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Blag Desktop.png
Developer Brixton Linux Action Group
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current[1]
Initial release 2002; 13 years ago (2002)
Latest release 140k / 2011-05-04
Kernel type Monolithic (Linux-libre)
Userland GNU
License Exclusively free licenses per GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG)[2]
Official website

BLAG Linux and GNU is a Linux distribution made by the Brixton Linux Action Group.[3]

BLAG is a single-CD distro with applications desktop users "expect" from a desktop including multimedia, graphics, desktop internet applications and more. BLAG also includes a collection of server packages. BLAG is based on Fedora plus updates, adds apps from Dag, Dries, Freshrpms, NewRPMS, and includes custom packages.[4][5]

The first public release of BLAG was 22 October 2002. The latest stable release, BLAG 140k, is based on Fedora 14, and was released on 4 May 2011.

BLAG is one of the few operating systems listed as a completely free software distribution by the Free Software Foundation.[6]

The script used in BLAG for cleaning the kernel from non-free blobs shipped in it by default was used as a base for the Linux-libre set of scripts.[7]

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