BINGO (telescope)

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BINGO (telescope)
Location(s) Brazil Edit this at Wikidata
Telescope style Radio telescope Edit this on Wikidata

BINGO (BAO Integrated Neutral Gas Observations) is a proposed 40 m (130 ft) telescope that will observe redshifted Hydrogen line emission by intensity mapping to measure dark energy. The static telescope will have two mirrors and around 50 pixels at an offset focus, operating as a transit telescope. It will be constructed in the Castrillon Quarry in Uruguay. It is a collaboration between the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics; the University of São Paulo; University College London; ETH Zurich; the University of the Republic (Uruguay) (including Gonzalo Tancredi); the University of Portsmouth; and the National Institute for Space Research, Brazil.[1][2]


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