BI 253

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BI 253
Observation data
Epoch J2000      Equinox J2000
Constellation Dorado
Right ascension 05h 37m 34.46s
Declination −69° 01' 10.2"
Apparent magnitude (V) 13.88
Spectral type O2V((f*))
U−B color index −1.02
B−V color index −0.13
Other designations
BI 253, 2MASS J05373446-6901102
Database references

BI 253 is an O-type main sequence star in the Large Magellanic Cloud, with one of the earliest spectra known. It is classified as spectral type O2V((f*)) and was cited in the article introducing the O2 star type, and is a primary standard of the type.[1][2] The star is classified as a runaway star, with relative motion detected spectrographically in excess of 100 km/s (225,000 mph).