BLS RABe 525

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A BLS RABe 525 Nina train in Langnau im Emmental station
A BLS RABe 535 Lötschberger in multiple unit with a Nina

The BLS RABe 525, also known as NINA or Nina, is a Swiss electric multiple unit built by Bombardier Transportation with electrical equipment by Alstom. The train is principally used by the BLS AG on Bern S-Bahn services, although small quantities have been built for other railways. An updated version exists as the BLS RABe 535, also known as Lötschberger, also exists with a revised front end and an interior intended for longer distance services.

The articulated trainset was designed to be built with from two to six sections and with two to six motorized axles. Only three and four section units have been built.


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