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BLUEsat Logo.PNG
Commercial? No
Type of project Space
Products BLUEtounge Rover, BLUEsat Satellite v1
Location Sydney
Owner UNSW
Country Australia
Established 1997 (1997)[1]

UNSW, and Coporate Sponsors

Status Active

The Basic Low Earth Orbit UNSW Experimental Satellite (BLUEsat) project is an engineering project being undertaken by undergraduate students at the University of New South Wales. It aims to raise awareness of space and give students the opportunity to investigate, design, build and launch a satellite. The project is supported by Optiver, ACSER, the UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and the UNSW School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering.[3]

(BLUEsat) also has an Off-World Robotics (OWR) team interested in the development of rover platforms to compete in worldwide competitions.

Current progress[edit]

BLUEsat is currently working on developing a functional 2U Cubesat. BLUEsat's OWR team is currently designing a new rover platform to replace the old one.

OWR's previous rover platform, Bluetounge, came 15th out of 40 in the European Rover Challenge.

Current executives[edit]

  • Tom Dixon - President - Studying Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Science (Physics)
  • Sam Wardhaugh - Chief Technical Officer (Satellite) - Studying Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science
  • Helena Kertesz - Chief Technical Officer (Off-World Robotics) Studying Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering and Material Science
  • Denis Wang - Chief Operations Officer - Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Actuarial Studies


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