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BIP (an acronym for "Boys Into Party") is a trio of Colombian musicians.

Formed in 1999 by the Cartagenero rapper Dexter Hamilton, who has also worked as choreographer for more than 11 years, it originally consisted of four members, which released the album Bomba camará (a salsa by Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz).

After a long break, and under a new record label (FM Records), they released a new album: Amor prohibido. The song which gives the title to the album is a cover version of Selena's "Amor prohibido", which is still highly popular in Colombia.

Their new album, Sigue bailando ("Keep on dancing"), which has an obvious reggaeton sound, contains 18 songs, among which is their biggest success, Calimenio. The song was inspired by a television commercial of a famous Colombian ketchup brand, which features three Caribbean friends on a snowy mountain trying to ski. According to Hamilton:

"Calimenio" es un bacán, un colombiano chévere que se le mide a todo incluso a esquiar sin tener la menor idea...

("Calimenio" is a cool guy, a cool Colombian which will try to do anything, even skiing, without having the least idea...).

The album has also four cover versions of other artists, such as Selena's "Bidi bidi bom bom".