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BLUEsat Logo.PNG
Mission statementTo give students real-world experience in multi-disciplinary space engineering projects, and promote space technology in Australia.[1]
Type of projectSpace
ProductsBLUEtounge Rover, BLUEsat Satellite v1
Established1997 (1997)[2]
FundingUNSW, and Corporate Sponsors [3]

The Basic Low Earth Orbit UNSW Experimental Satellite (BLUEsat) project is an engineering project being undertaken by undergraduate students at the University of New South Wales. It aims to raise awareness of space and give students the opportunity to undertake space engineering projects.

Current projects include an Mars Rover, a number of satellite related projects, and stratospheric balloons. [2]

Current progress[edit]

BLUEsat's ground station team is currently assisting [ACSER]'s [ECO360] satellite. The satellite team is building a number of systems.

BLUEsat's Off-World Robotics team is currently designing a new rover platform to replace the old one. OWR's previous rover platform, Bluetounge, came 15th out of 40 in the European Rover Challenge 2015 and 9th at the 2016 iteration of the challenge.[4]

BLUEsat is also undertaking work on cubesats and stratospheric balloons.

Current executives[edit]

  • Helena Kertesz - President Studying Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering and Computer Science [5]
  • Harry J.E Day - Secretary [5]
  • Raghav Hariharan - ARC Delegate [5]
  • Yasmin Akhtar - Treasurer [5]
  • Nuno Das Neves - Chief Technical Officer (Off World Robotics) [5]
  • Taofiq Huq - Chief Technical Officer (Satellite) [5]

Competition Results[edit]

Year Competition Ranking
2016 European Rover Challenge 15th
2017 European Rover Challenge 9th


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