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BLAST Premier
Blast Premier logo.png
Official logo
FormerlyBLAST Pro Series
GameCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
FoundedJanuary 2020
Owner(s)BLAST ApS
No. of teams12
HeadquartersCopenhagen, Denmark
TV partner(s)

BLAST Premier is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) professional esports league launched in 2020. It is primarily based in two regions: North America and Europe. The series is split up into two seasons, the Spring and Fall season. Each season lasts around four months with 12 regular season teams participating in the Group stage, ending with a season finals for the 6 top teams from the group stage.[1] The season finals are also open to two teams from each season's Showdown events, which are open to a much broader array of organizations, including those that did not advance in the regular season. The winner of each season's finals goes on to participate the Global Finals at the end of the year, as well as winners of other prestigious non-BLAST Premier events and those that rank highest in the BLAST Premier Global Leaderboard, a standings of the top events of the year from multiple leagues and tournaments.[2] The Danish esports organisation, RFRSH Entertainment, announced the series as a successor to the BLAST Pro Series in 2019.[3] The 2020 Blast Premier Series experienced disruptions due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, including the transition of all events except the Spring regular season online and reduced prize pools for many of the events. This disruption continued into the 2021 season, with both the Spring Groups and Spring Showdown occurring online, though all other events are currently planned to be held offline.[4] In March 2021, They announced cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase as its latest sponsor for the competition's ongoing Spring Season.[5] They also partnered with Danish gaming chair manufacturer L33T Gaming.[6]


Table key
  Global Final
Edition Date Venue Champions Runner-ups Prize pool Most valuable player Ref
Spring 2020: Regular Season January 31–February 16, 2020 United Kingdom 3 Mills Studio, London European Union FaZe Clan
Commonwealth of Independent States Natus Vincere
France G2 Esports
European Union OG
European Union Complexity Gaming
North America Team Liquid
US$300,000 N/A [7]
Spring 2020: EU Showdown June 1–June 15, 2020 European Union Europe France Vitality

Finland ENCE

Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas US$182,500 N/A [8]
Spring 2020: NA Showdown June 1–June 7, 2020 North America North America Brazil MiBR
Brazil FURIA
United States Evil Geniuses US$142,500 N/A [9]
Spring 2020: EU Finals June 15–21, 2020 European Union Europe European Union Complexity Gaming France Team Vitality US$500,000 France Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut [10]
Spring 2020: NA Finals June 16–21, 2020 North America North America United States Evil Geniuses Brazil MiBR US$250,000 Bulgaria Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov [11]
Fall 2020: Regular Season October 15–31, 2020 European Union Europe European Union OG
France Vitality
European Union G2 Esports
Russia Natus Vincere
Germany BIG
Denmark Astralis
US$300,000 N/A [12]
Fall 2020: Showdown November 24–29, 2020 European Union Europe Brazil FURIA

European Union mousesports

European Union Cloud9

United States Team Liquid

US$150,000 N/A [13]
Fall 2020: Finals December 8–13, 2020 European Union Europe France Vitality Denmark Astralis US$425,000 France Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut [14]
Global Final 2020 January 19–24, 2021 European Union Europe Russia Natus Vincere Denmark Astralis US$1,000,000 Ukraine Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev [15]
Spring Groups 2021 February 4–February 14, 2021 European Union Europe Germany BIG

European Union Complexity Gaming
Russia Natus Vincere

Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas

United States Evil Genuises

European Union FaZe Clan

US$150,000 N/A [16]
Spring Showdown 2021 April 13–April 18, 2021 European Union Europe European Union G2 Esports

Russia Gambit Esports

Russia Team Spirit

Denmark Heroic

US$162,500 N/A [17]
Spring Finals 2021 June 15–June 20, 2021 United Nations TBA US$425,000 [18]


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