazine was Jean Frey AG.[1][3] It was published on a monthly basis when it was started.[1] In 2005, its frequency was switched to biweekly.[1][3]

The magazine became part of Axel Springer AG in 2007.[4][5] A subsidiary of the company, Axel Springer Schweiz, publishes the magazine[6] of which headquarters in Zurich.[2][7]

Dirk Schütz is the editor-in-chief of Bilanz,[3][6] which features articles related to companies, analyses of the economic events, investment and management of financial asset.[8][9] It offers an annual list of the 300 richest Swiss.[7] Its online edition was restarted in 2009.[10]

Since 2 May 2014, Bilanz is also published on a monthly basis as a supplement of Die Welt and Welt Kompakt in Germany.[3][11]

Bilanz had a circulation of 34,000 copies in 1981 and 55,000 copies in 1989.[1] Its total readers were 205,000 in 2010.[12] In 2014, the circulation of the biweekly was 38,387 copies.[7]

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