BKSH & Associates Worldwide

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BKSH Associates Worldwide
Founded 1996
Headquarters Washington, D.C.

Black, Kelly, Scruggs & Healey, also known as BKSH & Associates was a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm which was merged with Timmons & Company in 2010 to form Prime Policy Group.


The firm came into being in 1996 through the merger of D.C. firms Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly and Gold & Liebengood by Martin B. Gold.


BKSH & Associates has represented anti-democratic dictators and regimes in Zaire, Somalia, Nigeria and the Philippines.[1] In 2003, it was internationally criticized for its representation of Ahmad Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress for their support of the War on Iraq, which was primarily based on intelligence provided by the group which was later proved to be false.


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